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Auditions: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

So, you've done your research to ensure that the audition is legitimate, and you've just received your audition time slot. You attend the audition, and it goes incredibly well, you received great feedback, and now you wait with anticipation to receive news about a callback. Giddy with excitement, you want to tell all of your friends, or even post on Facebook all about the audition. Whether before or after the audition, you want to share the news with friends and family, and even the world of Facebook.

But not so fast. Many seasoned actors will advice against sharing news of auditions, or even news of callbacks. If cast, this is exciting and can sometimes openly be shared, but actors are encouraged to keep their auditions and callbacks private. While there are many reason as to why, one of the biggest is that the audition process is a standard part of the job for an actor, but booking the job is what actually counts. Also, some of the big shows filming in Portland may have non disclosure agreements, meaning they are required to keep certain episode or character details quiet until the episode airs, and sharing information about your audition is in violation of this. So when you get called back for the role of a lifetime as the spy on Leverage, the producers and writers may not have publicized that they were bringing back the spy, and this news would have an effect on viewers, and even become an issue for those who enjoy watching the show every week. It may even jeopardize your ability to book the role.

A recent conversation took place on the social networking websites, where a local, professional actor, and very talented teacher and filmmaker wrote, "A car salesman doesn't post on his wall every time he shows a car to a customer."

For some of us, though, just getting the audition is a huge accomplishment, and is such a success that it deserves to be shared. Getting that callback is a huge validation that we did something right in the audition room, and caught someone's attention, and this is also worth telling friends, family, and Facebook pals. Sharing that success with the world of Facebook would provide the encouragement we need as actors to boost our confidence and push us to go up for more auditions.

There are definitely two ways to look at this situation, and I wanted to open up this discussion in our chat box. Do you share your auditions with anyone? Perhaps, only with mom and dad, close friends, and partners. Do you share the exciting news in a Facebook post? If you don't share the news, and you choose to keep this private, what are your specific reasons behind doing so?

Let's start up this week's chat and discuss your thoughts about posting auditions, callbacks, and even booked jobs for friends and family to see!

If you are a fan of the blog, please share this with actor friends. If you have any feedback for me on how to improve my blog, share this with me so that I may work on improving the blog.



Personal Assistants Needed for Video Shoot & Live Performance

We are looking for several dependable people to assist Recording Artists and Production Team. METAL FACE RECORDS Recording Artists are shooting a Video on Wed. April 20th 2011 and Performing the following day. The job titles are: Video Extras, Location Guide, and Personal Assistant. Pay is negotiable and depends on your talent and creativity.

If you are interested, please email us a brief resume, head shot, and contact information.

Cynthia Woo,


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Is Your Dog Camera Material?


We're shooting a short film and we need to find an cute obedient mid-sized dog. We'd only need him for approximately 4 hours. In the scene, the protagonist is literally taking the dog for a walk, so it's totally animal friendly (besides, we love dogs and can't wait to spoil him on set). The only action the dog really needs to do is respond to his or her name, and when called enthusiastically, he/she should run toward the person calling. (A dog that will chase after a ball is a plus!)

This is super low budget, but we'd like to respect you (and your dog's) time by giving you $25. The shoot will likely be either April 23rd or 24th (weekend) at forest park.

If you're interested, please send me a picture of your dog!

Compensation: $25

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Need Male Dancer for Contemporary Piece

Hi there!

I am a student choreographer and dance minor at PSU. I am creating a contemporary/Cambodian dance piece based on love and pain and have 3 women and only 2 men. I am looking for a third male dancer because there must been an even amount for the storyline to work. You must be available Sunday evenings from 7-10 (except May 15th), June 6th dress rehearsal, and June 7th and 8th performances.

We are a fun, happy bunch and you don't have to have a lot of training. If you can move to a beat and take direction, you will do just fine! Flexibility a plus, but not required. For consideration, please email me a short description of your dance experience, a photo, and a video of your dancing if you have one. If not, we can just have you come to the first rehearsal and see if you are a fit. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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paid gig for tall husky blonde actress/model/martial artist

Micro-indie video project seeking unique female performer, age range 25-35, for unique role.

The role involves playing a modernized variant of the Valkyrie from Norse Mythology, in the context of a minor domestic drama which takes a very sharp turn into primal darkness.


1. Tall (5'8" +)
2. Shoulder-to-mid back blonde hair
3. sturdy, husky, broad-shouldered physique
4. big hands, big feet (there will be a number of important close-up shots focused on these extremities)
5. Must have *significant* training in a kick-oriented martial art (karate, taekwondo, muay thai) which will be used extensively.

This project involves no nudity or sexual situations, but does depict ideas and elements associated with BDSM.

Compensation is $40 cash per hour of on-camera work.

Anticipate a minimum of 6 hours to start, over the course of two separate days, with the potential of continued work for candidate with the best combination of training, talent and enthusiasm.

Must include age, height/weight, shoe size, and at least one recent photo (or link to myspace/other online photos) with reply.

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Male Actor (approx.16-25)

We have 2 speaking roles available for an indie feature.
One is a very prominent/lead character, one is a supporting character with only a few lines.
Each role is shot in front of a greenscreen. Cue cards can be used and each part would be shot all in one session (solo).
If interested, send photo/list your experience (if any) and provide contact information and availability.
Must be able to shoot within the next week or two. Greenscreen studio is in NE Portland.

*For the lead role, we are looking for someone very young and attractive who can play an uptight, self-righteous character.
No acting experience is necessary, modelling experience would be a plus. Cue cards are OK, but must sound convincing if used.

*Pay is back end (nobody on the cast/crew is paid until the movie is done and screening.
If someone who looks incredible and reads the dialogue amazing applies, and can ONLY do it for cash up front/same day/etc we can possible work with this for he fight person- but you will NOT be paid as much as the other actors who have agreed to work on deferred pay. We dont have the budget for it, and its also not fair to the rest of the cast/crew (even if you're fantastic and worth more than we could pay you down the line).

Modelling and stage experience helpful (esp. Shakespeare) but not required. Again, THIS NEEDS TO BE SHOT THIS OR NEXT WEEK (ASAP) and there are a lot of lines (for the lead role) so cue cards if you need them, but be familiar enough with your lines at the shoot to make it work.

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Feature Film

Hey gang,

We're filming a feature film that begins this coming Monday and goes for a total of 8 straight days. That is April 18th until April 26th with an April 27th as a tentatively scheduled day. Most days will last 6 to 8 hours, a total of 3 will be during the night. All will be filmed in Portland, Oregon and in complete order. This is a story of 3 knights banished to the woods for 3 days and 3 nights, it being an evolution of their relationship the entire time.

And we're still seeking 1 actor and/or actress to play the character of Red. Red is a well learned and ill tempered knight of the 3. Red is the oldest rather, Red is the most experienced. Whoever is chosen must be able to have a common concept of how to play the 12 string guitar. You don't need to be perfect at music, for what we're really seeking is an established and great actor.

There is pay at a total of 400 dollars though at a stipend paid 2 months later. A contract will be signed.

Whether you are an actress or an actor please respond with your headshot, resume, reels and links or whatever else you may feel is necessary to include. There is not much time before the shooting starts. Once again we begin filming this coming Monday less than a week from today.

This is a melodramatic comedy that will exemplify all capabilities of the actors involved.

Auditions will be held on Thursday. There is no age limit. You must be willing to stick to the script. Thank you.

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