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Auditions: Sunday, April 03, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011.

With a new week comes an amazing new topic of discussion for our chat box.

This week, let's focus in on how to pick the right auditions. What do you look for when selecting work you are interested in auditioning for. With the recent "drama" on PDX Backstage, there was a debate surrounding a job posting that paid very little money for work that would be high exposure. Some might say, "Well, it paid, and it's great exposure." Others may point say, "Well, for such high exposure, I expect to be paid more."

As we've read in recent chats, many in the industry are willing to work for free if it is for a friend, or for something that will be great material for our reel, but some people in our community feel they should get paid appropriately for their work.

Honestly, I am always thankful to even just get paid from a gig found outside of an agent, but we all see things differently. What do you focus in on when filtering auditions for work? Do you look for monetary compensation, and weigh out how much work for how much money? Do you ask yourself whether auditioning for the experience and networking would be great in itself? What questions do you ask yourself before submitting yourself for auditions?

I have also read in the chat box that some have experienced inappropriate behavior and actions at auditions. What do you look for in an audition notice to avoid running into a situation like this?

Let's chat throughout the week about what work needs to be done before we even submit ourselves for auditions. What have your experiences been like, and what questions do you always ask yourself?

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feature film casting

Hi there , I'm the writer-director for the feature film 'Interviews with Aunt Gabby'. This feature has received some wonderful support and we are set to shoot July 8th-25th of this year. One of our leads will be played by Adrienne King of Friday the 13th fame. Other key roles are filled with some of PDX's top talent all experienced in feature films.

The key crew members are in place, also all of which have extensive film experience as well as main locations, inc a 700,000 home. We are a low-budget film and can not offer pay for these roles but there may be back-end points as we have great contacts for distribution. The film will be shot broadcast quality, everyone will be fed and cared for with a complete crew including hair, makeup and wardrobe personal. The film is SAG but are looking at non-sag talent as well.

Auditions will be held April 9th 9am to 1pm in PDX please reply to with resume and headshot. Please read farther down for the synopsis and details for the roles we are still casting. Everyone involved will be signing a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and although casting calls are public such as this site - we ask that no one post about this on Facebook or other public sites. We are keeping a low profile. THANK YOU.

Hollie Olson
Quick note about me: Extensive film experience in acting, wrote and directed 4 shorts, two most recent have been accepted into 10+ international film festivals. Published author of full length book as well as experience in other related creative mediums.

This is a highly commercial project with contacts for distribution to cable TV - it will be rated PG-13 - there is no nudity and no harsh language.


Gabrielle “Gabby” Burkeshire married wealthy and traveled the world losing touch with her family. Now in her 50’s she finds herself widowed and dying of cancer. With no children of her own she sets her mind on reacquainting with her family to find the proper heir to her estate. With the help of her trusted personal assistant Manning, Aunt Gabby invites them all for a three day weekend at her estate to conduct interviews with each one and catch up on the lost years. As her home fills up with her siblings, nieces, and nephews, Aunt Gabby soon finds herself surrounded by her estranged family who also has lost touch with each other. She becomes the eye of an unsettled storm which has the family members dealing with unresolved issues, broken relationships, greed, backstabbing and emotional sadness. While Aunt Gabby learns about each person as an individual, they rediscover each other though laughter, tears and anger and just maybe they’ll find a second chance to learn wha
t family means to them.

“Interviews with Aunt Gabby” is a character driven story with a true life sense of humor that is both funny and touching. As the people they are today unfold before her who will she choose?


MARY “POI” BROOKS Age 20. Moved out at 18 to get away from her smothering mother. She leads a progressive lifestyle. With tattoos, piercing's and her lesbian relationship she is the open sore to her mother’s existence.

JOSEPHINE BROOKS – Age 20’s. An over achieving goody-two shoes and her mom’s perfect little girl. It appears that she is Angela’s little mini-me. But has a devilish side she has always hid from her mom.

PARKER CHEZM –Age 18 Parker is creative, outgoing and close to his mother.

RALPH WILLARD –Age 26 – Never attended college instead is a crack mechanic and manages the auto shop he has worked at since he was a teen.


Reply to: hollieolson [at] with a Headshot and Resume

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Audition for The Unscriptables

Portland's Hottest and Newest Improv Troupe
April 10, 2pm at the Unscriptables Studio, 1221 N. Lorring St
Audition will go until 3:30pm


The Unscriptables do long-form improvisational theatre. We are becoming known for our innovative genre work. With shows like "USS Improvise" improvised episodes of the original Star Trek, "The Uninvited" an episodic tale based on Tennessee Williams with Zombies.

We are looking for experienced improvisors/actors to join our troupe. We have mandatory rehearsals on Wednesday nights 6:30-9:30pm which are run as both classes (to build our skills) and rehearsals (specific to our upcoming shows). We perform almost every Saturday night. Currently there is no pay. Almost all the rehearsals/classes are lead by Trenton Shine, one of the best improvisors on the West Coast.

We hope to see you there!

Reply to: send an email to to let us know that you will be coming.

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Hello Friends,
I am a local actress/musician interested in finding a collaborative writing group in town. Has anyone any information on a group that meets for the purpose of supporting one another in their stage/film writing? I am specifically interested in finding a comedy writers co-op, but anything similar to this realm would be of interest.

Cristina Cano

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Actress needed for music video

I will be directing a music video for the band Steady Riot and I will need an actress to be one of the main character in the video. The actress should be between the ages of 18 and 23 and needs to be some what good looking/beautiful. If you are interested or have any questions please email me and attach a headshot/picture. Unfortunately there will be no pay but food will be provided! I will let you know the dates once you email me.

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Model Search-Coast Shoot

Looking for bikini model, for day shoot.
Doing a documentary film for surfing the Oregon coast.
Will be shooting cover shot for film in Cannon Beach.
If interested….
Please email
and title it “model wanted”
and send me at least five pics of you and info about modeling experience.
Note: at least two pics MUST be of you in a bikini.
Thanks for your time.

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