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Auditions: Thursday, April 07, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Thursday, April 07, 2011.

The audition notices are minimal today, so
let's continue this exciting discussion to focus in on how to pick the right auditions.

I am so excited to see everyone sharing their process for selecting auditions. I think the feedback that has been shared is incredibly valuable, and I encourage you to continue to discuss your process, the questions you ask prior to auditioning, and what red flags force you to step out of a project during the audition stage. With the recent discussions on PDX Backstage, numerous people questioned what seemed to be a legitimate audition notice because of what seemed to be a small amount of pay for a large amount of exposure. This may have discouraged people from submitting for a paying role because they began to question the feedback of others.

It is important to find a process that works for you, and stick with it. It is also okay to question things that don't seem right, prior to going through with the audition.

What do you look for when selecting work you are interested in auditioning for. What do you focus in on when filtering auditions for work? Do you look for monetary compensation, and weigh out how much work for how much money? Do you ask yourself whether auditioning for the experience and networking would be great in itself? What questions do you ask yourself before submitting yourself for auditions?

I have also read in the chat box that some have experienced inappropriate behavior and actions at auditions. What do you look for in an audition notice to avoid running into a situation like this?

Let's chat throughout the week about what work needs to be done before we even submit ourselves for auditions. What have your experiences been like, and what questions do you always ask yourself?

If you are a fan of the blog, please share this with actor friends. If you have any feedback for me on how to improve my blog, share this with me so that I may work on improving the blog.



Seeking boy actor with long hair (ages 10-12)

An award-winning production group is seeking a boy actor with long hair (ages 10-12). We're putting together a teaser trailer for an upcoming feature-length film that needs funding. This is a lead position. Actor will be considered for future employment when the budget is gathered.

This is a one-day event.

Long hair (brown preferred)
Weight: Thin / Average
Experience: No, but helpful.
Must live in Portland or in the area.
Good behavior required.
Must show emotions very well.
Able to cry if necessary, or by using tear stick.

Please send a resume, very recent photos, and any video clips of previous work, or other online videos showing skill/charm etc.

Filming starts soon!

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Last Minute Casting


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Auditions this weekend for short film

We will be holding auditions for a short film called Culiacan this saturday in downtown portland.
Casting is for 3 males, please title your email with which character you will be auditioning for.
Please send headshots and resumes, we will respond with more details about the film and auditions.

Jason A. Knot
Age 42
Height 5’ 10”
Weight 190 lbs.
CIA/ Ex-marine

Gideon “Deon” Mann
Age 29
Height 6’
Weight 205
US Marine


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actor needed for premier of one-act

North end Players desperately needs an actor to play a romantic lead in a new l act play called P.S. I love your Daughter. This is a premier

It will perform May 13, 14, 15, 20 21, 22

we need a male between 40ish/45 to 50 to play an army buddy who falls in love with his friend’s daughter.

needs to be medium height sort of 5’9 and or taller

We are a community Theatre and we do not pay actors anything. They do get a beverage and free dessert every night and 4 complimentary tickets for their friends.

North End Players has been in existence for 42 years: 7600 N. Hereford parallel to the University of Portland

rehearsals until tech week are 2-3 times a week; seven to 9

Reply to: If you are interested, of know of anyone please call me sally 503-285-7356

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