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Auditions: Friday, April 01, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Friday, April 01, 2011.

Welcome to April! Spring is starting to pick up with exciting, professional film work, and general auditions for theaters. The Portland Area Theatre Alliance auditions are this weekend, and this is an opportunity for stage actors to audition before many local theater companies. Are you participating? Tell us about your experiences preparing, auditioning, and whether you receive callbacks.

Let's continue this chat throughout the week and talk about extra work, student films, and deferred payment gigs. I know that a lot of people have shared their feedback and advice on accepting non-paid work, and there have been quite a few heated arguments on PDX Backstage about this in the past, but how do you feel about deferred payment gigs, where you could possibly do the work if the film has investors involved once they see the final product, or once it hits the film festival circuit. How do you look at extra work, where you are getting visibility on TNT shows, and feature films being shot locally, but you are making minimum wage doing it. Students films have always been encouraged to the actor just starting out because they walk out of it with footage for their reel, but how do you feel about seasoned actors doing student films?

This can be a very touchy subject sometimes because I know that filmmakers are not always able to pay, but they are still producing high quality work, while respecting and featuring their actors involved. Share your thoughts, input, and experiences, and let's start in on this topic for next week a few days early.

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Casting Call for "Blackout" a tradgic short film

Casting Call - for "Blackout"

A short film based on an original screenplay about Bill, a straight shooter who, after a lapse in judgement, finds himself betrayed by his wife and best friend. Ultimately unable to reconcile his mistake, he destroys all that he has left.

The film is being produced by students in the Digital Multimedia and Communications program and Clackamas Community College. No previous acting experience is required. Compensation will be limited to use of the film as part of your own portfolio. This will be a great opportunity to show your range as a actor in your personal reel. Shooting will require 5 or less days of shooting (mostly on weekends in April).

The auditions will be held on Tuesday April 5th from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm at the McLaughlin auditorium on the Oregon City campus of Clackamas Community College. For further information and to get a side for the audition please email at:


Bill (ages 21-30): A stand-up guy who gradually goes crazy with guilt and confusion.

Jeff (ages 21-30): Bill's childhood friend who resents Bill's success and gets involved in a love triangle with Bill's wife.

Emily (ages 21-30): Bill's wife who plays the perfect housewife only to betray her husband and lover.

Dead girl (ages 21-30): Cameo of Emily's partner in crime.

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Actress 55-65 Needed for Corporate Gig

We are looking for a caucasian female 55-65, grey hair preferred, for a corporate promotional video for a mobile imaging company. The shoot is on April 7 and you will only need to be there for several hours, with minimal dialogue if any. Mostly, the video relies on voiceover, so it's more about appearing natural, comfortable, etc. Very short time commitment and easy work but good connections and something to add to the resume. I am a feature film writer-director, with an aim to film my next several movies in Portland, but I run a corporate media production company as well so it'd be nice to meet more actors and actresses in Portland, my original home city. Please send me your headshot(s) and resume. Thanks!

Compensation: $50

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Female model/actor that can play age range 14-17

You must have a decent photo of yourself, a working email address and a good phone number. You will need to follow a director. Must memorize short script of one minute.

Compensation: to be determined

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Seeking fitness models!

Seeking female fitness models for new workout video!

April 2, 2011
3:30pm to 4:30pm
Vancouver, WA

Please email us for a specific appointment time and casting location address.

Please bring photo of you and a bio/write-up, as described at . Your write-up should not exceed 250 words. Preferred wardrobe for casting: fitness attire. Models should be age 18 or above.

This casting is for paid work for a fitness company. No nudity. No lewd acts. Not a video for the adult/fetish industry. You can see a sample of the video at our website.

Hope to see you at the casting.

Stay fit! Be happy!
-Venus Ramos, M.D.

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Radio Talk Show Host

Pamplin Media Group, operators of KPAM 860 and KKOV 1550, is looking for a talk show host to dominate their day part position. Hosts must deliver remarkable stories in an interesting and entertaining style that attracts the targeted audience, building ratings and digital users and revenue. Hosts will be charged with creating exclusive content and regularly contributing to the Pamplin Media Groups digital platforms including, but not limited to regular blogs, podcasts and/or videos, online listener chats and use of other social media platforms in addition to emerging digital technologies. Successful candidates will have two to three years on-air experience with a proven record of on-air success. We offer salary commensurate with experience and excellent benefit package in a locally owned, employee focused environment.

An Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

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Send resume to: Production Director
Pamplin Media Group
6605 SE Lake Road
Portland, OR 97222
No phone calls please

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