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Auditions: Tuesday, April 05, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Tuesday, April 05, 2011.

This week, let's continue to focus in on how to pick the right auditions. What do you look for when selecting work you are interested in auditioning for. With the recent "drama" on PDX Backstage, there was a debate surrounding a job posting that paid very little money for work that would be high exposure. Some might say, "Well, it paid, and it's great exposure." Others may point say, "Well, for such high exposure, I expect to be paid more."

As we've read in recent chats, many in the industry are willing to work for free if it is for a friend, or for something that will be great material for our reel, but some people in our community feel they should get paid appropriately for their work.

Honestly, I am always thankful to even just get paid from a gig found outside of an agent, but we all see things differently. What do you focus in on when filtering auditions for work? Do you look for monetary compensation, and weigh out how much work for how much money? Do you ask yourself whether auditioning for the experience and networking would be great in itself? What questions do you ask yourself before submitting yourself for auditions?

I have also read in the chat box that some have experienced inappropriate behavior and actions at auditions. What do you look for in an audition notice to avoid running into a situation like this?

Let's chat throughout the week about what work needs to be done before we even submit ourselves for auditions. What have your experiences been like, and what questions do you always ask yourself?

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Casting Music Video

Team Revolver is gearing up to shoot another music video next weekend for Roshan Maloney. We're looking for both TALENT and CREW.

Reply to: If you're interested please drop me a line at bajamesx [at] gmail.com

Source: Facebook


Actors & Non-Actors needed for Improv-heavy feature film

Auditions begin this weekend in the Mississippi district for a DIY feature called "The Buskers & Lou", which will be shoot no-budget guerrilla-style in late April/early May around Portland. This is a bit of an experimental movie -- there won't be a formal script, but instead a series of story beats which will lead us from point A to point Z, with certain story elements and subplots growing organically from the character interactions. We will flesh out the story beats after casting our primary roles. Although there is some room for a bit of humor, this is a drama, not a comedy, and we're looking for people comfortable with improvising in that fashion. If you think you'd be a good fit but you don't fit the descriptions listed below, shoot us an email anyhow -- there will be plenty of other roles in the movie to fill in the following weeks.

Please email a headshot or a recent photo or two to thebuskersandloumovie@gmail.com. Please put "CASTING" and your name in the heading.



LOU: Mid-20s to mid-30s. Male. Quiet, introverted, reflective, angry. A former busker who has returned to Portland after being away for some time and is having a hard time adjusting as he looks for work and attempts to live a more typical lifestyle after living off the grid for most of his life. He's homeless but trying to hide that fact, although only a few years ago he would've embraced it.

BEN: Mid-20s to early 40s. Male. Friendly, genuine, non-judgmental. An old friend of Lou's who is still living the busker lifestyle. Tattoos and body mod ok.

JACKIE: Early 20s to mid-40s. Female. Nomadic, unique, friendly but sometimes insensitive. She has some very strong anti-capitalistic opinions but isn't an abrasive personality. She's homeless by design and wouldn't think of living any other way. Tattoos and body mod ok.

Reply to: Please email a headshot or a recent photo or two to thebuskersandloumovie@gmail.com. Please put "CASTING" and your name in the heading.

Source: Craigslist


Auditions for The Tempest

"The Tempest": Bag&Baggage Productions is auditioning for roles in the outdoor summer theater performance.

Reply to: For more informaion, please call 503-345-9590 or visit www.bagnbaggage.org.

Source: Oregonian Callboard


Male actor 50 - 60 yrs. of age wanted

Sandy Actors Theatre is seeking a male actor, age 50-60 for our production of Assisted Living. Show runs June 3 - July 2. This is a marvelous show about Alzheimer's
disease. While a drama, there are many humorous moments.
Rehearsals begin quite soon.
small pay.

Reply to: For information, call Jim Wilhite, 503-253-7501

Source: PDX Backstage



Performers should be willing to try experimental methods, develop material in rehearsal, and be flexible in responding to a variety of scores, actions, scripts and sounds. Experience is preferred but not required.


Chosen performers will receive a modest fee and portfolio materials upon completion. Some may also continue on with the larger project, which includes a live performance in Oct. 2011.

Let me know if you have any questions or want more info about the project.



Source: PDX Backstage


Seeking Recreation Actors for National Cable TV Series

National cable network series is seeking non-professional actors for recreation shoots. You will be portraying real people, and acting out real life events.

Need people to portray the following:

1) Male, early 60s. Tall in stature, hefty, white, with thinning to little white hair and wears glasses (though not necessary)

2) Female, early 60s. Stout body, with long white hair (or willing to wear a wig) and wears glasses (though not necessary)

Shooting will be on Saturday April 9, Sunday April 10, and Monday April 11. Must be ok with some shooting outside in colder temperatures. There will be some 10 hour shooting days. Some pay involved, lunch provided.

Please send resumes WITH HEADSHOTS. Emails without headshots will not be considered. Great opportunity to work on a national (albeit low-budget) television program with a professional crew.

Location: Vancouver, WA & Mt. Hood Area

Compensation: $50-$75/day depending on length of day, and lunch

Source: Craigslist