Sunday, April 24, 2011

Auditions: Sunday, April 24, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Sunday, April 24, 2011.

Due to some upcoming early morning shoots, I wanted to give everyone a heads up that the daily post time for auditions may vary moving forward.

Now, back to our topic of discussion for the remaining few days of this week! We have spent some time focusing on finding auditions, audition preparation, and booking the right type of work. No matter how talented and gorgeous you may be, it always comes down to who you know, or rather, who knows you.

With Portland being such a small city compared to the LA and NYC markets, I am very surprised and impressed by how many networking events there are every month and even every week. Were you aware of these networking events and opportunities to mingle with Portland's film community?

With six made-in-Portland films premiering over the next six weeks, along with the monthly Portland Independent Film Meet-up
(or find it here on Facebook), the weekly get together on Wednesday nights for Megann's Night, and OMPA events, this is enough to keep any local actor busy with networking.

How important is it to make an appearance at these events, and how much does it make a difference in your career? Do you attend any or all of these events? How has it affected the work you are getting, and how have you grown from attending these events?

The big question of the week is - how does networking play a role in your acting career?

Let's start up this week's chat and discuss your thoughts about networking, attending events, and how this has made a difference in your acting career!

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Please stop by for the casting: Details below

We are looking for : Men, Women age 20-60 and Children age 8-10 see below for details
· Young
· Indie
· Portland, Bay Area, New York Style
· Natural
· Piercing, tattoos, dyed hair ok, but shouldn’t be dominate

Casting Location:
Carton Service Building
2211 NW FRONT #301, Portland Oregon 97209

(Between 17/18 on Front Please park in lot to the NW side of the building near the loading docks signs will be
posted to direct talent to the 3rd floor. Please call if needed 503 810 1285 ( Aisha's cell)

Casting Times:
TUES 4/26: 9am-7pm & WED 4/27: 9am-2:00 ( Casting will wrap at 2:00 pm SHARP on Wed.!! )

Shoot Dates that you need to be available:
Monday, May 2nd or Tuesday, May 3rd

The Rate is $600.00 for Adults and $400.00 for children.

Group of 4-5 friends going to a concert
· Caucasian Female, 21-26
· Caucasian Female 2, 21-26
· Mixed Race Female, 21-26
· Asian Male,21-26
· Caucasian Male, 21-26

Girl on Date (with guy below)
· Hispanic Female, 24-27

Guy on Date (with girl above)
· Caucasian Male, 24-27

4-5 girls celebrating Birthday party
· Caucasian Female 1: Birthday Girl, Turing 25
· Caucasian Female 2: 21-26
· Asian Female, 21-26
· Mixed Race Female, 21-26

19 Extras
· 21-28
· mix of races

Brunch Talent Needed:
· Young Families
· Suburban
· Slightly hip, not in mom jeans but not inskinny jeans either

1 woman from out of town meeting 2-3 friends in town
· Caucasian Female age 30-38
· Caucasian Male Friend age 30-40
· Asian Female 35-40

Couple out to Breakfast
· Asian or African American Female Age 30-40
· Mixed Race Male 35-45

Grand Parents with Grandkid
· African America (younger) Grandma 50-60
· African America (younger) Grandpa 50-60
· Mixed race boy 8-10 years old

Woman out to brunch with Sisters
· Caucasian Female 40-45
· Caucasian Middle Sister 35-40
· Caucasian Youngest Sister 30-35

19 Extras
· 30-45
· mix of races

Compensation: 600.00 adults 400.00 Children

Reply to: Please stop by the casting. For questions, contact

Source: Craigslist


Liberty Mutual Casting (NW Portland)

Please stop by for our casting- we are looking for healthy, attractive men & women age 30-50. Truckers, Factory Workers, Contractor types ( please dress the part ) for a photo shoot!! Please see below for more details!! The casting will only take about 15 minutes and you are welcome to stop by anytime during the posted dates and times. Anyone who is interested is welcome to stop by.

Casting Location and Times:

Carton Service Building
2211 NW FRONT #301
Portland Oregon 97209

(Between 17/18 on Front Please park in lot to the NW side of the building near the loading docks signs will be
posted to direct talent to the 3rd floor. Please call if needed 503 810 1285 ( Aisha's cell)

TUES 4/26: 9am-7pm
WED 4/27: 9am-5pm

Rate: 1200.00
Shoot hours: 10hrs.
Shoot days: between May 9-May 20. Please make sure talent is available for those dates. Shoot locations will be around Portland and suburbs.
Talent needed: 12.


Male & female 30-50 years old. All ethnicity!! Healthy, attractive men & women!!


Trucker/delivery person.
Loading dock foreman/loader.


Factory worker.
Factory foreman/equipment specialist.

General Liability:


Worker’s Compensation:

Factory Worker. Woodworker
Factory Foreman.

Compensation: 1200.00

Reply to: Please stop by the casting. For questions, contact

Source: Craigslist


Short FIlm Seeks Extra's (Old Church 1422 Southwest 11th Avenue Po)

Laurel Tree Films, a local independent production team is producing a short film “Jack and Jill” . We are looking for extra’s to take part in the wedding scene

Film Synopsis: After being in a coma for 6 years and no memory of anything prior. With his father provides him little information on his old life, and nagging feeling something is missing , Jack when he finds himself searching for his past and the woman he keeps drawing.

Scene Synopsis: After tracking down Jill, Jack bursts into her Wedding to prevent her from marrying, Billy.

What we are looking for: Extra’s to fill in the crowd of the wedding, Any and all ages welcome. Please dress as if attending a wedding.

When: 04/26/11, Tuesday Morning call time is 9am

Where: 1422 Southwest 11th Avenue Portland, OR 97201-3304

Wear: Semi Formal clothes, button ups, slacks, skirts, dresses. No white please.

Final Notes: This is a non-paid film, snacks and food will be on location. Extras will begin to be let go around Noon and all should be wrapped by 1pm.

For Further information about the project and the team behind it check out the links below.!/brokencrown

Contact: Please contact or If you are interested in attending.

Source: Craigslist


Mom and Baby - Open Call (Portland)

open call for 25 ish attractive mother and baby (do not have to bring baby, but supply pictures) for video for website (may become tv) for baby products. bring photos you can leave (need not be professional) credits if any. Takes place 130-4PM (note later start time than before) in offices in Old Town at 24 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite 200, Wednesday, April 27. Strictly a meet and greet, won't take long.

Compensation: To be determined.

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Petite cute female models wanted for PDX area shoots. (West Linn)

Petite models wanted for paid video/photo shoots (approx 110 lbs or less). Shoots will be primarily outdoors. Outfits are cute, babyish derivative of a Japanese style called Sweet Lolita (a Gothic Lolita spinoff) mixed with Emos, so must be comfortable wearing some pretty cutsie costumes out in public. Please send brief bio with measurements/sizes and small photo. Note that craigslist limits the size of the attachment so you will need to reduce the size of the photo or just send info and I will follow up with email address that can handle large attachments.

Compensation: $30/hr

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Source: Craigslist