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Auditions: Sunday, April 10, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Sunday, April 10, 2011.

It's time for a new topic of discussion for the week:

So, you've done your research to ensure that the audition is legitimate, and you've just received your audition time slot. You attend the auditions, and it goes incredibly well, you received great feedback, and now you wait with anticipation to receive news about a callback. Giddy with excitement, you want to tell all of your friends, or even post on Facebook all about the audition. Whether before or after the audition, you want to share the news with friends and family, and even the world of Facebook.

But not so fast. Many seasoned actors will advice against sharing news of auditions, or even news of callbacks. If cast, this is exciting and can sometimes openly be shared, but actors are encouraged to keep their auditions and callbacks private. While there are many reason as to why, one of the biggest is that the audition process is a standard part of the job for an actor, but booking the job is what actually counts. Also, some of the big shows filming in Portland may have non disclosure agreements, meaning they are required to keep certain episode or character details quiet until the episode airs, and sharing information about your audition is in violation of this. So when you get called back for the role of a lifetime as the spy on Leverage, the producers and writers may not have publicized that they were bringing back the spy, and this news would have an effect on viewers, and even become an issue for those who enjoy watching the show every week. It may even jeopardize your ability to book the role.

For some of us, though, just getting the audition is a huge accomplishment, and is such a success that it deserves to be shared.

A recent conversation took place on the social networking websites, where a local, professional actor, and very talented teacher and filmmaker wrote, "
A car salesman doesn't post on his wall every time he shows a car to a customer." This may help put it into perspective for some, but I wanted to open up this discussion in our chat box.

Let's start up this week's chat and discuss your thoughts about posting auditions, callbacks, and even booked jobs for friends and family to see!

If you are a fan of the blog, please share this with actor friends. If you have any feedback for me on how to improve my blog, share this with me so that I may work on improving the blog.



Fuse Theatre Ensemble is co-producing my play "Little Brown F**king Machines"

I am in need to several Fillipina or Asian or Hispanic women and men in order to produce the play. Here is where YOU come in. Are you an actor who would qualify? We are certainly improving all the time in Portland regarding diversity on the stage, but we still have a way to go. I am not being insensitive, I am just being painfully honest, when I tell you that if you are in anyway able to play the role of a male or female young prostitute in the Philippines, will you please contact me ASAP? If you are able to change yourself into such a person, will you please contact me? If you know of anyone who might be interested, will you please contact me???????????

Regarding pay, the old bugaboo question, yes, there is pay, and no, there is not enough pay for you to quit your day job. A stipend will definitely be paid at the end of the run.

The show is due to open the last week of May and run through the third week of June at Theatre! Theatre! so time is of the essence. Come be a part of a very exciting project!

In fact, if you are interested in working on this project in other capacities too, I would love to hear what you might be thinking. Please contact me! I'm listening!

I just feel there are some wonderful aspiring actors out there looking for a break like this! I'll be delighted to talk to you no matter what your experience, and we can have you do some readings to see what you can do.

Thank you so very much for any help you can give.

All my best to everyone--


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Seeking a BEARDED MAN (25-40) to play a withdrawn and aimless beatnik in a short film based on a story by Raymond Carver. Already somewhat emotionally vacant, he becomes a shell of a man after his girlfriend takes off.

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