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Auditions: Friday, April 15, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Friday, April 15, 2011.

We're gonna keep this chat going through the end of the week, so I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences surrounding this topic.

You've done your research to ensure that the audition is legitimate, and you've just received your audition time slot. You attend the audition, and it goes incredibly well, you received great feedback, and now you wait with anticipation to receive news about a callback. Giddy with excitement, you want to tell all of your friends, or even post on Facebook all about the audition. Whether before or after the audition, you want to share the news with friends and family, and even the world of Facebook.

But not so fast. Many seasoned actors will advice against sharing news of auditions, or even news of callbacks. If cast, this is exciting and can sometimes openly be shared, but actors are encouraged to keep their auditions and callbacks private. While there are many reason as to why, one of the biggest is that the audition process is a standard part of the job for an actor, but booking the job is what actually counts. Also, some of the big shows filming in Portland may have non disclosure agreements, meaning they are required to keep certain episode or character details quiet until the episode airs, and sharing information about your audition is in violation of this. So when you get called back for the role of a lifetime as the spy on Leverage, the producers and writers may not have publicized that they were bringing back the spy, and this news would have an effect on viewers, and even become an issue for those who enjoy watching the show every week. It may even jeopardize your ability to book the role.

A recent conversation took place on the social networking websites, where a local, professional actor, and very talented teacher and filmmaker wrote, "A car salesman doesn't post on his wall every time he shows a car to a customer."

For some of us, though, just getting the audition is a huge accomplishment, and is such a success that it deserves to be shared. Getting that callback is a huge validation that we did something right in the audition room, and caught someone's attention, and this is also worth telling friends, family, and Facebook pals. Sharing that success with the world of Facebook would provide the encouragement we need as actors to boost our confidence and push us to go up for more auditions.

There are definitely two ways to look at this situation, and I wanted to open up this discussion in our chat box. Do you share your auditions with anyone? Perhaps, only with mom and dad, close friends, and partners. Do you share the exciting news in a Facebook post? If you don't share the news, and you choose to keep this private, what are your specific reasons behind doing so?

Let's start up this week's chat and discuss your thoughts about posting auditions, callbacks, and even booked jobs for friends and family to see!

If you are a fan of the blog, please share this with actor friends. If you have any feedback for me on how to improve my blog, share this with me so that I may work on improving the blog.



Casting Background Talent for a commercial (Portland, OR)

Casting 1 background talent for a commercial. If you are interested, please send me your most recent headshot and resume. Please specify if your looks have changed since the photo was taken and if you are available the day of the shoot.

Shoot Date(s): 4/26/11
Shoot Location(s): Vancouver, WA

Term: 1 year
Territory: 6 states: OR, WA, CO, AZ, ID, CA
Media: Broadcast and Internet
Air Date: May 2011

Rate: $150

Description: Customer: White Female age 40 – 55. Open to hair color and type. Must have a valid driver's license.

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Looking for Writers, Artists, Actors, and Crew for Sitcom

I have created a new sitcom that is in pre production. Episodes will be
shot and put on You Tube. Looking for actors, an artist and writers.
Also looking for a crew to help shoot it. I can't afford to pay anybody
but the experience will be great. e-mail me if interested

Thank you


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Feature Film Casting Call

Casting the last 4 roles for a Feature Film - Bulk of the shoot will be July 8th-22nd, must be available those dates, plus other shoot dates in August, pickup dates into Sept. There are no roles for children, please only submit if you feel you fit one of the character descriptions below. Please send headshot/resume and links to any work you have done in the past.
Casting will be held on May 1st in downtown PDX. Many time slots have been filled with talent submitted through agencies, but we know there is some real talent out there who is not represented. Hence the post here. While I realize this site is public, this film is trying to stay under the radar and anyone auditioning will be signing a light NDA - (non-disclosure agreement) meaning you can't post all about your audition on Facebook ect..or should you get a role, you can't be posting all over about it and where we're shooting ect..

Interviews with Aunt Gabby -- SAG - but you don't need to be SAG to be in it.

One of the co-leads is Adrienne King of Friday the 13th fame and the upcoming Lion's Gate release of The Butterfly Room

The film is highly commercial and is being shot at full broadcast quality with a full professional crew with extensive experience. Rated PG-13 -

Gabrielle “Gabby” Burkeshire married wealthy and traveled the world losing touch with her family. Now in her 50’s she finds herself widowed and dying of cancer. With no children of her own she sets her mind on reacquainting with her family to find the proper heir to her estate. With the help of her trusted personal assistant Manning, Aunt Gabby invites them all for a three day weekend at her estate to conduct interviews with each one and catch up on the lost years. As her home fills up with her siblings, nieces, and nephews, Aunt Gabby soon finds herself surrounded by her estranged family who also has lost touch with each other. She becomes the eye of an unsettled storm which has the family members dealing with unresolved issues, broken relationships, greed, backstabbing and emotional sadness. While Aunt Gabby learns about each person as an individual, they rediscover each other though laughter, tears and anger and just maybe they’ll find a second chance to learn what family means to them.

“Interviews with Aunt Gabby” is a character driven story with a true life sense of humor that is both funny and touching. As the people they are today unfold before her who will she choose?


PARKER CHEZM – Look late teens up to 20- Parker is creative, outgoing and close to his mother.
RALPH WILLARD – Look mid 20's – Never attended college instead is a crack mechanic and manages the auto shop he has worked at since he was a teen. More of a man's man beer drinking type and has a pregnant wife.
HEATHER NICHOLS – Look mid-20's – She is beautiful, egotistical, rude, and obnoxious. Total gold digger.
ANNE GHERING –.Look early 20's. Has her own style -- playful kind at heart, lesbian girlfriend to Poi, (there are no lesbian scenes)


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Noah Hale is a certificate student at the Northwest Film Center school of film and needs two actors for a dark science fiction short he is directing titled:

AUDITIONS will be held:

APRIL 17th, Sunday.


Northwest Film Center
934 SW Salmon St.
Portland, Oregon 97205

Time Commitment:
About 4-6 days, weekend shoots, with dates in mid MAY and early JUNE.

Go here to SIGN UP for audition:

Please take a moment to read the descriptions below and then follow the link to
fill out a questionnaire and pass along your contact info.

You will receive an email confirming the date and time of your audition.

As this is a "no budget" project there will be no monetary compensation, however
there will be catering on set.

Thank you for your time.



Harlan, stage manager of a novel futuristic theater, still grieves over the loss of an aunt to an Alzheimers-like affliction. Believing an android used in the productions is capable of self-awareness he tries to help it, but finds that awareness not at all what he hoped for.


Harlan: Lower to mid thirties, always wanted to be in the entertainment industry, was the apple of his aunt's eye as a child, currently still haunted by that aunt's death for which he feels some responsibility, still harbors doubts of doctors' opinions and what could have been done.

Hamlet android: Mid thirties, programmed to embody the character of Hamlet, later becomes self-aware: a being with a `mind' set in the world of the play, but is now developing an awareness of self outside of that and into a reality unfamiliar and alien.

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On Stage Electronic Help

Hi! We over here in the land of the tech-challenged need some advice and equipment rental pointers.

We need two headsets, to be worn by the actors on stage, so that they can hear and speak to each other. How does one set this up, and equally as important, where does one rent this kind of equipment? We need the head-sets for rehearsals all the way through production, the rest for tech. and production.

A cd player onstage that acts as a practical (plays from the box), but also can be switched over to the theatre speakers.

A standing microphone.

Please respond off-list.



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"Sordid Lives" soap OPERA seeks volunteers and chorus (benefit show)

Dear friends,

OTO is seeking chorus and volunteers for our upcoming vintage '80s choose-your-own-adventure soap opera, "Sordid Lives," a benefit event and housewarming party for OTO at the Mission Theater.

...will channel the Greek choruses of Sophocles and the live audiences on Montel and Jerry Springer. You only need to learn 2 chords and read cue cards - - and pour on the vehemence!


* Cigarette Girls - wear costume, sell swag pre-show/intermission, help collect audience votes during soap opera and present the scores a la Vanna White

* Ushers - dress '80s, pass out programs and direct people to seats prior to the show

Chorus, 2-3 rehearsals (dates TBD, mid- to late April/early May), 1 performance - volunteers need only be available the evening of the performance.

OTO is asking everyone to volunteer their time for this event, which is our annual benefit and fundraiser for the coming year. All volunteers receive a free ticket to the show.

"Sordid Lives: A Choose Your Own Adventure Soap OPERA" - benefit and housewarming for OTO at the Mission Theater!

DATE: Friday, May 6

LOCATION: The Mission Theater (1624 NW Glisan St)

TIME: 7:00pm - whenevah (doors open at 6:00, silent auction 6:00 - 7:00, curtain at 8:00)

ATTIRE: '80s daytime talkshow audience

DESCRIPTION: A benefit and housewarming party for OTO's new venue, the Mission Theater. Help us raise the money we need to present the great activities we have planned for the Mission by bidding for your plot choices in our choose-your-own adventure soap OPERA! We'll also have a raffle of luxe items donated by local businesses.

OTO has great plans for the Mission, but we need your support to make it happen. On the boards: a radio opera, monthly movie musical sing-along nights, classes and workshops, and the continuation of 'Sordid Lives' as a 12-episode live streaming online series.

'Sordid Lives' borrows from '80s daytime television, tabloid journalism and the works of the great composers to create a truly demented, all-musical choose-your-own-story adventure. When Wall Street banker Archibald Shackles (this would be you) casts off his scheming first wife Amber for a younger man/woman/man, Amber will stop at nothing to get her revenge: not even framing Archibald's new squeeze for impregnating their daughter. But did he/she/he do it? And if not...who did?

There will be lots of shrieking, hair-pulling fights, hot, passionate clinches, evil twins and the on-stage birth of an alien baby who communicates entirely by trumpet.

Accompanied by the OTO Technicolor Orchestra and Chorus. The Electric Opera Company guitarmy performs following the opera.

The show runs about an hour with two breaks for audience voting. If you are interested in participating, drop me a line!

Thanks and best,
Katie Taylor
Producing Artistic Director
Opera Theater Oregon
Tel: 503 234 4515

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New project by Bus Stop Opera creators seeks participants

[Posting on behalf of Dawn Weleski of Bus Stop Opera - this sounds very cool! kt]



Two Pittsburgh artists seek pairs or groups of Portland locals to participate in city-wide art project, We Were Here. We Were Here is a tour of places throughout Portland, Oregon where intimately connected friends, lovers, relations, and other significant partners first met.

On Sunday, May 15, the pairs will share a dance in the location where they first met, with musical accompaniment, while sharing the story of their relationship with the public.

If you have an interesting story about meeting a parent/child, friend, spouse, or just about anyone who's had a great impact on you, we'd like to hear from you! Please contact us at for more information.

We Were Here is a project of Dawn Weleski ( and and M. Callen ( and will take place during the Open Engagement Symposium (, a symposium of social-engaged art work, May 13-15.

Detailed description:
We Were Here is a tour of places throughout Portland, Oregon where intimately connected friends, lovers, and relations first met. On Sunday, May 15, twenty sets of Portland residents will return to these places to share the story of their relationship with the public while dancing to musical accompaniment.

-are engaged in a meaningful relationship with each other (friends, siblings, children, family, partners, exes, mentors, pretty much anyone that's had a significant impact on you)
-met somewhere in/around Portland
-are open to dancing with each other and sharing their story
-are comfortable engaging with the public
-are available on Sunday, May 15 to participate (late morning/afternoon)

Through discussion with the participants, we will work out a musical accompaniment (either live or recorded) that is appropriate for each of the participants' stories, as well as any props or other elements that might be vital to your experience.

We Were Here is a tour of places throughout Portland, Oregon where intimately connected friends, lovers, and relations first met. Over the course of two days, twenty sets of Portland residents will return to these places to share the story of their relationship with the public while dancing to musical accompaniment. The dancing sets will highlight a variety of relationships, including parents and children, widow(er)s and their lost loved ones, and mentors and students.

We Were Here utilizes social geography to offer an experience of the city through some of the most memorable moments of the people who live there. An account of seemingly cosmological phenomena that inexplicably brings individuals together, the project explores Portland through the relationships that it sows. Place informs our relationships and those relationships, in turn, color our environment and sense of belonging in a city. While we choose to return to certain places habitually, first meeting places are fateful. We meet potential somebodies in the most quotidian of places: outside our broken down cars, in hospital elevators, in the doorways of buildings we pass through everyday. By reuniting sets of people at the place of their first encounter, We Were Here celebrates everyday public spaces in Portland neighborhoods as markers of personal significance. In turn, the stories of these fateful places form a nuanced and intimate notion of the city's identity.

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Actors needed - Minor Concessions

Short dramatic narrative, final project for certificate in film from Northwest School of Film. Minor Concessions is a day in the life of a cross dressing architect (Michael) his best friend (Jake) his girlfriend (Jen) and his evil boss (Angela). Darkly comic. Director has had previous work in GLBT festivals across the country. More info at for Minor Concessions and films by others in the cohort.

Compensation: food, glory, copy of finished for reel

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Seeking the following parts

Female, sings without accompaniment, high soprano, can ad lib, age 16
Male 5'11-6'2" trained actor to play Henry
Female age 5ish that will do as told for 3-5 minutes - simple
Female 24-25 can memorize one minute
Male 14ish skate boarder
Female 5'8" dancer, varied styles

Compensation: non union

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Actor for music video (older gentleman)

good day!
We are putting together a very low budget music video for a local musician and are looking for an older man, with interesting features. Think jazz musician or old timey gangstar perhaps. The shoot would be relitively fast, over two days and would consist of playing, or pretending to play drums. So any music experience a plus. Please email over a photo if interested.

Since this is such a small production we can only offer credit, copy and meal.

Thanks for reading

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