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Auditions: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

So, you've done your research to ensure that the audition is legitimate, and you've just received your audition time slot. You attend the audition, and it goes incredibly well, you received great feedback, and now you wait with anticipation to receive news about a callback. Giddy with excitement, you want to tell all of your friends, or even post on Facebook all about the audition. Whether before or after the audition, you want to share the news with friends and family, and even the world of Facebook.

But not so fast. Many seasoned actors will advice against sharing news of auditions, or even news of callbacks. If cast, this is exciting and can sometimes openly be shared, but actors are encouraged to keep their auditions and callbacks private. While there are many reason as to why, one of the biggest is that the audition process is a standard part of the job for an actor, but booking the job is what actually counts. Also, some of the big shows filming in Portland may have non disclosure agreements, meaning they are required to keep certain episode or character details quiet until the episode airs, and sharing information about your audition is in violation of this. So when you get called back for the role of a lifetime as the spy on Leverage, the producers and writers may not have publicized that they were bringing back the spy, and this news would have an effect on viewers, and even become an issue for those who enjoy watching the show every week. It may even jeopardize your ability to book the role.

A recent conversation took place on the social networking websites, where a local, professional actor, and very talented teacher and filmmaker wrote, "A car salesman doesn't post on his wall every time he shows a car to a customer."

For some of us, though, just getting the audition is a huge accomplishment, and is such a success that it deserves to be shared. Getting that callback is a huge validation that we did something right in the audition room, and caught someone's attention, and this is also worth telling friends, family, and Facebook pals. Sharing that success with the world of Facebook would provide the encouragement we need as actors to boost our confidence and push us to go up for more auditions.

There are definitely two ways to look at this situation, and I wanted to open up this discussion in our chat box. Do you share your auditions with anyone? Perhaps, only with mom and dad, close friends, and partners. Do you share the exciting news in a Facebook post? If you don't share the news, and you choose to keep this private, what are your specific reasons behind doing so?

Let's start up this week's chat and discuss your thoughts about posting auditions, callbacks, and even booked jobs for friends and family to see!

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Michael Roberson is a skilled director, having completed several short films, and is now finishing his certificate with the Northwest Film Center.

For this Certificate Thesis project we are seeking actors who are comfortable in front of a camera, and with the film set environment. This project is a dramatic, though darkly comedic film, and these are challenging roles.

AUDITIONS will be held:

APRIL 14th (Thursday) and APRIL 16TH (Saturday)


Northwest Film Center
934 SW Salmon St.
Portland, Oregon 97205

Total Time Commitment for this Project:
estimated to be a 5-6 day shoot, weekend shoots. dates set in mid to late MAY.

Please take a moment to read the descriptions below and then follow the link to fill out a questionnaire and pass along your contact info.

You will receive an email confirming the date and time of your audition.

As this is a "no budget" project there will be no monetary compensation, however there will be full catering on set, and a professional environment at all times. This will be a great project for your reel.

Thank you for your time.


Newlyweds George and Lucy are having trouble conceiving a child. They enlist the help of Rossum, the experimental fertility robot, whose "hands-on" approach unexpectedly reveals deep, dark fissures in the foundation of their marriage. George's growing anxieties manifest through Rossum, who pushes him and the relationship to their breaking points.


Man in his late twenties/early thirties, a momma's boy, a child frightened of being left alone, abandoned; codependent, self-absorbed, creator of a universe that revolves around him; imaginative, creative, desperate grasp on his safe world/womb of comfort, tender, soft, loving, uncomfortable around men, all-or-nothing tendencies, wicked sense of humor, full of energy


Woman in her mid- to late-twenties, a woman in transition: youthful freedom giving way to the realities and demands of adulthood; loving, tender, selfless…to a point, laughs easily, somewhat shy, an underlying innocence, a naiveté about others beginning to crumble, revealing an earned selfishness; a newfound eroticism; a shy tender, loving young woman reluctantly placed in the role of "mother" before she has truly lived, just finding herself at these crossroads…

Reply to: Go here to SIGN UP for audition - https://sites.google.com/site/nwfcportfolio/scripts-and-sides/rossum

Source: PDX Backstage



Hiring MODELS AND/OR ACTRESSES to portay well known Princesses
like Rapunzel, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid etc.. ( but maybe other popular childrens Icons )
for various events with a local family entertainment company.

COMPENSATION : $100 minimum per gig


- No Experience required

- Family / Kid Friendly
- Professional / Punctual / Patient
- Transportation ( Your own )

**** PLEASE Respond with Name, Age, Phone Number and 2 current head shots ****
Also If you have any specific talents Singing ? Dancing ? Magic Tricks ?

Reply to: gigs-d4xt8-2319751886@craigslist.org

Source: Craigslist