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Auditions: Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Wednesday, April 06, 2011.

This week, let's continue to focus in on how to pick the right auditions. What do you look for when selecting work you are interested in auditioning for. With the recent "drama" on PDX Backstage, there was a debate surrounding a job posting that paid very little money for work that would be high exposure. Some might say, "Well, it paid, and it's great exposure." Others may point say, "Well, for such high exposure, I expect to be paid more."

As we've read in recent chats, many in the industry are willing to work for free if it is for a friend, or for something that will be great material for our reel, but some people in our community feel they should get paid appropriately for their work.

Honestly, I am always thankful to even just get paid from a gig found outside of an agent, but we all see things differently. What do you focus in on when filtering auditions for work? Do you look for monetary compensation, and weigh out how much work for how much money? Do you ask yourself whether auditioning for the experience and networking would be great in itself? What questions do you ask yourself before submitting yourself for auditions?

I have also read in the chat box that some have experienced inappropriate behavior and actions at auditions. What do you look for in an audition notice to avoid running into a situation like this?

Let's chat throughout the week about what work needs to be done before we even submit ourselves for auditions. What have your experiences been like, and what questions do you always ask yourself?

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Industrial Video Shoot

Date: 4/21/11
Type: Industrial

Non Speaking. Non-Union.
Although there is no dialogue we are seeking an actor who can play a range of emotions.

If you do not have acting experience, this is not for you.

We are professionals and expect you to be as well.

Please do not respond unless you are including headshot and resume and available for the date above.
Submissions without 'Portland Industrial' in subject line will not be considered.
Submissions without headshot and resume (or links to) will not be considered.

Female - 25-32, multi-cultural looking. In other words, hard to place ethnically.
She is a mom in a busy house hold with lots of things to do. But always energetic.
Get the kids to school, balance the family check book, feed the dog, etc.

This will be shot on Green Screen so as mentioned up top, we are looking for solid actors.

We will be shooting in the Portland area.

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Looking for Rollerskaters

Extras Only is looking for CONFIDENT & COMPETANT ROLLERSKATERS (18 years old & older) to be extras in LEVERAGE. Although we need adults of all ages, we are especially looking for MEN 25-60 years old who are 5’10 or shorter, clean cut with no visible tattoos or piercings.

This is will shoot 1-2 days April 12-14th (the more available you can be, the better) and the pay is $68/day (OT after 8hrs). Typical shoot days are 12-14 hrs.

We need rollerskaters who are athletic, in good shape and completely in control while skating. We are not interested in any beginning skaters.

Current members of EO do not need to apply. If you feel you fit the description and have not been contacted, please email ASAP.

Thank you! Please spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested.

Reply to: Apply online | | project code: ROLLERSKATE OR

E-MAIL the following to ASAP:

Brief comment on skills/ability
Do you own your own skates (no neon wheels or large toe stops)

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Looking for: Stage Manager, Production Manager, TD

Hand2Mouth Theatre is looking to hire a few positions for our upcoming production. Uncanny Valley, a sci-fi adventure into psychic space, runs May 12 - 22 at ART's Morrison Stage.

We are looking for:
- Stage Manager: experienced SM to carry us strongly through tech week and the run of the show (April 26 - May 23)
- Production Manager
**Please note, we would love to hire ONE person for SM & PM position, if your experience crosses **
- Technical Director: note, Hand2Mouth does not have a shop space available, TD will need to be able to source/provide their own

These positions are all paid.

For more information about Hand2Mouth visit


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Looking to starting shooting a new sitcom that would be put on You Tube and or a
web page much like Star Trek The New Voyages. Looking for actors, writers and
a crew to help shoot it. I can't afford to pay anybody but the experience would be great
e-mail me if interested

Thank you


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Actress Wanted - Dramatic Short Film

I am putting together a short student film, actually based on a short poem I wrote a few years back, about a young woman who calls a friend to bitterly release the fact that she's been unfaithful to her boyfriend. Only she accidently calls her boyfriend, who claims to be this someone else, and ends up admitting it to him. The female role in this piece is a very emotional one, she is practically crying for the bulk of the piece. Her age I would range between 20 and 24 years of age.

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