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Auditions: Saturday, April 16, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011.

We're gonna keep this chat going through the end of the week, so I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences surrounding this topic.

You've done your research to ensure that the audition is legitimate, and you've just received your audition time slot. You attend the audition, and it goes incredibly well, you received great feedback, and now you wait with anticipation to receive news about a callback. Giddy with excitement, you want to tell all of your friends, or even post on Facebook all about the audition. Whether before or after the audition, you want to share the news with friends and family, and even the world of Facebook.

But not so fast. Many seasoned actors will advice against sharing news of auditions, or even news of callbacks. If cast, this is exciting and can sometimes openly be shared, but actors are encouraged to keep their auditions and callbacks private. While there are many reason as to why, one of the biggest is that the audition process is a standard part of the job for an actor, but booking the job is what actually counts. Also, some of the big shows filming in Portland may have non disclosure agreements, meaning they are required to keep certain episode or character details quiet until the episode airs, and sharing information about your audition is in violation of this. So when you get called back for the role of a lifetime as the spy on Leverage, the producers and writers may not have publicized that they were bringing back the spy, and this news would have an effect on viewers, and even become an issue for those who enjoy watching the show every week. It may even jeopardize your ability to book the role.

A recent conversation took place on the social networking websites, where a local, professional actor, and very talented teacher and filmmaker wrote, "A car salesman doesn't post on his wall every time he shows a car to a customer."

For some of us, though, just getting the audition is a huge accomplishment, and is such a success that it deserves to be shared. Getting that callback is a huge validation that we did something right in the audition room, and caught someone's attention, and this is also worth telling friends, family, and Facebook pals. Sharing that success with the world of Facebook would provide the encouragement we need as actors to boost our confidence and push us to go up for more auditions.

There are definitely two ways to look at this situation, and I wanted to open up this discussion in our chat box. Do you share your auditions with anyone? Perhaps, only with mom and dad, close friends, and partners. Do you share the exciting news in a Facebook post? If you don't share the news, and you choose to keep this private, what are your specific reasons behind doing so?

Let's start up this week's chat and discuss your thoughts about posting auditions, callbacks, and even booked jobs for friends and family to see!

If you are a fan of the blog, please share this with actor friends. If you have any feedback for me on how to improve my blog, share this with me so that I may work on improving the blog.




We'll Fix It In Post Productions is looking for a few actors and actresses for a read through of our new feature film, the follow up to James vs Reality. The screenplay is a rough form right now, and we are holding a table read so I can get an idea of how it's sounding and also get some feedback on the project as a whole. While we're not casting for the actual film, this is an excellent way to get a foot in the door as everyone selected for the table read will moved straight into callbacks. We will provide beverages and snacks - the read will most likely be in Vancouver.

While there are several parts still open, there are two I'm focusing on with this ad listed below. NOTE THERE ARE NO CHILDREN'S ROLES - we welcome all adult actors/actresses who wish to have their information on file with us.

Britney - A girl in her early 20's, Britney is confident (to a fault) and pretty, but is also incredibly vain and a bit of an alcoholic.

Michael - Michael is in his late 40's/early 50's. He's a business type, starting to gray but is fairly handsome. He's a bit of a douche bag, but doesn't realize it.

A bit about my films: I'm currently working on a solo animated film 'The Chronicles of Nerm,' a sci-fi comedy that features several celebrity voice actors. My first live action film, 'James vs Reality' has won several film festivals here in the states and been accepted to several festivals internationally. James Vs Reality features incredible visual effects not often seen in indie films and last November's theatrical premiere was attended by over 525 people.

Please check out a couple quick links.
James vs Reality:
The Chronicles of Nerm:

Thank you for reading.

Reply to: Please send a headshot, resume and if you can, a demo reel/links to online footage you have and a link to your website or IMDb page. PLEASE REPLY TO CHRISRW512 [at]

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Feature Film Casting Call

Casting the last 4 roles for a Feature Film - Bulk of the shoot will be July 8th-22nd, must be available those dates, plus other shoot dates in August, pickup dates into Sept. There are no roles for children, please only submit if you feel you fit one of the character descriptions below. Please send headshot/resume and links to any work you have done in the past.
Casting will be held on May 1st in downtown PDX. Many time slots have been filled with talent submitted through agencies, but we know there is some real talent out there who is not represented. Hence the post here. While I realize this site is public, this film is trying to stay under the radar and anyone auditioning will be signing a light NDA - (non-disclosure agreement) meaning you can't post all about your audition on Facebook ect..or should you get a role, you can't be posting all over about it and where we're shooting ect..

Interviews with Aunt Gabby -- SAG - but you don't need to be SAG to be in it.

One of the co-leads is Adrienne King of Friday the 13th fame and the upcoming Lion's Gate release of The Butterfly Room

The film is highly commercial and is being shot at full broadcast quality with a full professional crew with extensive experience. Rated PG-13 -

Gabrielle “Gabby” Burkeshire married wealthy and traveled the world losing touch with her family. Now in her 50’s she finds herself widowed and dying of cancer. With no children of her own she sets her mind on reacquainting with her family to find the proper heir to her estate. With the help of her trusted personal assistant Manning, Aunt Gabby invites them all for a three day weekend at her estate to conduct interviews with each one and catch up on the lost years. As her home fills up with her siblings, nieces, and nephews, Aunt Gabby soon finds herself surrounded by her estranged family who also has lost touch with each other. She becomes the eye of an unsettled storm which has the family members dealing with unresolved issues, broken relationships, greed, backstabbing and emotional sadness. While Aunt Gabby learns about each person as an individual, they rediscover each other though laughter, tears and anger and just maybe they’ll find a second chance to learn what family means to them.

“Interviews with Aunt Gabby” is a character driven story with a true life sense of humor that is both funny and touching. As the people they are today unfold before her who will she choose?


PARKER CHEZM – Look late teens up to 20- Parker is creative, outgoing and close to his mother.
RALPH WILLARD – Look mid 20's – Never attended college instead is a crack mechanic and manages the auto shop he has worked at since he was a teen. More of a man's man beer drinking type and has a pregnant wife.
HEATHER NICHOLS – Look mid-20's – She is beautiful, egotistical, rude, and obnoxious. Total gold digger.
ANNE GHERING –.Look early 20's. Has her own style -- playful kind at heart, lesbian girlfriend to Poi, (there are no lesbian scenes)


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Casting Background Talent for a commercial (Portland, OR)

Casting 1 background talent for a commercial. If you are interested, please send me your most recent headshot and resume. Please specify if your looks have changed since the photo was taken and if you are available the day of the shoot.

Shoot Date(s): 4/26/11
Shoot Location(s): Vancouver, WA

Term: 1 year
Territory: 6 states: OR, WA, CO, AZ, ID, CA
Media: Broadcast and Internet
Air Date: May 2011

Rate: $150

Description: Customer: White Female age 40 – 55. Open to hair color and type. Must have a valid driver's license.

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Looking for Writers, Artists, Actors, and Crew for Sitcom

I have created a new sitcom that is in pre production. Episodes will be
shot and put on You Tube. Looking for actors, an artist and writers.
Also looking for a crew to help shoot it. I can't afford to pay anybody
but the experience will be great. e-mail me if interested

Thank you


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Seeking Second Male Model for Industrial Shoot

Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous casting call for an upcoming industrial shoot. We are now looking for a second model. If you applied before, please send me your info again for consideration...

The shoot will take place on Thursday, April 21 between 7:30 AM and 2 PM. The location is in St. Helens, OR. You will need to be able to provide your own transportation to the shoot. The shoot will take place in an industrial setting- You must be comfortable working in a dirty, loud environment. You will need to sign a model release and will be compensated $200 for your time. We are looking for individuals who can follow direction and are comfortable in front of the camera. A construction background would be a plus, but not necessary.

Please send your name/ contact info, and a recent photo to the email above.

We are a professional photo studio based in the Pacific Northwest.
Thanks for your consideration!

Location: St. Helens, OR
Compensation: $200
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Casting a DRAG QUEEN for new sitcom TWINKS! (1125 SW Stark St, Portland)

TWINKS, the new sitcom filming at Scandal's is in need of a fabulous drag queen for an episode scheduled to film next week! We need you ASAP!

Preferably you will be full of energy and charisma, have a larger than life personality, wear tons of make-up and be so fabulous! Please email me ASAP!!!!!!!!!

come check me out on FB: Kimberly Dion or check out my website:



***************SCREEN CREDIT + FUN + GOOD KARMA!*********************

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Performers Showcase (Vancouver, Wa)

Drish Entertainment is putting on a Performers Showcase for Singers, Rappers, Poets and Dancers. If you would
like to showcase your talent Please email us with your name and a Contact # where we can reach you. Singers
and Rappers material must be Original (your own) We would like to showcase your talent not someone elses.
Showcase will take place at a club downtown Vancouver, 18 and Older please. Hope to hear from you.

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Actors needed for a short film. French fetsival in mind

Need a nurse M/F 25-60
A Doc M/F 30 -60
A patient M/F 21-60

Pays $50 plus lunch must be available for the whole day

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Extra’s Needed for Short Film (1422 Southwest 11th Avenue Portland, OR )

Laurel Tree Films, a local independent production team is producing a short film “Jack and Jill” . We are looking for extra’s to take part in the wedding scene

Film Synopsis: After being in a coma for 6 years and no memory of anything prior. With his father provides him little information on his old life, and nagging feeling something is missing , Jack when he finds himself searching for his past and the woman he keeps drawing.

Scene Synopsis: After tracking down Jill, Jack bursts into her Wedding to prevent her from marrying, Billy.

What we are looking for: Extra’s to fill in the crowd of the wedding, Any and all ages welcome. Please dress as if attending a wedding.

When: 04/26/11, Tuesday Morning call time is 9am

Where: 1422 Southwest 11th Avenue Portland, OR 97201-3304

Contact: Please contact this posting or If you are interested in attending.

Final Notes: This is a non-paid film, snacks and food will be on location. Extras will begin to be let go around Noon and all should be wrapped by 1pm.

For Further information about the project and the team behind it check out the links below.!/brokencrown

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Hair Models - April 27

Hair Education Class hosted in Portland/Beaverton Area needs your hair.

Hair Models Needed **NO CUTS, Just Styling

Be a part of the amazing Australian haircare range's debut into the US.
Incredible product and styling - your photos have the potential to be used in industry publications and you will be paid in exclusive, professional haircare product.

April 27: 8am - 2pm

If you're interested, please email a headshot that exhibits the current state of your hair.
We are looking for models who will also be potential models for future, paid modeling events.

Compensation: Exclusive, professional haircare. Potential future jobs in runway + hairshows.

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Exp. actress / model needed for short CGI / live action film $75 day

Local production company is looking to hire a young actress / model for a non-speaking role in a CGI / live action short film.

The story is entitled, "Both Bitter and Sweet Was Persephone Inside Most Incomplete." It's a tale about a young girl made of chocolate who yearns to escape the candy store where she is imprisoned.

The shoot will take place over a weekend, near the end of May, and will be comprised of 2 days of work. We will be paying $75/ day for the shoot days ($150), although we may need additional, non-paying time, for make-up tests and test-shoots.

There will be no dialogue, as the short film shall be narrated.

We are looking for a young girl with an innocent, pretty, and unique face... tall, lean, and graceful, between the ages of 18-25. Hair color is of no consequence. Our target audience is young adults / teenagers... so please don't apply if you do not represent or look the age. Any ethnicity can apply for this role. Modeling / acting experience is a plus.

Please note: There will be full make-up... as we must change the actress / model's skin into a chocolate texture... but only the face, arms, neck and legs. Our SFX artist will be using a synthetic make-up which is non-abrasive, does not dry the skin and does not cause any allergic reactions.

Again: We are looking for a young girl with a very pretty, very unique look.


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