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Auditions: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2011.

As many of us already know, this industry can be very competitive. While you may go into an audition and nail it, you may learn later that they were looking for an actor with blonde hair and blue eyes, as opposed to the gorgeous red hair and dark eyes you were born with.

There are things in this industry that are out of our control when it comes to casting. The things that are in our control are those we should be working on and bettering to ensure we can better our chances of getting cast. The obvious traits in our control are talent, and we have discussed the importance of continuing to take classes and train. The not-so-obvious things in our control focus in on looks.

Many will tell you that maintaining healthy eating habits and a healthy figure are part of the job. In a recent news article, a variety of celebrities were interviewed for tips and advice on how they maintain their killer bods, and it came down to two simple things: nutrition and exercise. Yes, they have money for a nutritionist and a personal trainer, but they also consistently eat the same number of calories everyday, and workout everyday. This helps them stay fit, helps them look healthy, and even helps them keep their skin looking nice and fresh.

There was recently a casting for hand models, and many of us may have looked down at our hands to find scratches, scars, and unkept nails. This is another thing in our control - making sure that from head to toe, we look good for the part we are auditioning for.

It sounds obvious, but in this industry, you are the product, so being the best you is vital.

Maybe it's not as important to maintain your looks, but keeping your mind at ease is sufficient in helping you live a healthy lifestyle, and stay calm and collected when you audition and book those parts.

What do you do to stay healthy, relaxed and at ease, and looking good? Do you whiten your teeth, work out regularly, meditate, do yoga, or even sleep with gloves on to protect your hands? This industry is full of secrets to keep you looking and feeling good, but sometimes it's just as simple as working out, eating right, and doing whatever you need to do to stay grounded and relaxed.

Share your success stories on how you stay on top of looking the best you can and as grounded as you can be.

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Auditions: Into The Woods (McMinnville)

Directed by Seth Renne
Show Runs: September 9 - October 1, 2011

Monday June 20, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Tuesday June 21, 6:00 PM - 10:00 pm

-Auditions will be by appointment only.

-Please prepare 32 bars.
Song must be memorized. Bring sheet music in your own key (music will not be transposed). Accompanist will be provided. Be prepared to sing a second song if requested. No taped or a cappella music.

-Please bring a current non-returnable photo.
-Resume gladly accepted but not required
-Please bring your calendar to list your conflicts.

Open Roles:

WITCH – The witch from all the fairy tales, sarcastic and scary, who then turns beautiful. Mezzo-Soprano, age 25-39
THE BAKER'S WIFE – Smart and determined. Mezzo-Soprano, age 25 - 45
THE BAKER – Harried and insecure, Baritone, age 25 – 45
CINDERELLA – Soprano, age 20 - 30
JACK – Of bean stock fame, Tenor, age 11 - 25
LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD - Soprano (light Mezzo-Soprano), age 14 - 25
NARRATOR* - Intellectual and pleasant, the story teller, Baritone age 20 - 70
JACK'S MOTHER – Browbeating and weary, Mezzo-Soprano, age 40 - 65
RAPUNZEL – Soprano, age 20 - 30
CINDERELLA'S STEPMOTHER - Mezzo-Soprano, Age 30 - 65
FLORINDA - Soprano (Mezzo-Soprano), age 18 - 30
LUCINDA – Soprano, age 18 - 30
CINDERELLA'S PRINCE* – Charming not sincere, Baritone, age 20 - 40
RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE – Baritone, age 20 - 40
WOLF* - Baritone, age 20 - 40

*Role is typically doubled
** We may also cast an actor as Milky White


Reply to: Call beginning May 18, to schedule an appointment time at 503-472-2227

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"The Full Monty": Red Octopus Theatre in Newport is Casting

"The Full Monty": Red Octopus Theatre in Newport is casting for singing and dancing roles in the play.

Auditions for our fall 2011 production
of The Full Monty are coming up
on June 4th and 6th!

The Full Monty
Book by Terrence McNally
Music by David Yazbek
Lyrics by David Yazbek

Director/Choreographer Darcy Hogan*
and Music Director Brad Capshaw
are currently casting for McNally & Yazbek's
hit musical comedy, The Full Monty.

Sat, June 4 at 10am AND Mon, June 6 at 7pm


Callbacks (by invitation only) will follow on June 7th

Auditions will be held at the Newport Performing Arts Center. Please wear something comfortable. Everyone will be asked to read from the script - there is no need to prepare a monologue.

Also, please prepare a short vocal selection - one verse and a chorus of a song of your choice. You may sing a capella or bring your own accompaniment on CD. (While you may sing any song you wish, remember - this is an upbeat, contemporary musical.)

The auditions will be followed by a brief dance audition (a short combination will be taught). Note: Only one role requires a "trained" dancer, so don't panic. There will be nothing complex required - we just want to see if you can move.

Rehearsals begin in August. Performances begin on 11-11-11 and run for three weeks.

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Oregon Children's Theatre: General audition

Oregon Children's Theatre: General auditions for the 2011-12 season. Seeking adults with musical theater experience and children ages 8-18.

Reply to: Visit for more info or Call 503-228-9571 to sign up for a spot.

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Imago Theatre Auditions

New Imago Theatre show: Auditioning non-equity men actors ages 55-70 for a production in spring 2012.

Reply to: Visit or Call 503-231-3959.

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Auditions for Annie Get Your Gun (Lakewood Theatre Company)

Lakewood Theatre Company will be having open auditions on SATURDAY, MAY. 21 and MONDAY, MAY 23, 2011 for the Irving Berlin musical, Annie Get Your Gun.
Seeking: 12 men, ages 20-60 and 9 women, ages 20-50 for the cast. All performers receive remuneration.

Audition Location: Lakewood Theatre Company at Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S. State Street in Lake Oswego.

Materials Needed: Please bring a resume, a current 8X10 glossy photo, and prepare a Broadway /Irving Berlin song in the correct key for your voice (no contemporary, pop, rock, Rent, Andrew Lloyd Webber or Sondheim). An accompanist will be provided. Please, no recorded music or accapella singing. Please note: you may be asked to sing from the score at the audition.

Performance Schedule: Annie Get Your Gun opens Sept. 9, 2011 and continues through October 16, 2011. Performances are Thurs-Sat at 7:30 PM, Sundays at 7:00 PM (Sept. 11, 18, 25), Sunday matinees (Sept. 18, 25 & Oct. 2, 9, 16) and one Wednesday evening performance at 7:30 (date TBA). Lakewood Theatre Company features an intimate 220-seat theatre located at Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S. State Street in Lake Oswego.

About the Play: Annie Get Your Gun, one of America's most beloved musicals, features such Irving Berlin blockbuster numbers as "There's No Business Like Show Business," "They Say That Falling In Love is Wonderful," and "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better." The production has delighted audiences for decades with its romantic musical comedy about show business and the Wild West. The musical features music and lyrics by Irving Berlin and original book by Herbert & Dorothy Fields, with revisions by Peter Stone. The production is directed by Ron Daum. Alan Anderson is assistant director and Alan D. Lytle is musical director.

The Story: Annie Oakley is a poor, but spirited and happy, country girl who lives by her native sharp-shooting skills quickly makes her the star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show where she meets and falls in love with expert rifleman Frank Butler. Unfortunately, the tough, outspoken Annie is not Frank's idea of what a wife should be and the two remain at competitive odds. Then Annie is initiated into an Indian tribe whose Chief, Sitting Bull, gives her advice on how she can she win Frank. Annie does so and the show ends with the exuberant climax "There's No Business Like Show Business."

Role Breakdowns

… Annie Oakley (20s+) a bumpkin, expert unpolished natural sharpshooter, versatile mezzo w/ Big Belt.
… Frank Butler (30+) handsome leading man, romantic high baritone.
… Dolly Tate (30s+) Frank's assistant, a bit coarse and a shopworn clotheshorse Mezzo.
… Charlie Davenport (30s+) harried, Company Manager, tenor.
… Winnie Tate (20s) Dolly's sister singer/dancer 1/2 a knife throwing act.
… Tommy Keeler (20s) 1/2 Indian,1/2 Irish singer/dancer 1/2 a knife throwing act.
… Col. Buffalo Bill (40s+) tall imposing yet very charming, baritone.
… Pawnee Bill/ Mr. Foster Wilson (40s+) small and scrappy.
… Chief Sitting Bull (40s+) large presence, Indian chief.
… Additional roles: 5 men, 5 women (ages 20-30s) singer/dancers. Also needed: 1 character actor and 1 character actress (50s+), both should move and sing.

Auditions: Saturday, May 21 and Monday, May 23, 2011.

Reply to: Call Lakewood Theatre Company at 503-635-3901 to schedule an appointment.

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