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Auditions: Sunday, May 08, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Sunday, May 08, 2011.

Happy Mother's Day to all of those amazing moms out there!

As actors, we may sometimes be asked to pay for specific services that can be viewed as marketing tools, but do these really help us find work? Casting Frontier is a popularly used resource in the Portland area, and while the basic profile is free, the premium profile is a minimal charge of $10/month, but opens up some very valuable resources, including having a demo reel available for visitors. Another widely known resource is IMDB, which is $15.95/month for a professional profile, also allowing a bio, headshots, and a demo reel.

There are other free actor resources out there, including
Actor Access, Actor Hub, Model Mayhem, and the amazing resource mentioned by our visitors, Now Casting, but which are more beneficial to use, and at what stage is it necessary to pay for these resources to move your career forward? What are the online marketing tools you take advantage of, and are the free resources enough for your acting needs?

Let's open the discussion and chat about your thoughts.

As always, if you are a fan of the blog, please share this with actor friends. If you have any feedback for me on how to improve my blog, share this with me so that I may work on improving the blog.



Auditions for the Play, "Is He Dead?"


“IS HE DEAD?” by Mark Twain - Directed by Paul Roder

Audition Dates:
Sat., May 14, 1:00 – 4:00 PM, Beaverton COMMUNITY Center, 12350 SW 5th St.
Sun., May 15, 6:00 – 9:00 PM, Beaverton RESOURCE Center, 12500 SW Allen Blvd.
Rehearsals: will begin around May 17th, and will depend on cast members’ schedules. Some combination of weeknights and weekend afternoons is typical. Not everyone will be required at all rehearsals or times until closer to opening.
Performances: July 16th – Aug. 3rd. NOTE: First performance at Schiffler Park in Beaverton, run continues at Beaverton Library Auditorium, and will end at Camille Park in Beaverton on Wed., Aug. 3.
Cold readings from script only, (no monologues, please). Resume preferred, but not essential. Some form of photo required.

The play is a comedy set in Paris in 1846, and is based on a real person. French accents are not required, but if you have one, please bring it! “Dutchy” must have a German accent. O’Shaughnessy must have an Irish accent.
Roles: 4 women, 7-9 men, (some doubling possible)


Men: JEAN-FRANCOIS MILLET, (Mee-yay), a struggling young painter
BASTIEN ANDRE, picture-dealer and usurer, 40’s or older
AGAMEMNON BUCKNER (known as “CHICAGO”), young artist
HANS VON BISMARCK (known as “DUTCHY”), a pupil of Millet
PHELIM O’SHAUGHNESSY, a pupil of Millet
PAPA LEROUX, father of Marie, Millet’s sweetheart
BASIL THORPE, a rich English merchant, 30’s or older
CLAUDE RIVIERE, a French reporter from “Le Figaro”, (newspaper)
CHARLIE, a man-servant, 25 or older
THE KING OF FRANCE, 30’s or older

Women: MARIE LEROUX, sweetheart of MILLET, 20’s
CECILE LEROUX, sister to MARIE, sweetheart of “CHICAGO”, 20’s
WIDOW DAISY TILLOU (Tee-you), played by the actor playing MILLET
MADAME BATHILDE, friend of Millet and Marie, 40’s or older
MADAME CARON, friend of Millet and Marie, 40’s or older

Reply to: Paul Roder, 503/372-9506,

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Female Model Wanted for Clothing Ads! (NW Portland)

Female model wanted for new small boutique advertising shoot!

TIME FOR PRINT! (this means you walk away with beautiful pictures for your portfolio, but not cash).

We are a high fashion/vintage store so looking for a model with small measurements who can fit into size 0-2 vintage dresses.
Our specifics are: Long hair, waist size no larger than 27", dress size 0-2, age 18 - 35.

Please reply with an email including pictures as well as any modeling experience you have had.

Thank you!

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Actress Needed (Vancouver)

I have created a new sitcom. I need an actress. Age range I am looking for is late 20s to mid 30s.

There will be pizza and sandwiches provided

This will be on going show like the Guild

Need somebody who is available on Sundays

Email me if you need more information

Thank you David

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Seeking producer of Comedy/Theater events (Downtown Portland)

Hamburger Mary’s is seeking a team of theater-trained talent to spearhead our new
Saturday night dinner promotion!

We are looking to entertain our customers every Saturday night from 7:30-10pm.

We will serve them food and drink while YOU entertain and make them laugh!

We’d like your show to be comedy-oriented and broken up into two 60 minute segments.
The break can be used for the entertainers to regroup and for audience down-time which
will stimulate food/drink sales. An ideal performance group can offer improv/sketch comedy
along with a hint of campy cabaret. Audience interaction is key! We’d love to hear your
ideas and brainstorm a concept that will provide something unique to our community.
We have a strong marketing department to help you with naming and branding the event.

The host will be someone who is self-motivated and committed to putting this event ‘on the map’
in our community. The ideal individual will have an interest in cross-promoting other projects
and using Hamburger Mary’s as an avenue for exposure. Our budget allows for the host to
be paid a modest wage weekly (to be negotiated) plus free food/drink up to a pre-determined
amount. In addition, Hamburger Mary’s encourages you to announce your upcoming projects
during the show, put up posters and pass out flyers in the restaurant and help you sell tickets to
any other event you are involved in. We have a large, loyal following. We will also offer
cross-promotion on our website, social networks, email list and text messaging campaigns.

Please reply with your contact info as well as an introduction highlighting your experience
and vision for helping us make this night happen!

Email only, no phone calls please.

~Mira Johnson
Promotions director

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Portland Playhouse Auditions

For actors who did not attend PATA's:
Portland Playhouse is holding GENERAL AUDITIONS on May 14th 12:30 - 5:30.

4 African American/Latino men, 20's - 40's
4 African American/Latino women 20's - 50's

Lewis, Roy, Prior, Angel, Joe

Reply to: Submit headshot and resume to: if you are interested in scheduling an audition.
Please list Union Affiliation and state whether or not you attended the PATA AUDITIONS this year.

Source: PDX Backstage