Friday, May 13, 2011

Auditions: Friday, May 13, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Friday, May 13, 2011.

Sorry for not posting sooner - blogger was down all day. Here are our auditions for the day, and let's get back to our topic of discussion that seems to be getting some good feedback from the chat box!

So, you have successfully marketed yourself online, and those auditions are starting to fly in. You arrive at the audition, confident, looking good, and prepared to present yourself and any prepared materials before the casting director. You proudly hand over your beautifully printed headshot with your neatly formatted resume on the back, giving a smile to those in the room. Then, you hear those terrifying words, "Wow, that's you??"

Maybe you waited too long to get new headshots. Maybe your makeup artist did your makeup differently than you normally wear it for auditions. Maybe your hair color or style has changed too much. I know someone who had a perm for a year, and then stopped wearing her hair curly, and her hair looked dramatically different when she wore it straight. I knew someone who wore her hair blonde, and then decided to go back to her natural dark brown, which dramatically changed her look. Use your best judgment. Whatever the case may be, your headshot must look enough like you in your current state, and must reflect the essence of your personality. As outlined in Lana Veenker's Tools 4 Actors newsletters, casting directors hate surprises. Not only will you waste a casting director's time, but you may anger agents and casting directors to the point where they will remember you from that experience and not call you in again. Many actors even have a variety of headshots to use for a variety of roles - theatrical, commercial, and film.

How do you determine whether you loo like your headshot? How do you know when it is time for new headshots? Do you use different headshots for different types of roles? Who took your headshots, and who would you recommend to others?

Let's open the discussion and chat about your thoughts with your headshots, which as an actor are your number one marketing tool before you step in the door for that audition.

As always, if you are a fan of the blog, please share this with actor friends. If you have any feedback for me on how to improve my blog, share this with me so that I may work on improving the blog.



Actress, Brunette, mid-20's/early-30's, Needed for Bad Girl Role (Portland)

This is for a fun scene in a local indie web series. The character thinks she is the leader of a trio of women recruited by a villain for a "job." This isn't a big action scene with big stunts. It will be fun. No budget for pay at this time, however. If interested, please send resume/photos. Thanks.

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Compensation: no pay

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Co-host/producer for sports webcast (Portland)

Pacific Football Weekly, a live webcast that focuses on minor league football, is seeking a female cast member to serve as a sideline reporter for games and also as producer of the live webcast on Monday nights. Must be available for one game per week, Saturday, and the Monday webcast at Blitz Pearl in NW Portland.
Previous experience not required, but knowledge of football is helpful and on camera personality is a must. No pay involved to start, but income potential exists, as does involvement in other webcast-powered shows that offer payment.
Outstanding opportunity to gain on-camera experience, as well as have a great time with a very passionate audience that includes teams throughout Oregon and Washington. You'll have fans immediately.
Please direct resume as well as brief cover letter explaining why you'd be a good sideline reporter to Cliff Pfenning, Editor,, or visit us during a casting call Monday, 7-8 p.m. upstairs at Blitz Pearl, across street from downtown Powell's.

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Seeking Program Manager

Ethos Music Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of music and music-based education for youth in underserved communities. Founded in 1998, Ethos brings music education back to several thousand students every year. Please see for more information.

Ethos is currently seeking a Program Manager to coordinate Ethos’ programming at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (IFCC). This position is full time (45+ hours/week) and includes fully paid health and dental benefits after 3 months. Ethos is an equal opportunity employer, and we very much encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply.


The Ethos at IFCC Program Manager reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Ethos’ programming at IFCC. This position requires someone who is very organized, efficient, entrepreneurial, and detail-oriented. This person will be very professional and cordial in working with other entities using the building, but will always look out for Ethos’ best interests.

Ethos at IFCC provides affordable arts programming for the North Portland community that reflects the diversity of the community constituents. Through partnerships with a variety of local arts and theater organizations, Ethos at IFCC offers classes for low-income kids that span a wide range of art disciplines such as ballet, African drumming, Hip-Hop fundamentals, Capoeira, and more. In addition, Ethos at IFCC hosts interactive music assemblies for local schools. Performances are theme-based and incorporate diverse forms of music including Samba, Blues, Son Jarocho, etc. Ethos also offers affordable space rental of the equity-approved 99-seat theater to support emerging and mid-career performers, artists, and playwrights.

Founded in 1982 under the guidance of Portland Parks Commissioner, Charles Jordan, the IFCC has served as a cultural landmark for showcasing diverse arts programming from around the world. Ethos was selected in 2010 to operate IFCC based on the organization’s commitment to upholding this mission by providing affordable music, theater, and dance classes for low-income students, as well as continuing to provide a venue for underrepresented artists, performers, and theater companies. A few of Ethos’ partners include Hand2Mouth Theater, Thara Memory and Renee Mitchell, Oregon Children’s Theater, and more. All class prices at IFCC are based on a sliding scale to ensure that low-income students have access to the same arts programming available to their higher income peers. In addition, school music assemblies hosted at IFCC promote cultural awareness and appreciation among school-age children through showcasing diverse musical performances and workshops. To ensure that Ethos at IFCC remains a community focused venue, Ethos has created an advisory committee responsible for developing responsive programming. This advisory panel meets quarterly and is comprised of community members of North and Northeast Portland, former IFCC constituents, community arts leaders, and other content specialists.


Full Time (45+ hours per week), Monday – Friday, some evenings and weekends


Ethos at IFCC General Management
- Coordinate master schedule for IFCC Building
- Supervise IFCC Employees including House Manager and front desk staff
- Determine weekly staff schedules
- Serve as liaison for City of Portland’s property manager and maintenance team
- Maintain attendance data and create quarterly program reports
- Conduct light cleaning as necessary
- Ensure that the building and equipment are secure

- Hire and supervise Ethos at IFCC instructors
- Coordinate class and lesson schedules with Ethos’ Admissions Department
- Coordinate payroll with Director of Operations for activities taking place in the building
- Develop new programming for dance, visual art and writing, and/or recruit community partners to conduct after school classes
- Manage Ethos’ recitals and performances in the theater
- Coordinate theater rentals and contracts – both one-time events and month long residencies with a variety of theater companies and arts/community organizations.
- Facilitate ticket sales (post on website and organize will call list for each performance)
- Lead Community Advisory Panel
- Develop long-term vision for artist in residency program


3+ years program coordination or similar administrative experience.
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
Dedication to increasing students’ access to music education and enthusiastic about arts administration.
Self-motivation and ability to manage and prioritize multiple types of tasks.
Excellent communication and organizational skills.
Strong attention to detail.
Experience with MS Office applications, especially Word and Excel and facility with internet research.
Ability to pass a strict FBI/Portland Public Schools fingerprinting/criminal background check.
Willingness to make at least a one year commitment to the position.

Experience teaching group classes to children/youth.
Experience with arts administration.
Experience as a musician or other performing artist.
Fluency in Spanish, Vietnamese, or other language spoken by immigrant communities in Portland.

$24,000 to $32,000 per year (depending on experience), plus 100% paid health and dental benefits.

Mail or email a cover letter, resume, and three work references by Monday, May 23rd, to:

Ethos at IFCC Recruitment Team
2 N Killingsworth St
Portland, OR 97217
Please do not email attachments — cut and paste info into email message. Attachments will not be opened.

No phone calls or hand delivered resumes please.
Ethos at IFCC is a partnership between Ethos, Inc. and Portland Parks and Recreation.

Reply to: Mail or email a cover letter, resume, and three work references by Monday, May 23rd, to:

Ethos at IFCC Recruitment Team
2 N Killingsworth St
Portland, OR 97217
Please do not email attachments — cut and paste info into email message. Attachments will not be opened.

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We are planning to hold small group auditions this Saturday at 3:00, @ the cafe in the Barnes & Noble @ the Lloyd Center Mall. This is not for sure unless we get responses so if you would like to attend, please email us ASAP. Here is some info on the project:


LOGLINE: When a con artist plans a gps chip in a random teen's cellphone, the high school senior is suddenly called up by an arms dealer claiming he owes 60,000 dollars by sunset.


SAM E. PIERCE- The teen with the cellular phone. Lots of dialogue, lots of scenes.

DESTINY ARIAS- Sam's best friend. A lot of scenes.

FELIX PIERCE- Sam's younger brother. Quiet. A couple scenes.

SONYA SIMMONS- A girl in her 20s or 30s, she is an ex burlesque/exotic dancer, however now rich. She does well but has past connections with the weapons dealer and scam artist. Thats why Sam is forced to hold her at gunpoint and rob her of $60,000 dollars- the dealer thinks it's funny.

DETECTIVE JORDAN JONES- Sonya Simmons called the police, but this detective took the case instead. He has a lot of work to do in solving this puzzling case.

STAN- The man who Frank hires to transfer a GPS chip and information to another, random phone.

AVERY HONOR- A senior in high school, she is Sam's love interest. She has second thoughts when she thinks Sam is fooling around with DESTINY, her best friend, although Avery and Sam weren't dating in the first place. She is around when Sam recieves the mysterious phone call and from then on, is stuck and confused.

JAMES OSEWELL-A senior in high school, JAMES is one of Sam's best friends. He is known for his ridiculously long middle name, Leonconhato and his prized sombrero given to him by his grandfather. He's also obsessed with pulling the fire alarm before high school is over.

HAROLD HARRISON-A senior in high school, HAROLD is another friends of Sam's. He is known for wearing headphones all the time which gives him a nickname, Headphone Harold. He throws the after party of prom.

GERALD JIVES- A senior in high school and friend of Sam's.

RICK- The man who sold Sam the mysterious suitcase. He has a history with the weapons dealer, owning the nickname Rip-Off Rick.

TEACHER-The teacher who lectures the students in school. Male or Female.

SNIPER #1- The sniper sent by the dealer to dispose of Frank.

SNIPER #2- Another sniper sent by the dealer. He is a bit more dim than the first.

ATTENDANT- The person who takes the police call and sends Detective Jones. May be a voice over role only, but undecided.


SYNOPSIS: The Tracking Game' is a Portland based independent film presented by Lucky Leaf Pictures and Reehl Charisma Pictures. It is loosly based off a youtube series called 'Suitcase Sam', which is also available to watch on facebook. Set to shoot late 2010 or early-mid 2011, the movie is a psychological-suspense-thriller about a teenager wrongly accused of ripping a weapons dealer off. Everything happens in a secluded Portland neighborhood. A weapons dealer installs a GPS tracking chip into a scam artist's cellphone so that the scam artist can't leave town. Since the scam artist; FRANKIE, betrayed the weapons dealer; STEVEN VAUGHN, by basically stealing weapons and selling them, VAUGHN is asking for a $30,000 dollar pay-up. FRANKIE in turn hires a friend, STAN, to transfer the chip into someone else's cellphone, which is too risky for FRANKIE to do himself. The random cellphone happens to be that of high school senior SAM E. PIERCE, while passed out drunk with friend DESTINY ARIAS. When VAUGHN calls for FRANKIE, he doesn't get FRANKIE. He gets SAM, and won't take an "I'm not Frankie" for an answer. Not long after, the teen is faced with a forcefull order to hold a rich girl named SONYA SIMMONS at gunpoint, and eventually, even hurt his friends and high school crush- AVERY HONOR. SAM is innocent, but that doesn't matter on the other end of the phone line.

This film is on an EXTREMELY low budget so we cannot offer pay right away, however we plan to submit the film to festivals and the premier will be fun. We will also try and provide food on set. Thank you for your interest in our film, and please email us with what role(s) you would like to be considered for and if this Saturday at 3 works. Thank you!

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Casting Call for Parenting Program (Eugene, OR)

IRIS Educational Media, a Eugene-based media production company, is casting for its next production. Auditions will be held on Tuesday, May 17th.

This June we will be shooting an educational parenting program for the National Guard. This program addresses stress management and effective parenting techniques for families with a parent who has been deployed with the National Guard, and we have a number of roles to cast. They are:

African-American Family:
Mother, Father, 2 children

Hispanic/Latino Family:
Mother, Father, 1-2 children

Caucasian Family:
Father, 1-2 Caucasian Children

We are looking for adults in their early 20s-late 30s, and children between the ages of 6-12. We will shoot from June 13th-27th in Eugene and each actor will be needed for 2-3 full days during that time.

Auditions will be held on Tuesday, May 17th from 3:00-7:00 pm at our downtown office in Eugene. If you fit one of the above descriptions and are interested in auditioning please respond with your headshot and resume. For actors who do not live in or near Eugene, we will consider a demo reel in lieu of a live audition.

If you would like to see examples of the programs we create, check out our website:

Vangie LaRoque
Casting Director
IRIS Educational Media

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