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Auditions: Monday, May 23, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Monday, May 23, 2011.

There are so many different techniques that actors can utilize to achieve a solid performance. Many local teachers focus on different styles, and some may work perfectly, while others just aren't for you. Whether it's Stanislavsky, Viewpoints, Meisner, or just being you, there is a reason so many people rely on these techniques when focusing on training and improving your acting abilities.

What are some of the techniques you have used in your training, and what have you actually applied when working on set? What works for you, and what doesn't? Sometimes, depending on the role, being a method actor is the best way for me to get a true, honest performance, while others may laugh at method actors and think it's unnecessary to go that far to get a good performance.

Whatever works for you is what you should stick with, but it's always interesting to learn about other actor's techniques, and what your process is to achieve that perfect, natural performance.

Share with us what your process is and what techniques work best for you. Which teachers have you been drawn to that have helped you get that solid performance. Do you use different techniques for different character types? Is your process for film the same as it would be when preparing to perform on stage?

Let's get this week's topic of discussion going

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Short Film Needs MAKE-UP ARTIST! 2 day shoot! (Portland)

Short film shooting June 4-5 needs a make-up artist, basic make-up, nothing too involved, but will possibly need body make-up for a couple scenes.
Filming June 4: 12noon-10pm
June 5: 10am- 2pm

Director: Ian Fowler

Please email me asap!
Thank you very much!

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Sitcom needs TWINKS as guest stars! (1125 Sw Stark St, Portland)

New sitcom, "TWINKS" has only 4 days left of filming for Season 1, come be a part of our show! 21+ only!

Comedy, filmed at Scandal's, we need extra's/guest stars who look like actual Twinks.....young, age 21'ish, lanky, thin, adorable....full of themselves! If this is you then I need you on set next week!

Monday May 23rd, 1pm-5pm
Tuesday May 24th, Wed May 25th, Thursday May 26th: 12noon- 4pm

1125 Sw Stark St, Portland OR
Rapid Fire Productions

Thank you very much!

screen credit as guest star!

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Casting actors for an indie drama

I’m directing a short feature, a character piece or drama, that is to be produced as a diy effort. I’m looking for actors (experience is not required) interested in taking on roles in the film, described as follows:

A woman, who has just moved in along with her boyfriend, stops by to introduce herself to the couple next door. But their visit is cut short when he interrupts them. As they continue to see each other, the couple becomes concerned about the neighbors’ troubled relationship. They find out later that the woman’s sister has killed herself, leaving them to question why.

I see the characters as having these features: the two couples are both in their mid to late 20s, the neighbor woman the youngest.

I have other stuff to be produced. For more information and details about other projects, visit

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need newborn baby (June birth?) for feature film 1 scene (PDX/Vanc area)

Shooting a scene for a family dramedy feature film - will be in Late July or Mid-August. Will need a quick insert shot of a baby being held by an actress playing the mom- would like one month old or so but can fudge the age if need be. The baby is supposed to be a girl in the film. The shoot will be very fast -we would need to have you dress your baby in the outfit we provide -- typical cute pink baby clothes-- then we can get the shot pretty quick, then let you change your baby back into his/her clothing and we will be using a doll for the wide shots. The film is PG-13. Your baby would receive a credit in the film and your family will receive a finished DVD copy plus photos as a keepsake. We are low-budget, however we may be able to provide a gift or some other token of appreciation.

Please email your info and please ask all the questions you want. We can send all sorts of information to prove we are a legit film including the whole script for approval. Just not wanting to put it all out here on craigslist as we are keeping under the radar for this production.

Thank you!

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Seeking artists of all mediums for an art showcase in Portland in June (Portland)

Seeking artists of all mediums for an art showcase in Portland:

-Visual Artists
-Performing Arts
-Fashion Designers
-Hair & Makeup Artists

If you are interested, please send a link to your portfolio or examples of your work.


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Performers Needed (Portland, Oregon) **Correction**

Have you signed up for a spot to perform?

Lunacy Stageworks presents The 2011 Annual Open Mic Night

All it takes is a stage and a microphone.
Just like that, for the next fifteen minutes
you're free.

So, what do you do?
Act. Sing. Dance. Juggle. Read a poem. Tell a story.

The point of Lunacy's Open Mic is to facilitate an intersection of talent where the undiscovered genius of the everyday artist can shine across from the skill of local professionals. Whether you're a seasoned patron of Open Mics or a first-timer, we want you to discover the creative life that brims from this city.
We want you to discover your own.

Interested in practicing your audition pieces? Come perform a monologue, and take the opportunity to showcase your talents to Lunacy Stageworks.

Got a short piece you want to perform before an audience?
This is your chance.

We're talking to you, too.

Not sure if being on stage is for you? Sit back and enjoy the show. And, don't worry: if genius strikes you suddenly, you can always add your name to the list during the evening.

Saturday, June 11 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Sellwood Masonic Lodge, 7126 SE Milwaukie Ave

To sign up for a spot to perform, feel free to reply to this ad!

For more information about Lunacy Stageworks, visit

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