Thursday, May 19, 2011

Auditions: Thursday, May 19, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Thursday, May 19, 2011.

This week's topic of discussion is a very challenging one. It is not easy to be confident about yourself. We work hard and feel talented, but then don't book that job. We eat healthy and exercise, but walk on set and stand next to a muscle man or a size 2 model. Something can shake you that quickly.

The main thing we must remember is to stay grounded, and have that inner happiness. Thank you, Amy, for your support and encouragement to others in the chat box. Having a strong support system, and encouragement from those around you is so important, so I am happy that this blog is allowing people to get support from one another.

Now, back to the topic of the week. As many of us already know, this industry can be very competitive. While you may go into an audition and nail it, you may learn later that they were looking for an actor with blonde hair and blue eyes, as opposed to the gorgeous red hair and dark eyes you were born with.

There are things in this industry that are out of our control when it comes to casting. The things that are in our control are those we should be working on and bettering to ensure we can better our chances of getting cast. The obvious traits in our control are talent, and we have discussed the importance of continuing to take classes and train. The not-so-obvious things in our control focus in on looks.

Many will tell you that maintaining healthy eating habits and a healthy figure are part of the job. In a recent news article, a variety of celebrities were interviewed for tips and advice on how they maintain their killer bods, and it came down to two simple things: nutrition and exercise. Yes, they have money for a nutritionist and a personal trainer, but they also consistently eat the same number of calories everyday, and workout everyday. This helps them stay fit, helps them look healthy, and even helps them keep their skin looking nice and fresh.

There was recently a casting for hand models, and many of us may have looked down at our hands to find scratches, scars, and unkept nails. This is another thing in our control - making sure that from head to toe, we look good for the part we are auditioning for.

It sounds obvious, but in this industry, you are the product, so being the best you is vital.

Maybe it's not as important to maintain your looks, but keeping your mind at ease is sufficient in helping you live a healthy lifestyle, and stay calm and collected when you audition and book those parts.

What do you do to stay healthy, relaxed and at ease, and looking good? Do you whiten your teeth, work out regularly, meditate, do yoga, or even sleep with gloves on to protect your hands? This industry is full of secrets to keep you looking and feeling good, but sometimes it's just as simple as working out, eating right, and doing whatever you need to do to stay grounded and relaxed.

Share your success stories on how you stay on top of looking the best you can and as grounded as you can be.

As always, if you are a fan of the blog, please share this with actor friends. If you have any feedback for me on how to improve my blog, share this with me so that I may work on improving the blog.



Extras for Leverage


EXTRAS ONLY, Portland Casting Company that is currently casting all the background, featured extra, stand-in and photo double casting for the popular, action packed TNT drama “Leverage” and is looking for more people who want to work as extras on the hit TV show. Those who are members of Extras Only do not need to re-apply.

Casting Director, Danny Stoltz, says the casting company is looking for ETHNIC MEN & WOMEN 20-70 years old and especially needs MEN who are business types and are MIDDLE EASTERN, INDIAN, ASIAN, HISPANIC or AFRICAN AMERICAN . “Those cast as extras earn minimum wage but are guaranteed at least 8 hours of pay plus overtime. Working as an extra can be an adventurous and exciting experience, a great way to meet new people, learn first hand about the behind the scenes of show business and make extra money while doing it! Filming for these scenes will be June 2-10 (no weekends) Exact dates TBD.”

SAT MAY 21: 1pm-4pm or MON MAY 23: 4pm-7pm
635 NW 16th Ave, Suite A | NW Portland

Can’t Attend?

About Leverage: Season 4 of TNT’s thrilling, action packed hit TV series, “LEVERAGE”, stars Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton, and is a drama about a team of thieves, hackers and grifters who act as modern-day Robin Hoods, taking revenge against those who use power and wealth to victimize others. The series is produced by Dean Devlin (“Independence Day,” TNT’s “The Librarian”), John Rogers (“The Cosby Show”)
and Chris Downey (“The King of Queens”).

About EXTRAS ONLY: Founded by casting director Danny Stoltz in 1994, EXTRAS ONLY is Oregon’s largest, longest running and most accredited full service extras casting company, responsible for some of the biggest, most popular casting calls in the Northwest for national commercials, hit reality shows, and big studio feature films. Partial credits include: Twilight, Extraordinary Measures, Feast of Love, Elephant, What The Bleep Do We Know, The Ring, The Ring II, The Hunted, Foxfire.

Reply to: Attend Casting outlined above, or apply online as instructed above

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"Sylvia" auditions (Vancouver)

Serendipity Players, a new community theater company in Vancouver, WA is holding auditions for our inaugural show, the comedy "Sylvia". Open auditions will be held at Pyramid Cafe in the mezzanine, 603 Main Street in Vancouver on June 4th and 5th at 11AM each day. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Head shots and resumes are welcome but not required.

The following roles are available:

Sylvia- F, 20-40
Greg- M, 35-50
Kate, F, 35-50
Leslie- F, 30-50
Tom- M, 30-50
Phyllis- F, 35-50

Please DO NOT contact Pyramid Cafe - For more information, call Tony Broom at 971-563-3661 or email.

Serendipity Players is committed to diversity in all our casting decisions. We plan to pay the cast and crew a small stipend once the play expenses are met.

Compensation: We plan to pay the cast and crew a small stipend once the play expenses are met.

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Amateur Comedy Competiton (Eugene)

We are getting ready to kick off the $500.00 Grand Prize 1st Annual Brickwall Amateur Comedy Competition after Memorial Day and we're looking for AMATEUR comedians to participate. All the information is at or call us at 541-912-0680

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Female Models Studio Photoshoot (SE)

I'm a professional photographer seeking female models to shoot with in the studio space I have for another week. Wood floor, brick, and white walls with south-facing windows: I'm doing artistic black and whites, minimal props. Wardrobe is open, looking for slacks/jeans with button down tops, business attire, and/or long dresses, solid colors. Open to other possibilities.

Potential for paid work in the future, but this session is unpaid. I will provide you with a CD of photos for your portfolio.

Beginners welcome.

You can review links to my work, modeled and other at:

Please reply with a basic photo if you're interested.

Because CL is land of the creepers, I'm happy to meet you for coffee prior to shooting to talk about the work.



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