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So, you have successfully marketed yourself online, and those auditions are starting to fly in. You arrive at the auditions, confident, looking good, and prepared to present your audition piece before the casting director. You proudly hand over your beautifully printed headshot with your neatly formatted resume on the back, giving a smile to those in the room. Then, you hear those terrifying words, "Wow, that's you?"

Maybe you waited too long to get new headshots. Maybe your hair color or style has changed too much. Maybe your makeup artist did your makeup differently than you normally wear it for auditions. Whatever the case may be, your headshot must look like you in your current state, and must reflect the essence of your personality. As outlined in Lana Veenker's Tools 4 Actors newsletters, casting directors hate surprises. Not only will you waste a casting director's time, but you may anger agents and casting directors to the point where they will remember you from that experience and not call you in again. Many actors even have a variety of headshots to use for a variety of roles - theatrical, commercial, and film.

How do you determine whether you loo like your headshot? How do you know when it is time for new headshots? Do you use different headshots for different types of roles? Who took your headshots, and who would you recommend to others?

Let's open the discussion and chat about your thoughts with your headshots, which as an actor are your number one marketing tool before you step in the door for that audition.

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Actor, 30s-40s & Actress, 20s-30s needed (Washington)


A modern sci-fi western. Trapped together in a camouflaged desert facility, a synthetic human (Synth) and a sovereign frontier woman (Noro) must band together to survive a deadly posse in pursuit. With time running out, Synth creates a mirage -- a surreal projection of his own memories -- to disorient the posse and to afford them one last shot at escape.


Rehearsals – As needed
Shooting – May 14, 17, 18, 2011
All actors available 2 days post-production for ADR/pickups
Shooting in Satsop & Quincy, WA - transportation and accommodations provided if needed
If interested please submit headshot and resume. Callbacks are scheduled for Tuesday, May 10.


SYNTH, male, 30’s - early 40’s
A synthetic human designed for adaptive labor. An anomaly, he has slowly evolved to be capable of independent reasoning, moral judgement, and formulating meaningful relationships, among others. Designed never to harm another human, yet is caught in a dilemma with no clear answer. Direct, observant, hard-working, self-sacrificing, a listener. In a word - Noble.

*Stage combat experience, English as a second language strongly encouraged to apply.

NORO, female, mid 20’s - mid 30’s
She carries an underlying shadow of wealth, elegance and class - yet at her core is a modern frontier survivalist. She is confident, strong, determined, self-aware and self-interested. Extremely athletic and adaptable, able to hold her own in a harsh, male-dominant culture. Not afraid to do what is necessary.

*Adventurous, not afraid to get your hands dirty, stage combat / tumbling / gymnastics experience a plus. Actors with English as your second language strongly encouraged to apply.

Tommy Oliver, Producer

Compensation: $50/day

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