Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Auditions: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2011.

There are so many different techniques that actors can utilize to achieve a solid performance. Many local teachers focus on different styles, and some may work perfectly, while others just aren't for you. Whether it's Stanislavsky, Viewpoints, Meisner, or just being you, there is a reason so many people rely on these techniques when focusing on training and improving your acting abilities.

What are some of the techniques you have used in your training, and what have you actually applied when working on set? What works for you, and what doesn't? Sometimes, depending on the role, being a method actor is the best way for me to get a true, honest performance, while others may laugh at method actors and think it's unnecessary to go that far to get a good performance.

Whatever works for you is what you should stick with, but it's always interesting to learn about other actor's techniques, and what your process is to achieve that perfect, natural performance.

Share with us what your process is and what techniques work best for you. Which teachers have you been drawn to that have helped you get that solid performance. Do you use different techniques for different character types? Is your process for film the same as it would be when preparing to perform on stage?

Let's get this week's topic of discussion going

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Eugene Auditions for Video

IRIS Educational Media is casting for its next production. We will be holding a second round of auditions this Thursday, May 26th.

In June, we will be shooting an educational parenting program for National Guard families. This program addresses stress management and effective parenting techniques for families with a parent in the National Guard, and we have several roles still to be cast. They are:

African American Woman (late 20s-late 30s)
African American Kids (male or female ages 6-12)

Hispanic Man (mid 30s-mid 40s)
Hispanic Woman (mid 30s-mid 40s)
Hispanic Kids (male or female ages 6-12)

Caucasian Man (40s)
Caucasian Woman (40s)

Actors should be fairly clean-cut (i.e. no dredlocks or visible tattoos). We will shoot from June 13th-27th on weekdays, and each actor will be needed for 2-3 full days during that time.

Auditions will be held on Thursday, May 26th from 3:30-7:00 pm at our downtown office. If you are interested in auditioning please respond with a headshot. Or, if you are interested in the project but can't come down to Eugene to audition, you are welcome to send me your demo reel or tape an audition in lieu of in-person auditions.

To see examples of other programs we create, check out our website: www.irised.com

Reply to: gigs-ygaqg-2398110164@craigslist.org

Compensation: $150-$200 per day

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Extras needed for DIY feature (Portland)


We are looking for a few Extras for a handful of scenes taking place at various times over Thursday, Friday and either Monday the 30th (Memorial Day), or Tuesday the 31st. Thursday and Friday are roughly 7:30-10 AM, and Monday (or Tuesday) would be 4:30-7:30 PM. Thursday is in the Mississippi District, and Friday and Monday/Tuesday are NW near downtown. If you are interested, please send an email with the heading "Extras Casting", and include your contact info, a couple recent photos, your shirt size, and which of these days you can work. You won't be required to be at all, but if you can be that's a bonus. We are offering $25 per day, plus parking/public transportation reimbursement, plus coffee, and an invitation to our wrap party, and a copy of the DVD and soundtrack.


Reply to: gigs-cey5t-2397916727@craigslist.org

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Seeking Korean and Japanese Actors (PDX)

Independent award winning producer casting a feature film to be shot in Portland, Oregon.

Seeking Korean (40 - 55) male actor who can speak Korean, English and Japanese.
Seeking Japanese (55 -65) male actor who can speak Japanese and English.

Please email if you fit with-in the specifics we are looking for.

Production is temporarily slated for August 2011 -

This job is listed as no pay.

Reply to: gigs-zgtvg-2397835274@craigslist.org

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simon max hill casting is seeking extras and actors to fill a spot in a TV commercial for a National Clothing Brand.

No experience necessary, no lines to speak for extras.

Principal: $800/day
Extra: $150/day

Look we need:

Male, 30's to 50's
Weathered, toughened, working class.
Manly, masculine faces -- handsome is ok, but not a prerequisite.
Mixture of body types, bodies of guys who work.
Long hair, Facial hair, seams in cheeks, wrinkles are a plus
No ethnic preference

Shoot Date: Friday June 3rd or Saturday June 4th, 2011
Shoot Location: PDX, TBA

We will be holding auditions on Wednesday May 25th, 2011
Auditions will take 30-60 minutes.

Information about simon max hill casting can be found at smhcasting.com or on the ompa.org web site.

Reply to: Interested parties should submit a recent photograph and their name/contact information at the link below.

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