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Auditions: Monday, May 30, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Monday, May 30, 2011.

This week's topic of discussion is quick and simple. What
sets Portland apart from other cities? How do you think the Portland film and acting community is different from LA, Seattle, New York, and Chicago?

Give some feedback in the chat box on what you think makes Portland unique.

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Audition notice - SYLVIA (Vancouver)

Serendipity Players, a new community theater company in Vancouver, WA is holding auditions for our inaugural show, the comedy "Sylvia". Open auditions will be held at Pyramid Cafe in the mezzanine, 603 Main Street in Vancouver on June 4th and 5th at 11AM each day. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Head shots and resumes are welcome but not required.

The following roles are available:

Sylvia- F, 20-40
Greg- M, 35-50
Kate, F, 35-50
Leslie- F, 30-50
Tom- M, 30-50
Phyllis- F, 35-50

Please DO NOT contact Pyramid Cafe - For more information, call Tony Broom at 971-563-3661 or email.

Serendipity Players is committed to diversity in all our casting decisions. We plan to pay the cast and crew a small stipend once the play expenses are met.

Sylvia- a stray dog that Greg brings home, full of energy, many moods
Greg- not in a mid-life "crisis," but in a transition
Kate- Greg's wife, bewildered at the changes going on, jealous of Sylvia
Tom- a "character" at the dog park, full of advice, this role may be played
by a woman
Phyllis- an old friend of Kate's with a tendency to mangle the language
Leslie- Kate and Greg's unorthodox marriage counselor

Sylvia, Greg and Kate are the lead roles; Tom, Phyllis and Leslie are
supporting roles.

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A couple weeks ago we held auditions for our film, 'The Tracking Game'. Many roles have been cast, but there are still a few yet to be. This is a very low budget film, but with high expectations. We plan to take this to many festivals and premiere it right here in Portland. This is a psychological thriller about a high school senior who gets his cell phone number mixed up with a con artists'.


SAM ELLIOT PIERCE- Lead role. Many lines. Senior in high school. He is stuck on his cell phone, trying to reason with an arms dealer gunning for a 60,000 dollar pay-up.

STAN- 30s or 40s. Plants a GPS chip in SAM's cell phone. Uses sleep darts to knock him and his friend out. A few scenes.

RICK- 20s, 30s or 40s. Sells Sam a suitcase for 15 bucks, which he claims to have marijuana in it. Whats really in the suitcase, however...well, you'll just have to find out at the end.

SNIPER #2- Any age, over 21 preferred. Scene at end of movie. He is very dimwitted, and is hired to assassinate Sam. Think Looney Toons, the big fat mobster guy who goes "Duhhhhh.....Yes boss. Right away, boss. Duhhhhhh......okey dokey." Or something like that. Mugsey, I think might have been his name? Or Rocky.

-We need all sorts of extras of all ages. There are high school scenes, party scenes, that we would like to have depth to it. The more the merrier.

Again, no pay due to an extremely low budget. If the movie brings in revenue, we can for sure work something out...

Thanks for your interest, and please respond ASAP as we would like to shoot in July. At least get started by then.

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Auditions for Melodrama (Clark County/Vancouver)

The Vancouver Community Theater is looking for 3 women 21-25 years of age, to play sisters in "Train To Danger", a fun Melodrama. Shows are Sept 23, 24, 30, and Oct 1st at 7pm, with Saturday matinees also, at 2pm.

If you are interested, please contact Joyce at 360-892-4292.

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