Friday, January 14, 2011

Auditions: Friday, January 14, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Friday, January 14, 2011.

Today's post includes lots of work in the Seattle Area, but don't forget to check out yesterday's post, which was filled with lots of great opportunities in Portland.

I wanted to give a special thank you to Lauren Gates for sharing her success stories and inspiring all of us to go out there and book those jobs! We are so proud of you, Lauren, and congratulations on all of your bookings! It can be so hard to be non-union and book paid work, so this is a challenge many of us face in this acting community. Congratulations, Lauren!

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Local Batman Web-Series

A local Batman web-series is casting for many various characters. We have a handful of larger/recurring roles available, a few voice over roles, and TONS of available positions for Extras.

This is an non-profit all volunteer web-series. All actors will be credited for their work.

To see a more detailed list of the available roles, and to apply, head over to:

Reply to: Visit to learn more about the available roles

Source: Submitted by We Are Gotham City Casting


SAG Feature Film (Woman 25-45, Man 20-22, Boy 4-7) (Portland)

Project type Feature Film
Union status SAG Modified Low Budget
Audition dates January 17, 2011
Callback dates January 20, 2011-January 21, 2011
Shoot dates January 21, 2011-January 30, 2011
Casting director: Bruce Hostetler / Hostetler Casting

ROLE #1: Moderator

Female / African American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Multi-Ethnic, Native American, East Indian, Pacific Islander, Ambiguous / Age 25-45

QUINTESSENTIALLY PORTLAND. Laid back, professional, intelligent but quirky. Attractive but not a pretty talking head. She is leading a literary discussion on religion at Powell's Books in Portland

ROLE #2: Boy in Market

Male / Asian / Age 4-7

Young boy with his mom who is entranced by a bear selling balloons. We are looking for a mom as well (no lines - $50/Day Rate) so a Mom-Son combo would be wonderful. Bright, photogenic.

ROLE #3:Student on Bike

Male / African American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Multi-Ethnic, Native American, East Indian, Pacific Islander, Ambiguous / Age 20-22

Typical Reed College student. Rides by (must be able to ride a standard bicycle) and delivers one line. Probably an upperclassman. Not a "jock"

Reply to: Bruce Hostetler @ Hostetler Casting

Source: Craigslist


Actress Needed (Vancouver/PDX)

Actress needed for an ongoing web series. Several spots for females 20-40 years old. Shooting days and times are flexible. $25/hr

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Source: Craigslist


**Seattle Area**

Looking for two actors for short film in seattle area

Looking for two male actors (one adult, one child) for a short film
produced by the Seattle Central Community College Film and Video
program. Adult actor should look blue collar in late 40s/early 50s.
Child should look no more than 11 years old.

Great opportunity to get material for your reel from a regionally
recognized and respected film & video program.

This is non-paying but meals will be provided as well as a copy of the
finished DVD.

Reply to: Please contact Mike Fecadu at 206-930-9085 or for
more casting information.

Source: Performers Callboard


**Seattle Area**

Seattle Central Community College Short Film need older female actress

We're making a fully designed short film and are seeking a older woman
lead actress, ( 60 years of age and older). The film is a modern day
re-imagining of the classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretal, filmed on
location in the streets of Seattle. She is a loving, warm, comforting,
grandma type character. There is no pay but we will provide you a DVD
for your portfolio and food will be provided.

Auditions will be held Saturday 1/15/11 at 11:00 am at 1500 Harvard ave.

Reply to: Please send a head shot or any other relevant materials to
Charlie at and Todd at
and bring a monologue for the audition.

Source: Northwest Film Forum Callboard


**Seattle Area**


Students from the Seattle Central Community College Film and Video
Production program are looking for two young male actors (screen ages:
14 and 16) to play the roles of two teenage brothers, and one female
actor (screen age: early 40s) to play their mother in a short film.

Jack- The 14 year-old younger brother of Dylan who is severely
grieving the recent death of his mother.

Dylan- Jack’s 16 year-old brother who tries to help Jack cope with his

Mother- Jack and Dylan’s recently deceased mother who appears in a
series of flashbacks.

This will be shot in two locations on Capitol Hill over 2-3 days
starting January 23rd.

Although this job is unpaid, food and transportation will be provided,
as well as a DVD of the finished project.

We will be holding auditions next Thursday, January 20th from
4:00-5:30pm at the Northwest Film Forum.
If interested, please contact me, Marcy Stone-Francois for more

Reply to: Marcy Stone-Francois by phone at (206) 321-1618 or via email at (That’s 2 underscores)

Source: Northwest Film Forum Callboard


**Seattle Area**

3 Actor needed or short Seattle Central CC film

We are shooting a short film in the next couple of weeks
and are looking for a 3 distinctive characters

We want a 9-14 year old male to play Charlie, a dark haired boy.

We want a 30-50 year old Caucasian male to play Mr. Stowe, Charlie's

We want two gentlemen to play anonymous agents in black suits.
between 5'10" and 6'4".

This is a short film based on the story, "I Spy"
There will be professional lighting on a closed set with food

All actors will be given a dvd copy of the finished product for there

Casting will be held sometime next week with actors we feel fit best.
Please send a Head shot and short description of your acting history
and what you could bring to this film.

Reply to: cozell wilson at

Source: Northwest Film Forum Callboard


**Seattle Area**

Extras Needed for Feature-Length Film "The Pony Man"

A.K. Films' new feature, "The Pony Man," is currently being shot on
Vashon Island. We have an urgent need for extras to appear in a park
scene on Vashon Island this Sunday. Here are the details:

WHEN: 9:30 AM on Sunday, Jan. 16th
WHERE: Agren Memorial Park. Vashon Island

Both kids and adults are encouraged to come. Children will have an
opportunity to have their pictures taken on a pony.

These roles are unpaid, but you will receive film credit and a copy of
the film.

The Pony Man. tagline:

It’s 2010 and the economy is in recession. But when Ed Heller loses
his job, he sees it as an opportunity rather than a reason to lose
hope. Inspired by a homeless street clown, Ed buys a pony and begins
taking it door to door in his Seattle neighborhood. Will Seattle open
its doors to the Pony Man? And will Ed's children let him back in
their hearts?

Thanks in advance for your interest!

Reply to: Interested parties should reply to this post or write Dave McCaul at, or call 206-427-8877. Dave will assign you
a specific role and answer any questions you may have.

Source: Northwest Film Forum Callboard


**Seattle Area**

Casting supporting roles for local feature 'The Last Vacation'

Lindy & Kris Boustedt, writer/directors of award nominated feature 'Perfect
10', are casting supporting roles for their next feature film 'The Last
Vacation'. Filming is currently scheduled to be mid-March to April 2011 and
will take place in Seattle and Leavenworth, WA. This will be a non-union
low budget feature but every actor will be paid a low-budget day rate.

*'The Last Vacation'** *- A dramatic comedy about Life, Liberty, and the
Pursuit of Happiness. And the power to break free.

*Script Synopsis:*

A husband, fired and hiding it, searching for meaning and purpose.

A reluctant mother trying to shatter the chains of her prescribed life.

Their frustrated, college-bound daughter, yearning for her place in the

One last family vacation.

*Roles we're looking to cast:*

- Barbara – 69, Karen’s ailing mother.
- Michael – 17, Abby’s pious classmate.
- Scott – 19, Vacation town resident and friend of Kayla.
- Jason – 19, Vacation town resident and friend of Kayla.
- Ted – Karen’s co-worker.
- Mrs. Chapman - 70s - resident of senior living center Karen manages.
- Becky - nurse at senior living center Karen manages.
- Nancy – receptionist at Abby’s high school.

*Roles already cast:*

- Abby – 17, daughter of Will and Karen.
- Karen – 39, wife and mother.
- Will – 40, husband and father.
- Jack – 45, Will’s boss and idol of success.
- Eric – 37, Libidinous and unkempt, corduroys and fleece. Meets Will and
Tara on vacation.
- Sandy – 37, Eric’s wife, stunning and care-free.
- Kayla – 19, beautiful vacation town resident. Abby’s love interest.

Auditions will be held *Saturday, January 22nd at Seattle University*.

Thank you for your interest in our project!

~Lindy Boustedt

Reply to: If you're interested in auditioning please send a headshot and resume to If we're interested in seeing you read for
a role we'll send you an e-mail with the full script, your audition time and

Source: Performers Callboard


**Seattle Area**

female vampire needed for sunday january 23rd

super8cinemas is in need of an actor to portray a female vampire for a scene in a feature film. A makeup artist will apply makeup and contact lenses for the eyes. A brief synopsis:
Two people are in the woods an run into a vampire. They are then attacked by the vampire.
Filming will take place at Hillcrest Park in Mount Vernon WA at 10am on Sunday January 23. We will shoot from 10am to about1pm.
A payment of $20 dollars will be made to the actor.
Please only serious inquiries only.
Good Acting skills are not imperative. There is no dialog for the vampire role.

Reply to: Please send headshot and resume to

Source: Performers Callboard


**Seattle Area**

2 actors needed for short film, Seattle Central Community College

We require a female actor and a male actor, both at early to mid 20's
in age.

Male role: Alex is a guy who is a little more than the "Average Joe".
He's a kind person who gets along with everybody and is sincere about
not hurting the fellings of others.

Female role: Jennifer is a girl who has a reserved personality. She
won’t go into big length conversations with other people and tries a
bit too hard to impress others. Since early highschool, Jennifer has
had an obsessive love for Alex.

This short film is professionally designed and uses high end
equipment. There is no pay, but you will be provided with food and a
copy of the final production.

Auditions will be held on January 19th, 12:00 - 4:00 P.M.

Reply to: Kevin Moskvin via e-mail at or by phone at 360-661-3627

Source: Northwest Film Forum Callboard