Thursday, January 27, 2011

Auditions: Thursday, January 27, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Thursday, January 27, 2011.

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Need Short Voice Over - UK Accent or similar ( - Your Studio - )

Looking for a Female Voice Over artist to voice short welcome for company name. "Welcome to Name of Company" and "Name Of Company"
Non-broadcast, company use only.

New voice artists welcome to submit test reads.
Email to test read.

$10 paid via Pay Pal to the voice we choose.

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Actor/Actress for School Short Film

Hello All,

We are a local Film making students attending CCC in Oregon City. My Partner and I are shooting our first Short film for a school assignment.

We are in need of a few good actors/actresses!
We have 2 speaking roles and 1 non speaking role.

1) Waitress (speaking) looking for unique and beautiful "rock-a-billy" style woman
2) Customer (speaking) looking for either male or female "clean cut" looking
3) Female Cop (non-speaking) needs to have "Sexy Cop" Halloween costume

We will be holding AUDITIONS in a low key setting THIS SUNDAY, JAN 30th at 4-6 pm. at IHOP on 82nd Ave. (between Holgate & Foster)

Please come prepared to read lines or to be on camera for review.
Thanks for reading!

Sammi & Dale - CCC Students

*Please note this is a school assignment, no actor will be financially compensated for their time, this project will not be be publicly shown, all rights reserved.*

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We are producing a web show that will have random comedy sketches. We are casting for actors and actresses and are looking for great talent. The sketches are any where between 4-10 min skits and we are looking to produce 30 videos by year end. Please email a resume and head shoot if you have one! If not please come out and audition. THIS IS NOT A PAID GIG!!! However, we are trying to turn it in something and looking for a team to help build it up!!! Please send an email saying what day and time we should be expecting you!

What we are doing video:

What we are looking for:
Some one that can impersonate
Has character development
High energy...A.D.H.D. is a plus

Team player
And Loves 2 have fun

Casting for:

Asian male 21-32
Black male 21-32
Black Female 21-32
Fat white male 21-32
White male 21-32
White female 21-32

18th Tues: 4pm-6pm
20th Thursday: 4pm-6pm
21st Friday: 12pm-6pm
25th Tues: 4pm-6pm
27th Thurs: 4pm-6pm
28th Friday 12pm-6pm
1st Tues: 4pm-7pm
3rd Thurs: 4pm-7pm
4th Friday: 12pm-6pm

115 SW Ash Suit 100
Portland, Oregon 97204

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Water Conservation Jingle - Radio

The song/jingle we are looking for is fun and sticks in peoples mind and reminds them to
save water with two or more of the water savings tips. This jingle will play locally.

Time Parameters: 50 Seconds and 20 Seconds – 10 seconds is left for sponsor tag.

Please provide lyrics with rough recording by February 4, 2011 by 7pm.
Format: MP3 rough cut - The winner will be asked to come to a professional recording studio in March. Please be available.

Please email me to get all the information and specific water saving tips.

Compensation: $600

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**Seattle Area**

Featured Extras for Titles Sequence Shoot

Extras needed on Saturday, February 5th in Crown Hill/Ballard area.

We will be filming a titles sequence for a television show pilot. The shoot involves individuals and groups of people walking down a street. We are looking for people of all body types, ages, and ethnicities.

Dress: various different styles, but keep the colors limited to black, white, grey, and brown. This can be anything from business casual, to rain gear, to hipster, to sports team, to dressy...the list goes on...

Please mention if you could fit any of the following or have clothing for:
- 20-30 yr old Bride/Groom (doesn't have to be a tux)
- 5-10 yr old Child (parent must be available as well and child must take directions well)
- Have a covered baby carriage (in black, white, grey, or brown)

Unfortunately, there is no pay for this project, but we will offer snacks and good company! You will also be invited to the Seattle premiere this spring.

Reply to: Please contact us at with your headshot (or a recent photo) and what clothing you have that fits the color criteria. If you are under 18, a parent must be available as well. Resumes are not required, but if you have one, please attach it as well!

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**Seattle Area**

PAID Outgoing Football (NFL) Fans- family, friends, actors and non-actors

Hardcore Football (NFL) Fans with "gift to gab" passionately
about their teams and the sport
USAGE INTENT: non-broadcast, video presentation
FILMING: February 7th and 8th (must be available both days, will
probably only be working one of those days)
COMPENSATION: $750 plus 15% agency fee (agency fee applies to those
who have an agent) and $50 fitting fee
AUDITION: Willing to come to your location for groups of people. Will
also have a general audition on Friday, January 28th in Seattle for
those unable to schedule a group session.

CALL BACKS: Wednesday, February 2
FITTING: Thursday, February 3

no script



good looking and love sports
college and post college age (20s)
All ethnicities
Caucasian, African American, Asian, Hispanic etc...

Outgoing, fanatic football family
good looking and loves sports
All ethnicities
FATHER- early 40s
MOTHER- early 40s
SON- 8-12

This if for American Football Fans not soccer.

Reply to: If interested/available please send name, picture, age, contact
information, talent agent info. (if you have an agent) and describe
your love of football and who your favorite NFL team(s) are to:

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