Sunday, January 9, 2011

Auditions: Sunday, January 9, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Sunday, January 9, 2011.

Things have been a bit slow for me lately, but today's blog post is filled with some pretty incredible potential opportunities for actors. Enjoy!

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seeking one male actor for two readings of one new musical in February

Dear Portlanders,

We seek one male actor to participate in two readings of a new musical. The two readings are very soon after, but not actually a part of, Fertile Ground. The musical is called Carnies, and you can read more about it here: The role is Danny, the carnival ladykiller; he is confident and happy-go-lucky, and enjoys simple pleasures. Generally, the vocal range of Danny's songs would be described as Baritone, and more specifically, the lowest note is A2 and the highest is F4. But songs (of which there are three solos and two other large solo chunks) can be transposed to fit the voice. The most important quality of the character is charm.

The readings are on two Tuesdays in February, both at 7:30pm. The first is on February 1st, at Theater!Theatre! (in southeast Portland). The second is at the Broadway Rose Theatre New Stage (in Tigard). In addition, there are three rehearsals already scheduled, on the last three Mondays of January (the 17th, 24th, and 31st), from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. The rehearsals, too, will be in southeast Portland. It is, unfortunately, rather important that the actor playing Danny be available for all three rehearsals, although not necessarily for each entirety.

Furthermore, the readings are being produced by Action/Adventure Theatre – A/A will pay each actor a $100 stipend.

Thank you very much!

Reply to: Please contact me, Mont Chris Hubbard (co-writer), if you are interested. I will happily receive an emailed résumé.

Mont Chris Hubbard

Source: PDX Backstage


Casting for Batman Web Series!

We are casting specific roles for upcoming episodes of a YouTube Batman series! Though the primary characters have been cast already, we are always in need of many other characters that will be present throughout the show.

This show is cast true to the age of the characters. We are in need of the following (some have been established in the films, but we are leaving them unnamed for auditioning purposes); please try to look the age of the part you are interested in auditioning for:
- news host (male, adult)
- various criminals (thugs, canon characters, etc.) (male, adult)
- skinny, masochistic criminal (male, adult)
- female voiceover artist
- male voiceover artist

Compensation: no pay

Reply to: Please email us with a headshot and resume NO LATER THAN January 15, 2011 to Reply to: Must be willing to work with minors.

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Pre-casting with table read for feature (Vancouver/PDX)

Looking to round out the wonderful talent already on board to join me for a table read of my feature length script. I have completed 4 short films as a director /writer - the two most recent films I also did all of the editing and post production as well. This is a much bigger project and there have not been shoot dates set, this is still in the pre-planning stage. I am looking to fine tune the script and there is no better way than to hear it out loud. Below are the IMDb links to the two shorts I did last year where I did EVERYTHING on them. THE SALON - a slice of life comedy, was accepted and shown at The Columbia Gorge International Film Festival and THE GRADE - a drama, was just finished last month and is currently being submitted to festivals.

The Grade ---

The Salon ---

The full movie video link is on the right hand sides.

This new feature I have been writing since July of last year - it has some personal experiences in it, however it is a fictional story. The roles I am looking to pre-cast (meaning the person I choose to attend the read will already have a leg in for being cast in the role) are listed below the film synopsis. The read will most likely happen on a Sun afternoon at my home in Vancouver, possibly Feb 6th. There will not be auditions for the read, I will choose talent from resumes, headshots and preferably demo reels or links to your previous work. This is an ensemble piece all roles are pretty much principal parts.
my website -
my phone 360-521-1953
Here is the synopsis:
©H. Olson-2011 - Livid Stick Productions

Gabrielle “Gabby” Burkeshire married wealthy and traveled the world losing touch with her family. Now in her 50’s she finds herself widowed and dying of cancer. With no children of her own she sets her mind on reacquainting with her family to find the proper heir to her estate. With the help of her trusted personal assistant, Manning, Aunt Gabby invites them all for a three day weekend at her estate to conduct interviews with each one and catch up on the lost years. s her home fills up with her siblings, nieces, and nephews, Aunt Gabby soon finds herself surrounded by her estranged family who also has lost touch with each other. She becomes the eye of an unsettled storm which has the family members dealing with unresolved issues, broken relationships, greed, backstabbing and emotional sadness. While Aunt Gabby learns about each person as an individual, they rediscover each other though laughter, tears and anger abd just maybe they’ll find a second chance to learn what family means to them.
“Interviews with Aunt Gabby” is a character driven story with a true life sense of humor that is both funny and touching. As the people they are today unfold before her who will she choose?

Please submit resume, headshots and links if you have them.

Compensation: no pay

Still need:
Two young women must be over 18 - play age 20-21 - alternative looking - piercings - tattoos - the more punk rock the better for the roles of POI and ANNE

Young male - 20's - in medical school - clean cut for the role of GARY

Young male - 20's - a guys guy - works as an auto mechanic for the role of RALPH

Young female - 20's - pretty - for the role of Ralph's wife - SHEILA

Young male - 20's - handsome - for the role of BRIAN


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Actors and actresses needed for commercial shoot

Looking for actors and actresses within the age range of 23-60 to portray customers interacting with a national car brand. The shoot will take place Tuesday, January 18th and Wednesday, January 19th. Talent needs to be available any time during the 2 days. If you are interested, please send a photo and a description of your work experience. Compensation will be $15 per hour.

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