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Auditions: Thursday, January 6, 2011

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ACTORS needed for Fertile Ground staged reading Jan. 23

I am in serious need of actors for a staged reading being presented by PDX Playwrights as part of this year's Fertile Ground festival. The name of the play is "Sinking Spring" and will be performed on January 23rd at 9:00 pm at Hipbone Studio on E. Burnside.

I've never solicited actors over the internet before, so I'm not sure exactly how this will work out, but if you're interested and available, please drop me a line. I envision having two or three rehearsals during the week preceding the reading. I will likely not be able to offer any pay.

Anyway, I need a variety of ages, genders (well, only two), and types (though none of this is rigid given that it's a reading). A synopsis and character breakdown will follow below.


The residents of Sinking Spring, Iowa have learned to live with neglect. Kids grow up and leave forever. There are few jobs left. No one pays much attention to this little town except for the brief few days during campaign season when caucus candidates make their obligatory stops at the local pizza parlor. No one notices the desperation and resentment that threatens to tear the community apart. And certainly no one expects the senseless tragedy that gains national attention and shakes one family to its core ... but that just might be the clarion call for which Sinking Spring has been waiting.


TED BLESSMAN (mid 30s) - An environmental geologist who returns to his hometown to solve the age old mystery of why everything is sinking.

DEIDRE BLESSMAN (mid 30s) - Ted's wife, has given up teaching so the family could relocate to Sinking Spring.

ANNIE BLESSMAN (9) - Ted and Diane's cheerful, sensitive daughter.

VIVIAN BLESSMAN (60s) - Ted's recently divorced, religiously-minded mother.

BERNARD BLESSMAN (60s) - Ted's father, a retired Vietnam vet, divorced from Vivian.

KELSEY HORNSHAW (9) - Annie's sullen, aggressive best friend.

JESSICA HORNSHAW (late 20s/early 30s) - Kelsey's mother, who is bored with small town life.

LLOYD HORNSHAW (late 20s/early 30s) - Jessica's husband, plays a larger parental role than Jessica.

LOLA O'KEEFE (40s-70s) - The unflappable longtime mayor of Sinking Spring.

RICK GARRETT (40s-50s) - The former Governor of Colorado, now running for president.

SUNNY BURKHEAD (early 20s) - Jessica's spritely coworker.

CHRIS CARDIMINO (30s-40s) - Ted's geological survey partner.

HANK JOHNSON (late 30s/early 40s) - A unemployed factory worker.

HARRIS MACGREGOR (90s) - The town's oldest resident.

Thank you

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**Seattle Area**

Overweight Youth Actor- Short Film

PROJECT: Short Film "Fat Punk"
DIRECTOR: Matthew Lillard:
(You may recognize our director as the actor who played Shaggy from
"Scooby Doo")
DATE: Saturday, January 8, 2011
LOCATION: North Seattle
TIME: 1 hour
SYNOPSIS: A funny, offbeat, inspiring story taking place in Seattle,
about punk rock saving the life of an obese teenager.

(Note: this is a volunteer opportunity, however this trailer will be
adapted into a feature film, and paying acting roles will be available
then. Participation in this shoot is a great way to get your foot in
the door for the feature-length film. Funded feature to be filmed in

ages 5 to 15

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ISO pregnant belly prop and native S. Vietnamese speaker

Hello PDXBackstagers,

Am in search of a pregnant prop belly for use in my Fertile Ground show, Threads: The True Story of an Indiana Farm Girl in Viet Nam, January 27th - February 12th. Ideally would like to get ahold of it by next week. Would any of you kind folks have one I can borrow or rent?

Also, seeking a native Vietnamese speaker from Southern Viet Nam to help translate a few lines of text and help me with pronunciation. As a self-producer on a very tight budget, I can only offer payment in gratitude, a program credit, and a couple of tickets to the show.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Casting Men for Football Video (Portland, OR)

We are a location production company casting an online video for a large sports apparel company. We need 10 extras to play football and do football drills for one day of shooting. Please inquire for the rate.

We need: An adult man who is over 18 years old. Not an NCAA athlete or anyone who is planning to be one (NCAA Athletes are not aloud to take corporate contributions of any kind). You need to have played football on a team or regularly at some point; you need to authentically perform the drills.

Shoot day will be next week but has not yet been set. Please be available from the 12th to the 14th of next week.

Please send a head shot, body shot and a detailed description of your football experience.

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Auditions for LOVE LETTERS

New Century Players Community Theatre holds auditions for LOVE LETTERS on January 15 and 16.

This is a non-paying production.

New Century Players is casting the following:

Melissa & Andrew (playing 7-13 yrs. old) - one boy and one girl 9-11 years old. Must be excellent readers and able to stay focused.

Melissa & Andrew (playing 14-22 yrs. old) - one boy and one girl 15-18 years old. Must be excellent readers and able to show an age range.

Melissa & Andrew (playing 23-50 yrs. old) - one man and one woman 30's-40's. Must be excellent readers.

The play will be a staged reading at three locations:
Ainsworth House & Gardens - February 11, 12 @ 7:30PM, February 13th @ 2PM
Rex Putnam HS Blackbox Theater - February 17, 18,19 @ 7:30PM Feb. 20 @ 2PM
Milwaukie High School Blackbox Theater - February 24, 25, 26 @7:30 PM

Depending on the number of actors/actresses auditioning and availability, we might use three different casts - one at each location. 2-3 rehearsals will be held for each cast.

This is a non-paying production.

Auditions will be held by appointment on Saturday & Sunday, January 15th and 16th between 1pm & 5pm at 11022 SE 37th Ave. Milwaukie

A.R. Gurney's Love Letters chronicles the relationship between a man and a woman solely through their correspondence. The play tells the story of Andrew Makepeace Ladd and Melissa Gardner, whose poignantly funny friendship and ill-fated romance takes them from second grade through adolescence, maturity, and into middle age.

The production traces the lifelong correspondence of the staid, dutiful lawyer Andrew Makepeace Ladd III (Saxon) and the lively, unstable artist Melissa Gardner (Reynolds), the story of their bittersweet relationship gradually unfolds from what is written - and what is left unsaid - in their letters. The words are both hysterical and moving, the audience comes to know both of them intimately – from their strict WASP upbringing, through later life political aspirations, love affairs, military service and artistic ambitions.

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**Seattle Area**

Seeking older actors (35yrs+) for web video shoot this Saturday

I am shooting a short, comedic, testimonial, web video for I am looking for older male and female actors
(35yrs+) to play married couples in the video talking about "their
last time". The joke is that it sounds like they are talking about the
last time they had sex, but it is revealed in the end of the video
that they are talking about the last time they used the whitepages

The shoot is this Saturday (Jan 8th) and will go throughout the day.
Pairs of actors will be called for 60 minute segments. Actors will be
given their lines on arrival, but will also be encouraged to have fun
the roles and do some improvisation. Actors will be responsible for
their makeup and costumes. The shoot will be in an office in Belltown
(On 1st and Lenora).

This is a low budget project but I will be able to pay each actor $50
for their performance.

WHO IS was formed to educate consumers on the
environmental impact of printing and distributing the white pages
phonebook. Our mission is to support both telephone companies and
consumers in their efforts to curb the unsolicited, and unnecessary,
printing and delivery of white pages phone books.

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( for consideration. Feel free to send an email
of interest even if you don't have an up to date resume or
professional headshot.

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