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Auditions: Monday, January 31, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Monday, January 31, 2011.

With the first month of 2011 coming to an end, how has this year started out for everyone? I have heard many actors say they are incredibly busy and excited to see where the year takes them, while others have been disappointed with the amount of available work. Let's discuss in the chat box on the bottom of the page!

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Looking for 18-26 year old actress/model to play attractive female lead in music video. Include "MUSIC VIDEO" as subject line and include age, headshot, full body-shot (and resume is applicable)
**Non-Union $100/day**

Compensation: $100/day

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Casting Notice for Short Comedy Film to be shot in Portland February 19-20


GHC is an independent short film being produced by local filmmakers in the Portland area. We are holding auditions this Saturday, February 5th from 9am to 12pm. Please read descriptions below and if interested, submit headshots and/or resumes to the e-mail address provided. We will be making calls on Wed Feb 2nd to begin scheduling the auditions. This a no-pay gig as the little money that is available for this independent project will be going to equipment, location fees, etc. Food will, of course, be provided along with a copy of the final project.

The script is an over-the-top look at suburban adolescence and the ridiculous egos and competitive nature of teenage boys.

CRAIG(playing for age 16)
Straight-laced Craig loves being average. He is an average teenager living in an average town getting average grades at school. His life would be perfectly average were it not for his mother, the ridiculously attractive MRS. MASON. Craig is obsessively protective of her and has no patience for MILF jokes, especially when they come from his best friend and sworn enemy, STANLEY.

STANLEY (playing for age 16)
Devious, calculated, and a pathological liar, Stanley is Craig’s longtime friend and arch nemesis. His career ambitions include worldwide anarchy and general mischief. Currently, his favorite hobby is making people feel uncomfortable.

RICHIE (playing for age 14)
Richie is unquestionably loyal to his hero, his older brother Craig. He is helpless and whiny, but also the voice of reason for this trio. The quintessential momma’s boy, his recent foray into puberty and the discovery of his mother’s hotness have left him entirely confused.

MRS. MASON (40’s)
Mrs. Mason is bubbly, flirtatious, and completely unaware of the effect she is having on the developing young minds of teenage boys. She’s desperate to connect with her sons and be that ‘cool mom’. Dresses way to young for her age. Missed the Ed Hardy craze by at least 3 years. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, and never will have to be.

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Need Dancers

Hi All,

A fabulous production called SHERMAN, A JAZZ OPERA is in need of a few African American male dancers. If you know of anyone, please have them come to a rehearsal Monday, January 31st at 6:30 pm at the Irvington Covenant Community Center located at 405 NE Church. This production is the last two weekends in February. There is no pay, but it is a unique opportunity to be involved in a project that is definitely making musical history.

Call Chisao Hata at 503-975-2748 if you are interested but cannot make the Monday rehearsal.

Please pass this on to anyone you know.


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**Seattle Area**

We are now casting lead and supporting roles for our comedic short film
“Bed, Track, and Beyond”.

Log line: Jess is puzzled and envious when her seemingly sedentary
boyfriend, Josh, begins inexplicably getting in shape while she tries to do
the same through rigorous exercise. Little does Jess know that her other
half is actually exercising as well - in his sleep.

Lead Roles:

Jess - 39. 5’3’’-5’8’’, averagely athletic. Her and Josh have a playful,
sarcastic repartee. A fair bit of running is required for this role.

Josh - Early 40s. Starts out slightly chubby and soft, but gets fit and
muscular by the end of the film. Must be able to run and work out while
looking asleep.

Supporting Roles:

Mr. Goldmill - 76. Short. Athletic for his age. Cantankerous retired coach.
Offers to train Jess.

Holly - 30s. Broad-shouldered. Short hair. Jess’ best friend. Has a home
security business.

Amy - 23. A goth bartender.

Nate - 40’s. Average build. Josh’s coworker with whom he plays pick up

Non-speaking Supporting Roles:

Phyllis - Elderly physical therapy patient. Does exercises.

A Homeless Man - Any age. Drunkard.

Young Woman - Fit-looking. Night-time receptionist at gym that Josh
sleep-exercises at.

This being a student production, we can only offer compensation in the form
of credit, a copy of the film for your reel, and plenty of coffee and craft
services on set. Our 5 day shoot is scheduled to happen in March in Seattle.
Specific dates TBD.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, February 5th from noon to 4pm.

Thank you,
Dan Howes
Producer, “Bed, Track, and Beyond”
Seattle Central Film and Video, 2nd Year

Reply to: If interested, please contact the film’s producer, Dan Howes, at for location details. Also, please include your
resume, headshot, and what role you are interested in auditioning for.

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**Seattle Area**

Dancers for Earth Day Production

Casting dancers for remaining roles in Earth Day production

Performance Dates: (Friday April 22nd, and Saturday April 23rd)
Performance Location: Seattle, Washington (venue TBA)

Auditions will be held Saturday February 5th, Saturday February 12th, and by appointment.

Law of Life, A Pathwalker’s Journey incorporates dance, live music, and spoken word to tell the story of a young woman’s journey of self-discovery as she learns that all humanity shares a common heritage of living in sustainable, nature-based communities. She is empowered to embrace her sacred connection to the Earth while dealing effectively with life in contemporary society. The work is inspired by the writings of Daniel Quinn, Deep Ecology, and anthropology.

Featured Roles:
The Pathwalker---a female dancer who guides The Seeker to understand the wisdom of the Earth and face the challenges of contemporary society with fluidity and grace. The Pathwalker is ethereal, mystical, playful, wise, and compassionate.

The Seeker---a young woman yearning for harmony amidst the chaos of contemporary life. Guided by The Pathwalker, she discovers profound truths. The Seeker is sincere, emotionally vulnerable, and authentic as she passes through stages of awareness and personal growth.

Additional Roles:
Core dancers for supporting roles (any gender). Core dancers are integral to the work, which is ultimately and ensemble piece, embodying essential aspects of the narrative through shifting personas and emotional shadings.

Connection to the themes of the performance and improvisational ability is a strong plus.

The performance is planned for Earth Day weekend, 2011 (Friday, April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd), and requires a commitment of one Saturday rehearsal per week in February and March, with additional rehearsals in the weeks directly preceding the production. We envision this as an ongoing connection to the community centered around an Earth Day performance, with additional performances to be determined.

There is no monetary compensation at present; however, dancers will receive a video of the performance as well as a book and CD of the performance poetry. Members of the original cast will have first opportunity to participate in future performances and a planned DVD project.

A synopsis and two spoken word/musical selections from the production are online:

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