Sunday, January 30, 2011

Auditions: Sunday, January 30, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Sunday, January 30, 2011.

With the first month of 2011 coming to an end, how has this year started out for everyone? I have heard many actors say they are incredibly busy and excited to see where the year takes them, while others have been disappointed with the amount of available work. Let's discuss in the chat box on the bottom of the page!

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ROMEO & JULIET Auditions, Post5 Theatre

EAT Restaurant & performance space, on the Milepost5 Campus
850 NE 81st Ave (82nd & Oregon, 1 block N or Glisan)
Portland, OR

Saturday February 19th, 12-5:30pm.
Sunday February 20th, from 2pm-10pm (Callbacks)

Auditions for Post5 Theatre's ROMEO & JULIET, directed by Stephen Alexander. At the Milepost5 Campus, 850 NE 81st Ave (82nd Ave & Oregon). The performance will take place at the Milepost5 Courtyard.

Those auditioning will be asked to prepare two contrasting 1-minute monologues. One should be from the works of Shakespeare. Each audition slot is five minutes.

All roles are available. Several ensemble roles will not require previous experience with Shakespeare's text, but rather "Viewpoint," movement and dance abilities. All speaking roles will be receive a stipend.

Performance Dates: July 20-Aug 27

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Magenta Theater "Enchanted April" Auditions

Enchanted April Auditions

Written by Matthew Barber

From the Novel By Elizabeth Von Arnim

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Directed by Andrea K. Adams

Audition date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 6:30pm (Doors open at 6:00pm)

Where: Magenta Theater – 606 Main St; Vancouver, WA 98660

Actors are Volunteer, no pay.


Lottie Wilton -- 30's -- a Hampstead housewife

Mellersh Wilton -- 30's - 40's -- her husband, a solicitor

Rose Arnott -- 30's -- a Hampstead housewife

Frederick Arnott -- 40's -- her husband, a writer

Caroline Bramble -- 20's -- 30's -- a socialite

Antony Wilding -- 20's -- 30's -- an artist

Mrs. Graves -- 60's -- 70's -- a London matron

Costanza -- 60's -- an Italian housekeeper (speaks only Italian)

Auditions will be cold readings from the script..

Headshots required, but non-professional is acceptable. Actors are
Volunteer, no pay.

Enchanted April is a British dramady set in 1922 in London, England and
Mezzago, Italy.

Play Synopsis:

When two London housewives decide to rent a villa in Italy for a holiday
away from their bleak marriages, they recruit two very different English
women to share the cost and experience. All four, along with husbands,
lovers, and an Italian housekeeper, discover renewal and redemption
amongst wisteria blossoms and Mediterranean sunshine.

Performances April 15th-30th

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Seeking Actress, Early 20's(ish)

I'm looking for an actress that looks to be late teens to early twenties (give or take a few years) for a leading role in a several minute long short film that I'm directing. The part will have very few lines, but a lot of fight choreography and coordination. If you have experience in this, it would be a plus, but not completely mandatory. The part is for a cute/sexy girl, will be dressed sexy, ect. While we'll be safe, expect to get a few bumps and scratches!

About me: I'm a director of both animation and live action films, and do a lot of visual effects and action themed things. Here's the trailer to my last film, James vs Reality: and my animated film The Chronicles of Nerm: .

We'll Fix It In Post Productions

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**Seattle Area**

Casting Native American/Mixed Blood Man/Woman

Casting a Native American Family for an Educational Film to play in Public
Schools. Can be half Native American. Looking for:

Mother - 30s
Father - 30s
Male Cousin

The scene follows one of our leads visiting with her family, cooking fish
and having dinner. There is no dialogue. Filming will take place in Seattle,
Wednesday, February 2nd from 1PM to about 5PM.

This is a non-profit project on pollution. We're working on a very tight
budget so there is no pay. We're offering screen credit and a DVD of the
finished film. Please submit a headshot.

You can watch the director's work here

Thank you for your time!

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**Seattle Area**

Casting Lead Roles for Short Dramatic Film

Seattle Central Film and video production is casting for a short film
"Playfish" as part of the student's final year curriculum. The film is
currently in pre-production and will be shot in Seattle. Production is
tentatively set for the last two weeks in March and will be comprised
of a 5 to 7 day shoot. Auditions for the fallowing parts will be held
Monday, February 7th from 5 to 8pm at the Harvard campus( 1500 Harvard
Ave and Pike) on Capitol Hill.The production requires professional
actors (film or theatre experience is a must) who can dedicate their
time and creative energy to this project. As of now there is no
compensation beyond role credit and craft services. Availability both
for the determined shooting dates as well as rehearsals is required.
Below are the character descriptions and film logline:

Playfish logline:
A woman who lives her life as a character in the meticulous play of
her childhood aspirations is forced to come to terms with the
uncontrollable nature of life.

Character Descriptions:

Claire (35): family law attorney who carefully plans her days, trying
to control all aspects of her life.

Young Claire/Narrator (11-14): Claire as a young girl. She is strong-
willed and has devised the ambitious goals for Claire’s future. She is
the narrator that is Claire’s subconscious.

Audrey (early twenties): Claire’s paralegal and Claire’s complete
opposite. She is a social butterfly with a carefree life approach.

Thank you.

Reply to: For more information and directions please respond to Liam Mooney
( and indicate the character(s) you are
interested in auditioning for and please include any experience and
your availability.

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