Monday, January 10, 2011

Auditions: Monday, January 10, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Monday, January 10, 2011.

Things are a bit slow again today, folks, but hopefully they will pick up again soon.

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Casting actress, age ~22-32, ASAP

Casting actress to play important scene in staged reading.

* great venue: The Armory
* limited time commitment: next two Saturdays
* small financial honoraria ($10)

DEATH OF THE PARTY - by Sven Bonnichsen
A frolicky pansexual disco boy goes to despicable lengths trying to unlock his best friend's untouchable heart. Claude, who thinks other people's suffering is the height of comedy, has the power to bed anyone he wants... Anyone, that is, except Dean: Man of Mystery, and rising musical sensation. When Claude pursues clues to Dean's past through a series of one-night-stands, unscrupulous infatuation will be punished with the romance that both monsters deserve.

There will be a single all-day rehearsal next Saturday, January 15, from 1:00-5:00pm.

The performance is Saturday January 22, 12:30 noon, on the mezzanine at the Armory. The show runs approx 50 minutes. This will be a one-time staged reading, as part of the 2011 Fertile Ground Festival.

I need you for the role of The Groupie: a ditzy, falling-down-drunk rock'n'roll fan. She kicks off the first major event in the play, being comically seduced then appallingly mistreated by the play's anti-hero Claude. A little while later she also gets to laugh her ass off at his expense.

Please contact me if you are interested and available. Provide a photo and/or resume if possible.

Best wishes,
Sven Bonnichsen

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Casting Male Lead (Portland)

Looking for male lead,

Between 5'10 to 6 feet tall,

Dark hair,

Between 30 and 40 yrs old,

Athletic physique, essentially not super skinny,

We're not looking for a fresh face. We're looking for someone with a weathered look.

That said, naturally we'd love to see as many head shots as possible.

The crew is comprised of student film makers. Our goal is for everyone involved to have something for their real, including you.

One day shoot will be scheduled between the 19th and 22nd of this month.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Compensation: no pay

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Casting for Batman Web Series!

We are casting specific roles for upcoming episodes of a YouTube Batman series! Though the primary characters have been cast already, we are always in need of many other characters that will be present throughout the show.

This show is cast true to the age of the characters. We are in need of the following (some have been established in the films, but we are leaving them unnamed for auditioning purposes); please try to look the age of the part you are interested in auditioning for:
- news host (male, adult)
- various criminals (thugs, canon characters, etc.) (male, adult)
- skinny, masochistic criminal (male, adult)
- female voiceover artist
- male voiceover artist

Please email us with a headshot and resume NO LATER THAN January 15, 2011 if you are interested in participating. Must be willing to work with minors

Compensation: no pay

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