Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Auditions: Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.

I hope everyone is out there auditioning this week - there have been lots of castings!

Feel free to share your success stories about great auditions and bookings - we love to hear them!

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Casting Males 18-22 Auditions Saturday Jan 22

Hello fine young actors! We are auditioning for a short film, directed by local filmmaker Anthony Lopez, Saturday January 22nd in downtown Portland.

Logline: Home from college, Zach gets a surprise visit from friends he's trying to avoid.

18 years old. Nothing special in terms of looks and has low self-esteem. A very selfish individual. His father, like Zach’s, is out of the picture. He is very protective of Zach, and views him as a brother. Gary feels he is the only one who can pick on Zach. Things have gone sour between he and Zach since Zach went to college. A violent temper stems from his parents constantly fighting in front of him.

18 years old, attractive. He uses his street smarts to manipulate others. He rebels like Gary, but is less hot tempered unless he is threatened. He is a ladies man, always flirting and hooking up with random girls. He is crude with his tongue and loves to be in charge – but Gary puts him in his place, especially when it comes to Zach.

17-18 years old, overweight. A push-over, follows Gary and Grant’s orders. Grant and Gary constantly point out his weight problem. He has a tendency to Robo-Trip, causing blackouts and depression.

This movie is to be a raw, snapshot, day in the life of, adolescent men. It's in the same vein as Kids, After School, or Le Fant.

No experience necessary. This will be a great reel piece for those just starting out. High quality lighting and sound, shooting in HD. The film will premier at The Hollywood Theater. We will also be submitting to festivals, so you will get exposure.

There is no pay, however you will receive a DVD copy, good catered meal(s) on set, and bring family and friends to the premier.

Please send resume and head shot, if you do not have those please send a clear large format photo of yourself. Also, please let me know which part you'd like to audition for.

Reply to: gigs-tzxsg-2166196631@craigslist.org

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Flurry's Fashion Boutique is having a Valentines Day Party February 12th. We're looking for Installation Models to pose in the front display window and around the party.

I'm looking for:

Models: 2 plus size (up to a size 16) and 4 straight size.

Photographers: Email me your portfolio.

The casting will take place THIS SATURDAY 2pm at Flurry which is located 710 SW Yamhill St (across the street from Nordstrom, behind Banana Republic)

-Comp Card
-Fiercest Poses

Compensation: no pay


Reply to: gigs-f7d4y-2166371239@craigslist.org

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Female actress/model

Shooting Jan 22nd & 23rd.
Silent film.
Need 2 actresses
Send headshot/resume

No pay.
Copies of film given

Compensation: no pay

Reply to: gigs-dygmb-2166280186@craigslist.org

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Radio Station Seeks On-Air Personalities, DJs

Station Summary:
Party 934/94.9 FM, Hudson Valley New York is a radio station that allows for a diverse group of on-air personalities to produce their own radio programs remotely. Our station streams its content via the Internet and our FM transmitter in New York simulcasts the Internet stream 24/7/365. We are an "eclectic/mixed" station, having shows that highlight everything from hip hop to rock to country western.

Position Summary:
Party 934/94.9 FM, Hudson Valley New York is looking for a unique, progressive-thinking individual to remotely-produce a radio program in which their musical experiences are challenged when regularly-scheduled on-air personalities are not able to make it to their show. No experience is required as training is provided. This position is remote in nature and a presence in our office is not required.

1) Programming and presentation of an exciting, entertaining, and informative radio program when regularly-scheduled personalities cannot make it to their radio shows
2) Ensuring promotions and contests are executed and promoted property;
3) Some audio production work relevant to the personality's show and the station.

Reply to: jobs@party934.com with cover letter and resume, with the subject line: "Fill-in On Air Position."

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Seeking actors & actresses with improv experience

Seeking an actor and actress for a "mocumentary" style industrial video. MUST have improvisational and/or comedic background. We are casting the following parts:

Bradley Reinhardt, Printer company sales rep: Mid-30s to early 40s, super-friendly, somewhat tall and handsome (but in an accessible way), well-spoken, wants to be helpful, plays it somewhat straight.

Meg DeGroat, CIO of Global International Worldwide: Tall, athletic female. Very energetic, fit and somewhat “manly.” She’s in her mid-30s. Wears a mean pantsuit. - Think Jane Lynch from Glee as a good reference for this character.

Auditions are January 19 in Oregon City, and the shoot days are February 1st & 2nd in Vancouver, Washington. You must be available for all of these days and have your own transportation. If interested, please send resume and head shot (or a link to online versions). Submissions without resume and headshot will not be considered. Please respond by 4pm Tuesday 1/18.

This is a paying gig: Full buyout for internal use. $500/day (max 12 hour days) for 2 days of shooting in Vancouver Washington.

Reply to: gigs-7bp76-2165736998@craigslist.org

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Holding auditions for Portland's Live Infomercial Team! We are looking for flexible, dedicated actors who are able to deliver a passionate message. These high-energy performances will be the best Portland has ever seen. If selected, actors can expect plenty of performance experience and consistent work. Email today for more audition information.

Reply to: Heather McMahon at northwest.auditions@gmail.com

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