Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Auditions: Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Tuesday, November 9, 2010. Please note that some of these auditions were posted and missed yesterday. My apologies.

This post will continue to be updated as new audition notices are discovered, so please check back throughout the day.


Actors/Actress needed for a commercial shoot (Vancouver)

We are in need of a number of actors/actresses to portray customers of a local car dealership. These will be speaking roles. The shoot is currently scheduled all day for this Friday (Nov 12) at various locations around downtown Vancouver, but each 'customer' will only be needed for a couple of hours at a time so you won't need to be hanging around all day. If you are interested please send a photo and a description of your work experience. Compensation will be $25 per hour.

Reply to: gigs-k3t5y-2051105718@craigslist.org



Actor wanted for Internet Commercial (Red Lion, Portland)


I'm shooting my first commercial for a privately owned business, on November 14th, at 10AM, at the Red Lion at Janzen Beach. There are two actors and one actress, for roles, and my lead actor just canceled. The other roles have been cast and the actors committed. Please send me your head shot and a full length photo along with your resume if you would like to be in this short commercial.

Payment is 260 Dollars of free colonic hydrotherapy at Colon Care LLC.

I will need you for a couple hours on the 14th and for a half hour on the 15th or 16th, downtown, to film you walking. You'll need to have your own suit and cell phone--preferably an iPhone or a droid.

Best Regards,
Working Poor Studios

Reply to: gigs-m7szf-2051283709@craigslist.org




Film Extras needed for a shoot this weekend. Speaking and non-speaking roles available. Shoot me a headshot, and if you fit any of the roles, I'll get back to you asap. zen.freese@gmail.com.

Reply to:



Casting Call: Disney Commercial in Rogue Valley

2 ADULTS AND 4 KIDS NEEDED! (see below)

Ambidextrous Productions is casting in Southern Oregon for a commercial for Disney Movie Rewards.


Adult auditions will be happening all day, kids will be scheduled for after school.

The shoot will be in the Rogue Valley on November 16 and 17 (Tuesday and Wednesday). Must be available all day. There will be a 1-hour fitting the day before.

The spot is non-union and pays $350/day.

They are looking for:

* Mom: Late 30’s to early 40’s, Caucasian
* Dad: Late 30’s to early 40’s, Caucasian
* 12-15 year-old Sister: average teenager, Caucasian
* 10-11 year-old Sibling: Boy or Girl, Caucasian, a bit of a tomboy if a girl
* 7-8 year-old Sibling: Boy or Girl, Caucasian.
* 4-5 year-old Sibling: Boy or Girl, Caucasian.

The important thing regarding the kids is that they look around the right age, but DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE TO BE THAT AGE!

These are all non-speaking roles. The spot is about the three younger kids searching their house (around mom, dad, and teenaged sister) looking for Disney Rewards.

We want to fill these auditions, so please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested.


Everyone who is interested in auditioning (kids and adults) MUST send a photo of themselves and resume (or short list of experience if any)

Reply to: Bruce Hostetler, Casting Director, at hostetler.casting@earthlink.net

Source: Oregon Confluence


Actors models extras

Actors, models and extras are needed for a up coming film. And also commercials. That's where the models and extras come in.

Please visit
http://www.takealltalent.com/aboutus.html for details

Source: Craigslist


Actors Needed - Male 18-30 (Indie Horror Movie)

No experience necessary. If you love horror movies - and would love to be in one....now is your chance.

Looking for males to play corpses. Fake blood and makeup will be involved.

Send a pic with your email indicating your interest.


Reply to: gigs-drb5s-2049686327@craigslist.org

Source: Craigslist


**Seattle Area**

Casting for MIMES/ Performance Artists for Silent Super 8mm student film

Seattle Central Community College Student Super 8mm Production

Casting for:
Silent Super 8mm short film of about 3-5 minutes maximum run time

First choice:
Performance by a MIME of an original dramatic story no longer than 2 minutes
total run time

Second choice:
Silent performance by a performance artist (ie, interpretive dancer, modern
dance, etc) of an original dramatic story no longer than 2 minutes total run

Third choice:
Performance of an original or previously 'published' poem by a Deaf
poet/writer performed by someone fluent in American Sign Language

My goal is to work collaboratively with the artist, who will appear on
camera, in studio, to perform said piece and create this short film.

Filming must be completely by Thanksgiving and will take place in our studio
located on Harvard Ave by Pike St in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Your ideas are welcome in this project. Please get in touch,

Reply to:

Source: Performers Callboard


**Seattle Area**

PAID speaking role on Wednesday

PROJECT: Non-union, training video for non-profit (How to talk to my
state senator)
USAGE: Industrial and web
*DATE: TOMORROW, Wednesday, November 10, 2010
TIME: possible 8am call time, but could be later, NOT a full day
COMPENSATION: $360 +20% agency fee (please let us know who your talent
agent is)

Male or female
ages 45- 60
has speaking experience in front of camera
Must provide own wardrobe (suit/professional business attire)
5-10 short simple lines, no preparation needed
lines include:
Greeting, simple banter back and forth, (nodding of head), yes I
commit to your cause, thank you for coming to talk to me etc...

If you are available, interested and fit the description please send
headshot and resume to:

Source: Foreground Background Casting

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