Thursday, November 18, 2010

Auditions: Thursday, November 18, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Thursday, November 18, 2010.

This post will continue to be updated as new audition notices are discovered, so please check back throughout the day.


Auditions for "Set Theory"

When: Saturday, November 20

Our new mammoth webseries is about a fictional team of actors and filmmakers who are knee-deep in the third season of their own fictional webseries show. The pilot episode is set in a gigantic barn production studio, where the cast and crew are scrambling about to prepare for the arrival of their new multi-million dollar investor... in a HELICOPTER! Yes, we have a real helicopter.

"Set Theory" was created by local actor, writer, and comedian Vinnie Duyck (recent star of the Oregon Lottery commercial where he licks a squid's head) and Colin Douglas. Principal cast members have starred such local successes as "Three Parts," "The Majic Shiznit Show," and "Everything Will Be Fine." Director Rhyan Schwartz and A.D. Adam Webber are two of the driving creative forces behind the new "Born Hero" series, and are still casting major roles for Season Two villains and heroes. Filling out the team is our inspired D.P., U.P.M., 2nd A.D., Props Manager, Sound Dept., M.U.A., and P.A.s. We love to have fun, and we mean business.

Background talent and featured background talent will be dressed as either production crew members or cast members. This means all absurdity welcome - strange props and electronic devices, headsets, gorilla costumes, astronauts, robots, jugglers, unicyclists, zombies, astral projections of inside-out tornados, you name it! This is the chance to be all of this! Bring what you have and be featured!

The compensation for the pilot is food and fun, credit and connections. And because this is a pilot, the non-speaking role you portray may be liked by the investors, and you could be asked to join as a PAID guest or reoccurring character in future episodes.

Please respond to this post with "SET THEORY" in the subject line. Jena will forward you the time and location details, help you arrange rideshare if necessary, and welcome you to the team. Keep Portland Weird, and Long Live Oregon Media!

Location: Forest Grove
Compensation: Food and Credit

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**Seattle Area**

Photo double- Monday- non-union cable movie

PROJECT: Low- budget, non-union, cable television movie (Lifetime)
FILMING DATE: Possible- Monday, November 23, 2010
TIME: less than an 8 hour day
Shooting exterior city street scenes
COMPENSATION: TBA (possible $20/hr.)


Photo double for Heather Locklear

perfect size 2 dress
7 shoe
must be comfortable wearing high heels and walk smoothly
Slender legs
Blonde hair with highlights,
hair length below shoulder, with wings (not bangs)

If you fit the description please send name, contact information,
pictures and sizes to:

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**Seattle Area**

Casting for Upcoming Still Photo Shoot

We will be casting for an upcoming still photo shoot- here are all
the details:

Casting date: Monday 11/29/10
Casting location: Seattle, WA
Casting times: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM- no appointments needed.

Shoot dates: During the week of December 6th, 2010
All shoot locations will be in Seattle or in the Seattle area.
Each shoot will take about one full day.

Compensation: $1000/per role; this is a buy out, with unlimited use
for unlimited time.

All the roles will have a comic feel- actors with comedy experience a
plus! The roles range from
outdoor fanatics to hippies and athletes.

We are looking for:

Men, age 25 to 45, all ethnicities. Beards/facial hair okay.

Women, age 25 to 60, all ethnicities.

Please send a picture and a resume, along with your contact
information. I will let you know where the casting is being held and
further details about the job.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Barbara Lee

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**Seattle Area**

Photoshoot -- Casting Asian Female 20-35, White Male 40-50s, Asian Male 20-35

I am casting for 2 photo shoots to take place on location
in Seattle and also at my studio on Capitol Hill. The shoot will take place in the next few weeks.

The theme is science and the outdoors. Please email me for more details.

Asian female (20-35) -- Smart looking, pretty, capable, intelligent. Not glamour, but intelligence.
Natural look, limited makeup.

Asian Male -- Smart, handsome, intelligent, refined looking, studious

White Male -- Capable, middle aged doctor type, outdoor enthusiast.

Please send recent headshots for consideration.

Also, there is limited pay but I will be able to give you final images for your book.


Jeff Romeo

twitter: jeffromeophoto

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