Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Auditions: Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

This post will continue to be updated as new audition notices are discovered, so please check back throughout the day.


Female actor 20-30 years old

We are looking for female actors between the ages of 20 and 30 for a spec commercial spot. If interested please send a head shot and contact information. We will be setting up casting for Tuesday and Wednesday November 9th & 10th. Thank you for your interest.

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Actress Wanted for Short Film

We are adapting a Bukowski short story into a short film. Looking for an actress, 30 ish. Hoping to shoot the 14th of Nov. 12 page script. No nudity :)

Please e-mail if interested and I will e-mail you a script.



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{ IVIZION FILMS } Signing, actors,bands,artists,models for new film

IVIZION - accepting headshots, videos, audio tracks or voice over,

Looking for various types of dedicated and talented ACTORS, male and female, (not too specific with any certain style at the moment)

Local Musicians and Bands, (bands/musician will be featured in film as well as soundtrack) Quality is a must.

Freestyle Artists as well as R&B & Hip Hop, all that apply here must have the skill and talent to overcome any competition (also soundtrack and film feature)

Models various types and sizes no height or weight restriction, (be 18 and over)

IVIZION specailizes in film and video production. To join IVIZION or request an audition submit your information through email.

Send pictures/audio/video by email. if you have songs/video or film online, include link in your email.

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Search for Warner Brothers/Paramount Movie 10 yr old boy

Kalles Levine Casting is doing a search for a Warner Brothers/Paramount Films called “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” based on a book by the same name about 911. It is directed by Steven Daldry. It will shoot in NY starting sometime in mid to late Jan. 2011. We need an 8-12 yr old Caucasian boy to play 10 yrs old. He must not be over 5 ft tall. He is a clever, sensitive, and an extremely intelligent boy. A life long New Yorker (upper west side), he suffers a huge emotional loss. He is alienated from other boys and girls his age (or possibly he alienates himself) and spends his time thinking, exploring, and poking holes in everything adults take for granted. He has a verbal dexterity and an intellect competitive with most of the adults in his world. He has difficulties adjusting to different social settings, but his communication skills are sharp beyond his years. This is a special boy---he is sharp as a tack. That said he has a deep emotional life with a complicated and sensitive side. As the story progresses, his sadness begins to be revealed. This is a boy who has known suffering. He must be sensitive and emotional.

We need submissions ASAP by Nov 8th. Please send picture and resume, contact information plus DOB and height to . Please no agency people. If you are with an agent please contact your agent to be seen. If picked to be seen we will send you sides to learn and set up an audition time. Also please no phone calls.

Patti Kalles CSA
Kalles Levine Casting

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**Seattle Area**

Non-union, Spec. commercial spot

TYPE: Non-union, Spec. commercial spot, Pepsi and IGGI 2010 (42nd
annual India Film Festival)
DATES: Friday, November 5, Saturday, November 6, Sunday, November 7
TIME: around an hour of filming time
AVAILABILITY: Need to know which day(s) you are available


slightly larger person with a big mouth

must have uniform, preferably desert storm

must provide clown hair, makeup, and red nose

(between 3-4ft)

must provide uniform and have pilot wings

must have uniform and wooden baseball bat

in wedding dress and tux

If you are interested and available please send pictures, contact
information, availability and details regarding wardrobe you own as
stated above to:

Foreground Background Casting


**Seattle Area**

Casting notice for a Non-Union Feature Film


AK Films ( is now casting for the two main roles in its'
upcoming feature film, The Pony Man.

Plot Synopsis:

It’s 2010 and the economy is in recession. But when Ed Heller loses his job, he
sees it as an opportunity rather than a reason to lose hope. Inspired by a
homeless street clown, Ed buys a pony and begins taking it door to door in his
Seattle neighborhood. Will Seattle open its doors to the Pony Man? And will Ed's
children let him back in their hearts?

Character Breakdown / Casting Needs:

Ed - late fifties, caucasian, an accountant forced into early retirement who
decides to pursue a new career as "The Pony Man" by traveling door to door in
Seattle neighborhoods with a pony & a camera. Though the odds are against him
(he has no prior experience with horses & this career in particular has been
obsolete for decades) Ed forges ahead, determined to make his dream a reality.
He has two grown children, one of whom still lives at home. During the course
of the story, he takes a homeless woman into his home as well.

Bertie - mid to late fifties, African American. Decades ago, Bertie decided to
dedicate her life to being a clown. Despite the fact she is now homeless, she
remains strongly tied to her passion for entertaining children. Retaining a
surprisingly positive outlook on life (& a very keen sense of humor) even in the
face of extreme adversity, Bertie serves as a source of inspiration & strength
for both Ed & his grown daughter, Barbara.

Audition details:

We're holding auditions on Thursday, November 11th from 6-8pm in the Seattle
Center's Center House, Room 4G.

There will be a small stipend along with credit, copy, & meals provided on days
of shooting.


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