Monday, November 22, 2010

Auditions: Monday, November 22, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Monday, November 22, 2010.

This post will continue to be updated as new audition notices are discovered, so please check back throughout the day.

**Seattle Area**

Males Actors 20 and up needed for Wednesday

Hi NWFF community,
I need a male actor in his 20s and older to play the part of the
scientist this wednsday if the snow doesn't get worse by then. I would
be shooting at 10 am at UW Bothell for an hour and then also at St.
Edward State Park until 1 30 pm. The scientist has two scenes, one
with dialogue and another without. He is crucial to my story. If
anyone is interested contact me as soon as you can at 425-780-1592.
Thank you,

Reply: Dexter at 425-780-1592

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**Seattle Area**

Casting for Spec Commercial

Adventus Films has begun a Speculation Commercial campaign and will be shooting a series of 30 second spots throughout the new year.
We are currently casting for our first production which wil be an advertisment for a locally founded company.

Mona - Female, 20 - 35, Girl or Mom next store with an undercurrent. Audience member at a movie who wears her sensuality on her sleeve. Role requires an Extrovert.

Production title: "Lovers On My Mind"
Production Type: SPEC Commercial
Project length: 30 Second
Project format: 16:9 HD
Shoot Date: December 11 or 12 pending avaiablity
Production location: Tacoma, TBA upon casting
Production Company: Adventus Films
Company website:
Director: Phil Seneker
Producer: Rick Walters
Casting Director: Rick Walters
Compensation: $100
Audition Location: contact

Also seeking
All Types - "Movie Goers" will be sitting in a

theater. Will react to principle character. No compensation offered for background, however Meals (Catering, Craft Service) will be provided.

Reply to: Please send Headshot, Resume and link to your work if available to For more on our company, please visit our

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Call for Voice Actors

American Bedlam

Putting together a pilot for a dramatic webisode series that will explore
various characters, personalities, and stories of individuals placed in
mental hospitals throughout the last two centuries in order to truthfully
examine the state and history of mental hospitals of America's past.

I am still finalizing the script, but in terms of voice acting, I will have
a need for general staff and patients, so male and female voices within the
teens to 50's range, a superintendent in his 50's, a boy and girl aged
around 12-16. There are also a couple of unique characters that will require
accents, male from Germany in his 60's-80's, and female from Poland or
Russia also in her 60's-80's. Additional vocal nuances, such as the ability
to stutter, neurotic speech patterns, etc., would be fantastic.

I hope to send out scripts early this week, and will need a turn-around time
of no later than Nov 27th. I also will require, at least for the pilot, that
you have your own equipment for recording, and the ability to email me the
recordings. For this pilot, there is no pay, but copy/credit will be made
available. If the pilot goes well, there will be funding, and therefore
compensation, for the webisode series.

If interested in participating, please reply with a resume/experience, your
VO demo, a brief explanation of your range of character voices, and the
equipment you use to record to

This project is based out of Seattle, but as long as you are able to use
your own equipment and email it to me, you are welcome to record it at your
location of convenience.

Thanks in advance!


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Looking for Actors & Musicians for Play on December 19th

Pathways Community Church is doing a Christmas benefit concert with mini play for FISH Food Bank in Vancouver at Harney Elementary School the morning of December 19th 2010. Show will begin at 10:30AM and go until 12:00 PM. We’re looking for actors of many ages and races to perform as our characters. Each monologue will be 2-5 minutes in full costume followed by a music performance by a group of musicians. No experience necessary, if you have none, we will teach you!

A brief explanation: The theme is “It was an Odd Night.” It is the story of Jesus told by the third and fourth party participants of the story of Christ’s birth – a neighborhood, a family friend, Mary’s cousin Elizabeth, the Angel who informed Mary of the coming of Jesus, the shephards and wise men. We’re looking for the following. Here are the slots we have left:

• The Neighbor (Hannukah Story) – girl or boy between the ages of 12-25

• The Inn/Barn Keeper [The owner of the barn that Jesus was born in] – Male between the ages of 18 - 65, (we will dress you up like an older male if you're younger)

• Elizabeth – Filled

• Zechariah (Elizabeth’s husband) - Male, between the ages of 18 - 50 (we will dress you up like an older male if you're younger)

• A Shepherd who came to visit Jesus – Male between the ages of 18 - 50

• The Angel – Filled

Rehearsals will be held on December 9th, 15th, 16th, in the evening hours, during the day on the 18th, and the morning of the 19th. Since these are monologues, we're expecting you to memorize them on your own time and come ready to perform on rehearsal days. If chosen, you will be sent your monologue by email. Please only call or email if you are able to commit to these days.

Auditions are group auditions and will be held on November 25th, 26th, and 27th. Times and address will be given upon contact.

Please email if interested -- with resume and picture.
You can call, but I will just tell you to email me with your resume and picture (971) 275-3110.

Visit our website at for more information about our organization.

Pay: DOE

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Casting Call for Feature Film

Rogers Cinematic is casting for a feature film currently in development/pre-production. The movie
is described as a Disney-meets-Indiana-Jones family adventure. The following roles are available:

MARILYN MACLAREN: Female lead character, age 11-15, blond or brunette. She is an
adventurer/explorer, in good physical condition, enthusiastic, very smart. Will
need to train with our martial arts instructor for some choreographed scenes.

ELIZABETH MACLAREN: Female lead character, age 25-35, blond or brunette. She is an
adventurer/explorer, in good physical condition. Will need to train with our
martial arts instructor for some choreographed scenes.

JIM MACLAREN: Male lead character, age 30-40, brunette. He is an adventurer/explorer,
in good physical condition. Will need to train with our martial arts instructor
for some choreographed scenes.

WENDY BALUN: Female supporting character, age 18-25, blond or brunette.

JUSTIN BALUN: Male supporting character, age 11-15, blond or brunette.

KARL SVENSEN: Male supporting character, age 30-45, blond. Must be able to speak with a
slight Dutch/German accent.

SANTIAGO: Male supporting role. He is the antagonist. Hispanic,
from South America, with a mild accent.

SANTIAGO'S FEMALE BODYGUARD: Hispanic looking, but with limited or no speaking. Must be tough
or athletic. She is Santiago's personal bodyguard. Will need to train with our
martial arts instructor for some choreographed scenes.

Other minor roles will also be available. Visit for more information.

Compensation: $2000 per week during principal photography.

Reply to: Please send headshots/resumes to

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