Saturday, November 13, 2010

Auditions: Saturday, November 13, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Saturday, November 13, 2010.

This post will continue to be updated as new audition notices are discovered, so please check back throughout the day.

There isn't much going on today with audition notices, but there were quite a few great opportunities posted yesterday, so make sure to check them out! I have pasted some of them below!


Audition Dec 11: male actors for staged reading (paid)

Seeking two male actors.

Characters' age is 26; actor age ~20-34 OK.

Saturday, December 16
23 Sandy Gallery (
623 NE 23rd Avenue, Portland 97232
Please RSVP to sven[AT]


DEATH OF THE PARTY - by Sven Bonnichsen
A frolicky pansexual disco boy goes to despicable lengths trying to unlock his best friend's untouchable heart. Claude, who thinks other people's suffering is the height of comedy, has the power to bed anyone he wants... Anyone, that is, except Dean: Man of Mystery, and rising musical sensation. When Claude pursues clues to Dean's past through a series of one-night-stands, unscrupulous infatuation will be punished with the romance that both monsters deserve.

There will be a single all-day rehearsal on Saturday January 15, working with director Brian Kettler.

The performance is Saturday January 22, 12:30 noon, on the mezzanine at the Armory. The show runs approx. 50 minutes. This will be a one-time staged reading, as part of the 2011 Fertile Ground Festival.

PAY: $10
All actors receive a $10 honoraria.

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Call for Zombies

Greetings Zombie Horde,

Zolumbine is the play. We have a full cast of actors, space and a director. Yet still lack that essential element of the undead.

Should you want to join the production, you would be a very prominent role in this STAGED READING. You would also have the pleasure of being adorned in Zombie Make-up.

The Schedule:

Rehearsal: Sat/Sun Nov 20th and 21st from 11am-2pm

Performance: Monday November 22nd 7pm

*no pay - simple staged reading

Synopsis of play provided below. Interested? Shoot me an email at with acting experience and any other juicy bits of Zombie enthusiasm.

Paul North

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Female Talent Needed for Regional TV Spot

Ibex is a Portland based creative services company with 19 years experience producing local commercials.

We are casting for a 20-30-something woman to act as an on-camera spokesperson in a set of commercials for regional Cable TV/Internet provider Wave Broadband/Astound.

The actress will need to memorize and deliver written lines on camera in a studio. We’re looking for someone to bring lots of personality and a consistent, enthusiastic delivery.

If you would be interested in auditioning, please e-mail a headshot and/or digital photo(s) of yourself, contact information and details about acting experience you have.

Any links you can provide to online samples are a real advantage as we determine who to bring in for auditions.

Auditions will be filmed at our office in NE Portland next Thursday, 11/18. Shooting for the actual commercials will take one day and is currently scheduled for November 30th.

If we choose you for the part, we'll pay you $2,500 within 10 business days of the finished shoot, and provide a DVD of the finished commercials.

The commercials will playback on Wave Broadband/Astound cable systems in rural markets in Washington, Oregon and one system in the Bay Area.

Communication with us by means other than e-mail response to this post will disqualify you for consideration. In other words, please don’t call.

Thanks for your interest.

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Experienced and aspiring actors are needed for a short movie project to be
produced by the 3D Portland Movie Group.

Conditions and Requirements:

1.. Actors will not be paid for the roles.

2.. The roles call for actors who have interesting tattoos and body
piercings that will be visible when shooting outdoors at this time of year.

3.. Time commitment is required from potential actors to be available for
rehearsals and performances during the months of November and December 2010
and possibly January 2011.

4.. There will be two speaking roles and several roles for extras with no
dialog requirement.

There will be a pre-selection process either by phone or in person during
the next few weeks. A final selection will guarantee the roles to the
selected actors.

This is a great opportunity for people who wish to gain experience in film

The 3D Portland Movie Group is an informal, independent, not for profit
organization composed of 8 individuals with experience in 3D photography.
The final movie will be about 10-15 minutes long and will be offered for
screening to local and national non-profit organizations.

If you are interested, write to Shab Levy at and tell
us about your interest to participate in this endeavor. Include as much
information about yourself as you wish, and include photos of you showing
your visible tattoos and piercings while dressed for current weather.

Deadline for submissions of email letters: Friday, November 19, 2010 at

Thank you.

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