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Auditions: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

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Auditions for Clarity

Audition date and location: Saturday, November 20th 934 SW Salmon (corner of 10th downtown) **Please note that the time is unknown, as this was not listed in the original post**

Production Title: Clarity

Student Film

Production Company: Pacific University Media Arts Department

Union/Non-Union: Non-Union

Project Type: Short Film

Project Format: HD

Production Locations: Forest Grove, OR and Port Townsend, WA

Production Start Date: January 2011

Shooting Schedule: 10 days

Production Wrap Date: January 2011

Producers: Greg Boone, Melissa Lowery

Writer: Tristan Stoch

Director: Tristan Stoch

Synopsis: Clarity is about a boy named Cameron who managed to create a stable life after a troubled childhood. However, many of his friends were not so lucky and fell victim to addiction and apathy. When Cameron sees an old friend he lost to methamphetamine addiction on a missing poster, he begins a quest to find out what happened. His journey will take him to every corner of his small town, deep into the mountains, and deep into his own past. The film asks why some kids turn out okay and some don’t.

Cameron (18-22) Cameron is a recent high school graduate who has spent his entire life in a small town. He spends his time doing landscaping work, sleeping around, and drinking on the weekends. During his early teenage years, he and several close friends flirted with hard drugs. One night, they all snorted meth together. Cameron was the only kid out of this circle who did not fall prey to addiction. The question of why he was the only one to turn out fine haunts him. A great sense of guilt and attachment to those he lost weighs on his mind.

Drew (18-22) A close friend of Cameron, Drew was always looking for attention. He was never the leader, always the sidekick. He got into raves and party drugs as a sophomore, and never kicked his speed habit. Although he dropped out of high school and spends his days smoking meth, he tells people a bright future lies ahead of him. Deep down, however, he is doubtful. He knocked up his girlfriend, Amanda, a few months ago and looks forward to being a father.

Desiree (14-20) A troubled 14-year old girl who was raised by her senile grandmother. She is afflicted by the low self-esteem and mood swings that afflict all teenagers. She keeps up a confident exterior and dresses in clothing she bought from Hot Topic to assert her “rebel” attitude. However, she is very depressed. In her darker moments, she cuts herself. She dreams of being a doctor.

Alana (14-20) Desiree’s friend. They share the same taste in fashion and boys.

Nate (18-22) A big Polynesian boy who is the product of a broken home. He is a good guy with a strong sense of loyalty. He would do anything for his friends. Sadly, he is plagued by depression and anger issues. As a result, he has had multiple run-ins with the law. He used to be addicted to cocaine and spent time in a court-ordered rehab. He is best friends with Cameron.

Young, White Male (18-22) A cocky boy who likes Marlboros and methamphetamine.

Helen Brauer (35-50) A well-meaning woman who raised her son, James, by herself. His father was a drinker and a wife-beater, so she left him and took her 4-year old son with her. She worked hard as a receptionist and scrapped a living by for herself and her boy. She had no idea how to deal with the troubles her teenage son had. He was like an alien to her. She knew he was doing drugs and tried various methods of keeping him under control. After many nightmares, she felt that maybe the best thing to do would be to let him live elsewhere and “let him grow up”. He never came back, and this breaks her heart.

Kimya (18-22) A smart, hippie girl. She reads too much Kerouac and Ginsberg and has beat-poet aspirations. One day, she will leave this small town and hitchhike around the country.

Stacey (18-22) Kimya’s best friend and a like-minded hippie. She likes nature walks, Russian authors and manly men.

Old man (50+) Spent his entire life in this small town. He would blow almost every paycheck he had on booze and cocaine. Still, he loves his son and children.

Kelsey (18-22) She grew up in the poorest family she knew. Her family narrowly avoided having her put in foster care when she was young. She knows that her parent’s love her, but she also knows they love their addictions. She had a sexually promiscuous childhood, and at the age of 19, already feels her “good old days” are behind her. She wants to get out of here.

Old man’s friends (30-40) A group of “good ol’ boys” whom have spent their entire lives in this town.

Doug (16-22) A senior in high school, he has always been picked on as the “poor, smelly kid.” He likes marijuana, his dirt bike, and movies about ancient Rome.

Amanda (16-22) A hard-partying high school dropout who found responsibility after becoming pregnant with Drew’s kid. She quit drugs and is weaning herself off of cigarettes. She worries that Drew might not be able to clean up before the baby is born.

Ian (14-20) A 14 year old skater who likes death metal, the Jackass movies, and his drum kit. The girls find him and his confidence attractive. He can get along with anyone.

Pretty Girl at Party (14-20) A pretty teenage girl with her sights on Ian.

Cop 1, Cop 2 Small town cops.

Thug #1, #2 and #3 Been in and out of jail. They like money and crystal meth.

Girl on Couch (16) A girl on meth questioning her life decisions.

Leonard (20-30) Beaten by his stepfather and bullies, Leonard grew into the meanest thing around. He is very smart, but very crazy. He does massive amounts of drugs. He has a young son whom he loves, but whom he often forgets exists.

Addict Girl (20-30) The mother of Leonard’s kid. She cries deeply in between binges.

James (18-22) A young boy who had a rock star persona from a young age. He validated himself by wearing loud clothing and doing obnoxious things, but was loyal and kind to his friends. He used to be best friends with Cameron. He partied too hard, and got too lost in drugs and his own ego. He forgot about his family and his friends.

Little Boy (<10) Leonard’s son. He has seen many terrible things in his short years. He likes Spiderman.

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**Seattle Area**

Auditions for The Mouse Trap


WHO: Renton Civic Theatre / Bellevue Civic Theatre

WHAT: Open Audition for The Mouse Trap by Agatha Christie

Directed by Curt Hetherington

WHEN: Saturday December 4th 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sunday December 5th 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Callbacks are Tuesday December 7th 7:00 pm -10:00 pm

WHERE: 507 South Third St., Renton, WA 98057

ROLES: 3 women ages 20's- 60's, 5 men ages 20's - 60's

SHOW DATES: February 3rd - 5th at Bellevue Civic Theatre

February 25th - March 12th at Renton Civic

Please prepare a one- minute dramatic monologue, bring a headshot and

Reply to: To schedule an audition time, call the Renton Civic Theatre Box
Office at (425) 226-5529 and leave a message or email your requested time to

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Casting for Models and Actresses/Actors

Hey guys!
I have a project in the works. It's going to be to an already popular song and is a video to it. What I need is a lot of extras, a couple which have a few speaking lines and a main character who is male. I would like you to be attractive, and preferably alternative/hipster styled. Around 18-25. Older if you can pass for around this age. The male will have a kissing scene and an implied sex scene. This won't be graphic. Tattoos/piercings are awesome for all!:)
The other slight roles that will get more attention are the man that the female actress leaves with, and some friends of the other guy.

Please reply with name, photos, age and role interested in. And I can send more info and set up an audition! (which can be done in person or via skype or google!) Send information to the email provided from craigslist. :)

Hope to hear from you guys! This is a no pay gig, but snacks and credit will be provided. We plan to submit the film as well!


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