Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Auditions: Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

This post will continue to be updated as new audition notices are discovered, so please check back throughout the day.


**Seattle Area**

Actors Needed for Silent Short Film!

Seattle Central Community College Film Students are currently casting
for a silent film short, 3-5 minutes long. We are looking for:

An older man, 50-80 years of age.
A young woman, 18-30.
A young man, 18-30.

Auditions are this Thursday the 9th, at 2:00 PM at the Siegal Center
building, 1500 Harvard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122.

Actual shoot is on Saturday the 11th on Capitol Hill. Unfortunately it
is not a paid gig, but you will have a great piece for your own reel.

Thank you!

Reply to: Please respond with a headshot and resume if possible!
Contact: Producer, George Lewis Jr. gwaljr@gmail.com

Source: NW Film Forum Callboard


**Seattle Area**

Looking for 3-4 youngish looking actors for music video (DEC 13-15)

I'm currently look for some courageous persons interested in acting in
a music video. The video will be entered in to the David Lynch music
video contest currently running.

I need 3 - 4 youngish looking (late teens to early 20's) actors to
play a group of marginalized people, shot in a series of very quick
vignettes (no scripted dialog) used to build atmosphere and a very
subtle narrative. Open to men and women.

Due to the rapidly approaching deadline for submission, this is a very
quick/low budget production. The shoot would consist of 2 to 3 days of
shooting (3 days at the most,) with one or two days being daylight
shoots at various locations in Seattle and one night shoot near St
Edwards State park/Kenmore area between Dec 13-15

food and transportation to and from locations will be provided.

make up and costumes will be provided.

There is a cash prize for the contest and should the entry win, the
purse would be split between all those who participate.

David Lynch will be personally watching and judging all of the videos
submitted for the contest. If exposure to a legendary filmmaker sounds
appealing, this is a very exciting opportunity.

free copies of the work will be given to all those who participate

thank you for your time

Reply to: please send a headshot or small photo, and a little bit about
yourself, mention your favorite David lynch work (if you have one,) or
general inquiries to jashwah@gmail.com

Source: NW Film Forum Callboard


**Seattle Area**

UPAC Theatre Group Auditions for two One Act Plays

*Project Description:*
Two one act plays:
*Scuba Lessons* by Joseph Zecoda
5 characters
The play is viewed primarily through Kelly's point of view. Kelly has
asides. These interrupt other characters' words and are interrupted by other
characters' words--just as our own thoughts and focus shifts and overlaps
with other people.
Set in a coffee shop. Lots of fun banter. One blind date and another couple
on a blind date, at the same time makes for some fun comedy. Modern day.

*Three on a Bench* by Doris Estrada
4 characters

There's a bright green bench in a bright green park on the brightest of days
in May. But doesn't seem so bright to Betty, and Harry (both just out of
high school. She's at odds with Harry because of "another girl" and
according to Betty - Harry has just stared at Marge for an unnecessarily
long time! Then a stranger - Mrs. Moore - comes into the park and promptly
sits between them as they eat their lunch. She relays stories of her
marriage to "George" to the young couple. But it's also the Policeman Mr.
Callahan (who's had a marryin' eye on the Widow Moore for some time now)
states "It's amazin', Mrs. Moore, the way you can figure out human nature.

*Contact Information* ** UPAC Theatre Group
1420 NW 80th St
Seattle, WA 98117

*Audition Information*

*Audition/Interview Dates: *
Saturday December 11, 2010 10:00 am - 2 pm You must call for an appointment.
December 12 at 3:00

*Callbacks or second audition/interview?*
December 14 @ 6:30pm

*Audition Requirements: *
Please prepare a ONE minute comedic monolouge. There will also be a reading
from the script.

*Describe any monetary compensation: *
No monetary compensation. This is strictly a volunteer community theatre

*Character Breakdown / Project Needs*
This is for our Spring Weekend - two one act plays.


Kelly Donovan: woman in her mid-20's of Irish-American descent. She works in
the programming dept of a large, network affliate.

Dan Lanzetta: A man in his mid-20's of Italian-American descent. He works
with kelly in programming.

Martin Michaelson: In is 30's. A recently divorced man of Anglo-Saxon
descent. he works in the business office of the same TV station. He's
Kelly's date.

Rayne Storm: Woman in her mid-20's of "Dean-Head" descent. She is an
accountant and works in the business office with Martin. She's Dan's date.

Coffee House Guy/Patron: Two guys - in their early 20's - who have the
misfortune of being in the cafe with these four weirdos. (Same actor plays
both roles)

-- All roles are open.


Betty - a girl just out of high school. Quite innocent.

Harry - An "Older Man" - two months older than Betty.

Officer Callahan - Middle Age, Patrols the Bright Green Park.

--The role of Mrs. Moore has been cast. All other roles are open.

*How to send submissions* *Send a headshot and resume to the email address
above?* yes *Will accept email submissions?* yes *Please submit using this
email:* contact@upactheatregroup.org
*Prefered method of submission:* *Email*
*Audition Location:*
UPAC Theatre Group
1420 NW 80th St
Seattle, WA 98117

*Other details you need to know about these auditions: *
Rehearsals will begin January 10, 2011.
Rehearsal days: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Times will be announced
once a cast is chosen.

*PERFORMANCE DATES:* March 18 (evening), 19 (matinee & evening), 20

Sue Beckman
Producing Artistic Director
UPAC Theatre Group
206-948-7127 cell phone

Reply to: Send a headshot and resume to contact@upactheatregroup.org

Source: Performers Callboard


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