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Auditions: Monday, December 13, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Monday, December 13, 2010.

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Little Brown F**king Machines

Hello, Colleagues,

We're busy preparing our three readings of Little Brown Fucking Machines for the PATA Fertile Ground Festival this January.

Life is always throwing hurdles in our path, and it's our job in theatre to just keep jumping over them, right?

Therefore, guess what, I need a replacement actor for our project.

If you are a man (has to be a man) who can play a drunken soldier who molests a young girl (please remember this is a reading), please send me an email. This role also will play another character--a policeman.

The dates of the readings are:

January 21st (Noon reading at the Armory)
January 23rd (evening)
and January 26th (evening)

I would sure love to hear from you if you are interested.

There is a $50 stipend at the end of the project. It is more of a thank-you than anything else, so don't quit your day job.

We will rehearse you around your schedule as best we can.

Hope you'll think of coming on board.

Preference will of course be given to any of you sweeties I've worked with before!

Many thanks--


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Staged Reading Actors Needed


Looking for actors for Fertile Ground staged reading of Hello; My Name is, by Jenni Miller.

Reading to take place:
Sunday January 30th
@ 7pm
@ Hip Bone Studios.

There will also be four coordinated rehearsals throughout January; scheduled to accommodate everyones personal schedules.

Stipend from the door for actors participating plus pizza and beer at the first table read.

Interested actors/ actresses please email or call.
Jenni Miller

Audition : (readings from the script)
Sunday December 19th
Henry V Events / Studio Warehouse
6360 NE M L King Blvd.
Portland, Or. 97211
(*between Rosa Parks and Ainsworth)


MAN (any age but 20's)
WOMAN (any age but teens)
MC (Master of Ceremonies... preferably 30 plus)
KIT KAT (just your all around good gal)
SUSEJ (Jesus backwards)
GIRL (8-11 years of age)
Gentleman #1
Genleman #2

(*some of these roles have been cast. )

Hello, My Name Is A play by Jenni Miller

It’s a story about a Man and a Woman. Its about the heartbreaking circumstances that change her life. Its about how she cannot amend her circumstances and her struggle to regain her innocence in an institutionalized world. It’s about time, the reality of time, time without hope, without revolt. It’s about forgetfulness and passing into nothingness. It’s about loss, it’s about rape and it’s a wild ride…

“All rape is an exercise in power, but some rapists have an edge that is more than physical. They operate within an institutionalized setting that works to their advantage and in which a victim has little chance to redress her grievance. “ Against Our Will; Men, Women & Rape By Susan Brownmiller

Jenni Miller is a local actress, playwright, storyteller, community advocate. She's performed locally with Sowelu Theater Company, Curious Comedy, ART, Lakewood, Brainwaves, Hart, and the Magdeline Theater Company. She's a current member of Playback Theater Company and PDX Playwrights.

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**Seattle Area**

Female and male lead actors wanted

Original Piece by 1st time Writer/Director
To be shot on HPX170 with Redrock DOF adapter (3 person crew)
2 locations, 1 day, 1 late night, 2 to 3 hours max at each.
Tentatively set to film between Dec 19th and 22nd depending on everyone's
Food provided during shoot.
No pay, actors will get a digital copy of the final edit.

Subject is a woman's decision when facing abortion.

Female - early 20's, emotionally wounded
Male - mid to late 20's with a great smile.

Depending on the final product, film is intended to be submitted to festivals
for exposure.

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Audition Reminder for Arsenic and Old Lace

HART is pleased to announce auditions for Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring. This reworking of an old favorite, promises to be pleasurably creepy and rife with dark humor.

WHEN: Mon., Tues., & Wed., Dec. 13th, 14th, and 15th, from 6pm-8:30pm

Production dates are March 25th-April 17th

WHERE: Glencoe High School Library- 2700 NW Glencoe Road , Hillsboro , OR

WHAT: Cold readings from script, headshots not necessary

WHO: 3 women, 11 men, ages 20-80+

All roles are unpaid.

One of the most beloved theatre comedies of all time, this play keeps the audience in stitches as Mortimer Brewster decides whether it's wise to marry the girl of his dreams and bring her into a family of questionable repute. How will she ever tolerate his brother Teddy, who is convinced he is Theodore Roosevelt and spends his days digging locks in the basement? Or his two sweet aunts who fill those locks with the bodies of the unfortunate lonely old bachelors who've been invited for a sip of elderberry wine laced with their own special (lethal) solution? Come enjoy this smash hit that never disappoints audiences, young and old.

To arrange auditions outside of the scheduled dates please contact the director, Peter Stein, at

HART Theatre

185 SE Washington (2 blocks from the MAX station)

Hillsboro, OR 97123

Reply to: 503.693.7815

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Play the Bartender (Vancouver)

We need to find someone asap to play a bartender for a scene in our TV series. We would prefer a woman for this scene, but a man could work too. Age doesn't matter. There are only 3 lines and "busy" work behind the bar, inlcuding serving drinks to our cast members twice. There is no pay, but you will get a credit on the show and the possibility of more parts with us in future episodes. The shoot will take place in Vancouver on Wednesday, Dec. 15, at 4:30pm. If you are interested, reply soon with a phone number and I will contact you with all the information.

Compensation: no pay

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Actress/Model 18-23 years old (pdx, OR)

We need an attractive actress for our short silent film, below are the details.

all ethnicities
current headshot
no experience necessary
18-23 years old

Note: there is no pay but you'll get credit and a copy of the project!

Compensation: no pay

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Re-cast 8 YR. old boy for Zombie Film (Clackamas County)

Zombie short Shooting 1/7-8/2011. Shooting on location in Clackamas County. Food & Drink on set.

Here's a great opportunity to work with a great crew, enter the 2011 festival season, and pad your reel.

All before mid-January. :0) Thank you,

The Boy - (8-10) Good looking athletic kid. Brown eyes.

Compensation: no pay


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African-American Male Actor needed (Lake Oswego)

African-American Male Actor needed, Age: 40's to early 50's

Shoot Date: Sunday, December 19, 2010, 9 AM-2 PM

Project: An original Student Short Film titled Delete fear - Dream free inspired by the "I Have A Dream" speech by Martin Luther King Jr in 1963. The film is also an entry for the international film festival/contest sponsored by Pepsi and MO Films

Compensation: Copy, Credit and Lunch provided

Compensation: No monetary compensation, but Copy, Credit and Lunch provided

Reply to: Please email Headshot and Resume ASAP (by Tuesday, 12/14/10) to

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Extras Needed For Friday Shoot (PDX)

Hey There,

We are looking for some big basketball player type guys for a video shoot this coming Friday (that's the 17th). Ideal candidates are six feet tall and up and our age range is mid-twenties. No need to be a Michael Jordan, although being able to play a little ball is an advantage for sure. Please send some pictures, your height, and age to be considered!

Compensation is $150 and some sweet basketball gear.

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