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Auditions: Sunday, December 19, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Sunday, December 19, 2010.

I hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays this week. Before we go into holiday mode, check out these audition opportunities to get some last minute work booked before we start filling up on eggnog and cocoa.

This post will continue to be updated as new audition notices are discovered, so please check back throughout the day.

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Casting Call: Portland Tour Guides

Do you love Portland? Can you command a crowd, make them laugh, and have everyone eating out the palm of your hand? If so, then this is the job for you!

Portland Walking Tours is looking for fun and dynamic personalities to lead tours and other events. We are hiring over a dozen positions that are part-time and on-call. You must have leadership abilities, charisma, a sense of humor, great communication skills, and an obvious love of Portland. Since we run morning, afternoon, and evening events, you may work irregular hours with the the bulk done from April through November. We're an established company that's been around almost a decade and successful enough that during the regular tour season we run daily tours with over 40 events per week (not including dozens of private events). If you are interested in learning more about what we do, check out the Portland Walking Tours website or our sister companies Hometown Advantage and Run Brain Run.

Doing tours is a combination of thinking on your feet, advanced storytelling, and herding cats. We do all the training and get you up to speed on your missing knowledge of the city. Like all of us, once you're leading tours, you'll be amazed that you're getting paid for doing something so ridiculously fun. So, if you think you have the improv and leadership skills needed, then read on and apply before the audition slots are filled...

POSITION: Resident Expert (aka Tour Guide).

AUDITIONS: January 15, 16, 22 & 23 (which are Saturdays and Sundays).

CALLBACKS: Immediately thereafter.

REHEARSALS: Multiple days on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in February & March.

PAY: Once hired, starts at $11/hour + tips/gratuities. Tips will often triple that amount so it's not uncommon that most of us makes about $100/day. Also, some tours pay more than others, but you'll have to prove your mad skillz first.

Please send a single email with the following info to
1. The name of the position you are applying for in the subject line.
2. Full and current resume.
3. Recent headshot.
4. Paragraph of why you would be a great for this position.
5. Preference for a morning or afternoon audition on January 15th, 16th, 22nd & 23rd.

If you do not supply these five (5) things, you will not be considered. If you are not available for the days of auditions, callbacks, or rehearsals, please do not apply.

A. Optionally show us you are serious by registering now for PCC Continuing Education Classes: 1. Early Portland, 2. Portland Scandals, 3. Portland Urban Planning, and 4. Portland Transportation.
B. If we see a good fit, we promise that we will email you with information for your audition date/time/location, what you will have to do at the audition, and more details on rehearsals & eventual employment.
C. Callbacks/interviews, if appropriate.

This position requires you to own a mobile phone and have desktop/laptop-based high-speed Internet access in your home and check your email at least once per day. If you do not have daily high-speed Internet access at home (and not your favorite coffee shop) and a cell phone, please do not apply.

This is a part-time and on-call position and not full-time. We are not interested in receiving information from outside agencies. Must be at least 21 years old and eligible for employment in U.S. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

Please do not call us. If you want to sign up for the PCC classes, just call them directly at 971-722-8888 (then choose prompt #2).

Reply to: - See posting for requested information.

Source: PDX Backstage


**Seattle Area**

Casting Notice: COOL BLUES - New Federal Theatre

Woodie King, Jr.'s New Federal Theatre ( is accepting submissions for COOL BLUES (a Play in 4 Movements) by Bill Harris. Directed by Ed Smith. Equity showcase.

The show will run March 10 - April 3, 2011 at Henry Street Settlement's Abrons Arts Center/Recital Hall in lower Manhattan. Performance schedule: Wednesday-Friday @ 7:30pm, Saturday @ 3:00pm & 8:00pm, Sunday @ 3:00pm.

It is 1955. B is a black jazz musician so renowned and innovative that heonly needs a single initial to identifyhim. We join him as he shows up unannounced to spend a fateful weekend in the apartmentof Baroness Alexandra Isabella von Templeton (Xan), one of the world's richestwomen. His manner and his mood shifts are as mercurial as his music. His talentat deception and self defense as agile ashis ability to charm. Questions of loyalty, love, privilege, and friendship areprobed as the ghosts of B's past and present demand answers. Xan vows toprotect him at all costs, even if it means ignoring the advice of the doctorsummoned to attend to him. Does B want to be saved? Can he be? Has he come torecuperate from recent disastrous events in order to soar into the world again,or has the burden of being a cutting edge spirit in the war against conformity and racial prejudice taken itsultimate toll?


[B] Black male. 40-60 years old. Innovative jazz musician. Ravished by drugs. Awince of pain accompanied by a groan may be substituted for his cough.

[KIDWELPOOL] Black male, 30-35 years old. Jazz pianist. He has had electro shock treatments. We are never sure of Kid’s demeanor. Is it taciturn, cool, brooding, or some deeper psychosis? His silences are like monologues. After the 1st Movement he existsonly in B’s mind. Hisappearances/entrances & disappearances/ exits should reflect this.

[MOTHER] Black female. 60-70 years old. B’s Mother. Humbled,supportive and unpretentious, yet a bit smoothing. She is in B's memory and appears distinctly and less so at various times.

[CHIM] White female. Early 30s. Wife of B who he considers to be the hippest white woman that he has met. She is also in B's memory and appears the same as the Mother.

[XAN] White female. 40-55 years old. Born in wealth. Called Xan by B. Everybody else, out offear and respect, calls her "Baroness." (Baroness Alexandra Isabellavon Templeton.) British born fourthgeneration member of one of the richest banking families in the world. A Baroness by marriage. Her manner of dress is simple, expensive.

[DOCTOR] White male. 40-55 years old. The Baroness' private doctor. Affluent, yet apathetic and insensible at times. Resides in the same apartment building where Xan lives. Actor cast will also portray multiple roles, including PRODUCER / HOTEL MANAGER/ ANNOUNCER.

Reply to: Please e-mail pictures and resumes to Lawrence Evans at Auditions will be held by appointment only.

Source: PDX Backstage


**Seattle Area**

Casting Elvis Impersonators

Casting 15 Elvis Impersonators as extras in a corporate video on Tuesday the

Pay is $100 for 2 hours of extra work, from 11am to 1pm. All ages and types
will be considered, with preference for those who have their own Elvis
attire. We are shooting in the Seattle area.

If interested, please send head shots and contact me immediately.

Thank you,

Nicholas John Nakis
Seattle, WA

(206) 859-9372

Reply to:

Source: Performers Callboard


Cast needed for Caffeine Karma

We will be filming late Jan. - early Feb.

Caffeine Karma, Character Descriptions

LEAD ACTOR: Shane Mariano, early 20’s
Works as a barista at Java Heaven. He’s a charmer with the customers
and has a knack for remembering their coffee orders. He’s broke, lazy,
and would rather play video games all day. Happy-go-lucky but flakey.
The kind of guy you’d love to have at your party, but you wouldn’t
want him to work for you and don’t expect him to pay his rent on time.
Best buddies with Johnny.

Mr. Skogstad, 40+
Coffee shop owner. All business. Play by his rules and he’ll like you.
Shane rubs him the wrong way.

Robin, also known as C.L.L. (Creepy Laptop Lady), mid-20’s
An extremely shy light gothic girl with no social skills. Nervous and
fidgets with her dark hair that hangs down over her eyes. She is
secretly obsessed with Shane after he remembers her coffee order

Hot Sleazy Woman, late 20’s to mid 30's
Trophy wife. Excessive jewelry - over the top trashy looking. Brags
about cheating on her husband with his brother in the back seat of a

Johnny, early 20’s
Works as barista with best buddy Shane. He’s the more responsible and
level-headed of the two. Spiked hair with heavy product.

Terrence, late 20’s
Shane’s roommate who owns the house they live in. Well groomed

Mrs. Dorsey, 60+
The nosey, judgmental, know-it-all neighbor. She walks her two small
dogs past Shane’s house daily.

Man in Sunglasses, late 30’s to early 40's
A sleazy suspicious character. Turns out to be a drug dealer who sells
to kids.

Friend of Man in Sunglasses, male, late 30’s to 40's

Hot Blonde Babe, 20’s
Coffee shop customer who Johnny lusts after. She’s pretty but not

Boyfriend of Hot Blonde Babe, 20’s to early 30's
Handsome, athletic build.

Extras: coffee shop customers, male and female, various ages

Reply to: Please send your headshot, resume and a short reel (if possible) or a website link:

Source: NW Film Forum

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