Saturday, December 18, 2010

Auditions: Saturday, December 18, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Saturday, December 18, 2010.

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Talented Actors Needed for Indie Film

Talented Actors Needed for Indie Film, 100 per day, plus free food and free travel. Please get back with us via reply email if you want to help out.

Compensation: 100 per day, plus free food and free travel.

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Amazon Studios - Event One - Casting Call for American Anthem

Hello Everyone,

Here is the first Cast call of many yet to come for the Test Film: American Anthem. Please look over the list and if you are interested in any roles, please let me know. If you have any questions about the characters I can supply details about them. If nothing here attracts you or you are not chosen, please keep in mind that we have many test films to work on. It is very likely that everyone who wants to participate will be in one or more films.

Auditions will be in person, if you can make it to Beaverton Sunday from noon to 3, or by skype video, or send me a video. I will provide all interested actors the script for the film and you will just perform a part from the script for the character(s) you want to try out for.

Please keep in mind that this is a Test Film, where the acting, emotions and storyline are featured, but production values are not the focus. Many of the scenes will take place in a Park or such area that is free for use and cost me nothing. With good acting and the right sound folly, I don’t think that the lack of a locations will detract from the Test Film.

You are welcome to also call me with your questions as well.

Lead Roles:

Blake “Flash Gordon” Williams, male, 18 to 20. Athletic in build, speed skater
Eric Stout, male, 16 to 18, athletic in build, speed skater
Hanna Stout, female, 17 to 20, slender build, Eric’s sister.

Supporting roles:

Devin Williams, male, 20 to 23, athletic in build, speed skater
Jenna Hale, female, 16 to 18, athletic in build, speed skater
Kayla Saint Denis, female, 17, slender , Eric’s love interest.
Mark Preacher, aka “Preacher”, male, 35 to 45, athletic to average build, team coach
Matt Briggs, male, 55+, average build, director of Olympic organization
Rachel Werner, female, 18 to 20, athletic in build, speed skater
Rod Williams, male, 45 to 55, average build, Blake’s father
Steve Falcon, male, 16 to 19, athletic build, speed skater.

Reply to: Mark Vetanen - by phone at 503 807-4362 or via email at

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