Saturday, December 4, 2010

Auditions: Saturday, December 4, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Saturday, December 4, 2010.

This post will continue to be updated as new audition notices are discovered, so please check back throughout the day.


Web Series Looking for Talent

Hi. Web series filmed in Portland looking to hire talent for second season. Please send info to the address provided

Check out the first season here:

Compensation: Day Rates

Reply to:

Source: Craigslist


**Seattle Area**

Casting 2 Leads and Several Extras for a Music Video shooting next month

We are currently casting for a music video for the band Grand Hallway that will be shooting in early January (firm dates not yet set) in the Seattle area. It will be a 2 day shoot on a Canon 5D DSLR.

We are looking for:
1 Female Lead - 18-25 yo, pretty, slender to portray a girl who turns into a werewolf in a spin on the "Red Riding Hood" story. Previous acting experience not necessary but you will be subjected to being in make-up for several hours each day to apply the werewolf make-up.
1 Male Lead - 18-25 yo, athletic build, tall to portray the love interest of the girl when she is in human form.
10-15 extras - Various ages/genders. We need several people to play townspeople who run the werewolf girl out of town with torches and pitchforks. Period costume will be provided.

It's a micro-budget production so we can't afford to pay cash but there will be food, copy and credit and gas/transportation stipend if applicable.

Thank you.

Reply to: If interested send headshot/resume or simply just a clear photo and a little about yourself to

Source: NW Film Forum Callboard


**Seattle Area**

"Spinning" Extras Needed- Director - John Jacobsen

PROJECT: Short Film – “Spinning” (!/pages/

USAGE: Film Festivals and DVD

DIRECTOR: John Jacobsen (Co-Founder and President of The Film School)

SYNOPSIS: This film follows a mother and daughter as they deal with
the consequences that alcohol can have on their relationship. It is a
film about learning to forgive in order to move on.

DATE: December 7, 2010 (1pm – 1am) – Exact times subject to change

LOCATION: Bellevue, WA

VOLUNTEER EXTRAS: food, credit, copy

PARKING: Parking is available in the location parking lot at no cost

BREAKDOWN NEEDS: We are looking for around 40-50 extras

male, female
ages 30- 45
will be playing parents arriving and attending a children’s school

male, female
will be playing grandparents arriving and attending a children’s
school play

*Must be able to bring an umbrella. Wardrobe preferences will be sent
if selected as an extra.

Reply to: Please send name, contact information and a picture to:
Cad Productions at

Source: Foreground Background


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