Thursday, December 30, 2010

Auditions: Thursday, December 30, 2010

This post contains auditions posted on Thursday, December 30, 2010.

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Pilot Spec to be filmed in March/April (Greater Portland Area)

First off! this is a pilot spec(ulation) shoot. You will sign deferred payment agreement, depending on if sold, if not sold then the following is all you receive. Stipend during shoots will be as follows: Principal roles, $50:Supporting $35: Background and Extras $20. Paid on the days you are there. You must get waiver if you are currently active in union and if you are not union then IF series is picked up you will be required to join. IF you want to work for FREE in Portland to build your reel then do not apply. IF you cannot travel for whatever reason then do not apply IF you are not over 18 do not apply. IF you are not willing to work either day or night or both then do not apply. Prior commitments do not apply. Theatre persons with extreme attitudes do not apply. If you don't like being barked at, do not apply. If you do not like working for a perfectionist do not apply. If you are background and cannot do the same thing every time until told to do different do not apply. With the basics out of the way.

Tag line: FBI agent team goes under-cover to nail the bad guys. Bad guy leader is always just out of reach. Some court room drama along with how things go bad when the FBI is after you.

Pilot synopsis: A younger guy gets busted. Planted into the world of (Irish) organized crime (Italian types will be cast as support). Sex industry (Asian and Philippine types for cargo vessel scenes) and court room convictions. Introduction of main characters personal lives.

Pay. Meals. iMDB Credits if picked up. Otherwise: Pay, meals and footage, stipend.

To make sure you are on a series schedule, this will be shot over a 5 day period. That is 10+ pages of script a day for principal and support roles. IF picked up 22 weeks commitment required.

I am shooting for a television series pick up. iMDB credits with speaking roles get first call during casting. No nudity but implied for television.

I will honor all standard union contracts if picked up as a series.

IF picked up, maximum agent +10% fee.

Thank you for applying.

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Auditions -Touring Show (NW)

Jewish Theatre Collaborative Auditions to be held at Miracle Theatre
425 SE Stark Street from 10-2 pm on January 17th 2011.
See instructions below to make an appointment

Non Union stage. Seeking 2 actors 1 Female and 1 Male to perform our
45 minute version of Jewish Theatre Collaborative’s Life, Liberty &
the Pursuit of Well Being: The Life of Lillian Wald a two person
portable performance based on biography of
Lillian Wald, Public Health, and social reformer.
The performance will tour through the spring to hospitals, nursing
associations, government organizations, highschools and middle
schools, energizing and informing the conversation around public
health, inspiring hope and inviting action.
Most performances are weekday mornings or afternoon's so a flexible
schedule is a must. Need versatile actor's able to play multiple parts
and do quick changes for this fun, energetic interactive show.
Partners or couples a plus. Please note that one member of the team
MUST OWN a VEHICLE as the show is portable and fits in most small
cars. Actor will be compensated for gas, parking.

Must be available for rehearsals early in March of 2011. Performances
begin in late March. and continue thru the spring. PLEASE SEND A SHORT COVER LETTER
WITH YOUR BACKGROUND ALONG WITH YOUR HEAD-SHOT AND RESUME in answer to this ad. Please visit our web-site
for more about the company. Send info ASAP

Please note that this ad was featured on PDX Auditions recently with different contact information Check it our here: Previous PDX Auditions Post

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We are in need of lots of extras for a few scenes in a hip hop music video!

Shooting: Saturday, January 8th & Sunday, January 9th, 2011.

Rooftop and club scene: Like cocktail parties? Love to dance? These scenes are for you! We may only need you for one, but we may ask you to help with both. Model types preferred. 21 years old and up.

Stadium: We need prep school teenagers AND athletes to be featured extras in this scene. 14-18 years old.

Please send us your contact information, along with a picture, and we'll be in touch soon.


Compensation: Craft services. Great experience to put on your resume.

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**Seattle Area**

Jitters by David French

Type: Non-Union Theater
Format: Theater or Stage
Union Requirements: Non-Union
Primary location of project: Bothell, WA
Project Begins: Jan 24, 2011 / Project Ends: Apr 10, 2011
Project Description :
It's a play within a play, and it deals with the adventures and misadventures of a small theatre group preparing for opening night. Directed by Jonathan Reis of Curtain Call Theatre.
Performance will be in Bothell March 20, 25, 27, April 1, 3, 8, 10
Audition Information :
Audition/Interview Dates: January 10 th / With Possible call backs January 11th
Audition Requirements: Monologue and possible cold read
Submit a Headshot and acting resume. Appointment required.
Please bring "to audition" your unavailability between the project dates listed above.
Describe any monetary compensation: No compensation for this show.

Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Patrick Flanagan late 40s to late 50s, a boisterous, temperamental star of the regional theater scene.
Jessica Logan late 40s to late 50s, a seductive, ex-Broadway star looking to claw her way back.
Phil Mastorakis late 30s to early 60s, a neurotic actor looking for his big break on Broadway.
George Ellsworth early 30s to early 50s, a mercurial theater director.
Robert Ross age open, a neurotic young playwright.
Tom Kent mid-20s to early 30s, a young actor in his first real play.
Nick age open, a theatrical stage manager who is all business.
Susi age open, a sexy theatrical house manager.
Peggy age open, the props person, a bit naive.

Some roles might be interchangeable from male to female or vis versa.

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