Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Auditions: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2011.

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Urgent! In search of a princess for this Saturday!

Do you look good in a tiara? I'm looking for someone to appear as a princess at a princess-crazy five-year-old's birthday party this Saturday afternoon, sometime around 11:30-12. Just show up and be princessy with the little girls for 15-20 minutes, have a couple pix taken, and be on your way back to the palace.

Costume will be provided and the pay is $100.

The princess I have in mind is probably in her 20s, and looks Cinderella-like (any hair color is fine).

If interested, please send me your head shot and contact info and I'll get back to you with more details.

I really really hope somebody wants to do this because otherwise I'll have to do it myself, and I don't think even five-year-olds would buy for a minute a Cinderella with wrinkles.


Reply to: Kathleen Barnebey - kbarnebey@comcast.net - 971.404.6607

Source: PDX Backstage


Casting for Student Film - Tap Dancer Needed

Hello! I'm looking to cast a tap dancer in a short super-8mm film.

The project itself is very simple: a 3-5 minute story about a deaf dancer finding their own rhythm. Very lyrical, minimal sound, no dialogue. It's about the movement of dance itself, when other senses are stripped away. Again, there is no dialogue. However, anyone with knowledge of sign language would be a great asset. Mainly looking for a female dancer (between 18 - 30), but would be willing to cast otherwise if the right person comes along. Acting experience is definitely a plus, but not required. I want to make this a very collaborative experience, everyone sharing their various passions and creative insights.

Rehearsals and shooting will take place during late October/early November. Schedules will be arranged based off of everyone's availability. No pay, but lots of admiration, simple enjoyment, and copious cups of coffee! This would be a great project for anyone truly passionate about dance, as well as anyone looking to add local film work to their resume.

For more information/questions/queries, individuals should send an email to allison.hipple (at) gmail (dot) com. Headshots and resumes are more than welcome!

Looking to cast as soon as possible, so please do not hesitate to write.

Reply to: allison.hipple@gmail.com

Source: PDX Backstage


Female Haircut Model needed $50 pay Portland OR

Portland, OR -We are hosting a large haircutting workshop demonstration with
an internationally well known hairdresser. In need of a female model willing
to make a change.

Please do not direct me to you MM page as the amount of responses is
overwhelming. Casting decision will be made no later than the Friday before
and you will be notified.

Pay is $50 plus product.

Reply to: If interested please email me a current pic with any limitations you might
have at jessee000@comcast.net so I can forward on to the artist.

Source: PDX Backstage


Highly trained actor wanted to teach acting (Portland)

If you enjoy training people for acting, we are looking for a working, high energy actor to teach on Saturdays weekly.

Compensation: $15 hour

Reply to: gigs-dhukc-2655913475@craigslist.org

Source: Craigslist


Feature Seeks Child Actors (Portland )

Feature Film by local well known director seeks the following-

13 year old girl-lead charachter estranged daughter-wise beyond her years, protective, cynical

10 year old boy-lead charachters estranged son-wants to connect with his Dad but has given up hope.

Please send resume and headshot, more details to follow. There will be a NDA to be signed with this role.

Reply to: gigs-dutxb-2655800969@craigslist.org

Source: Craigslist


Feature Film Seeks Ensemble Cast (Portland)

"Eulogy for James" an ensemble drama about loss, love, and friendship is seeking a dynamic, upbeat, diverse, easy going, cast.


James-late 20's-lived life on the edge, witty, always on the go, made everyone think, Caucasian, good looking but didn't care about that trivial nonsense

Ramon-early 30's-James best friend-returning home after 3 years pursuing his dream in Hollywood, left on bad terms with friends and family, hides pain, has guilt with the gravity of his being home to bury a life long friend...doesn't see how he affects others...emotional walls surround him.

Justin-late 20's-Med Student, lazy, complacent-a bargainer loves to keep the peace, hates confrontation, wants everyone, and everything to be okay...wants to take care of everyone even at the sacrifice of his dream career as a doctor.

Kat-James widowed wife-late 20's-no holds barred strong woman, more angry than sad, hates drama, sees things for what they are, and people for who they are...

Mitch-early 30's-one of James and Ramon life long friends-an over achiever, holds grudges, angry that James is gone, even more angry that Ramon is back, defensive-cynical doesn't trust much, means well and deep down wants to do the right thing.

Mike-late 20's-recently came out of the closet, not yet comfortable in his own skin, ready to accept the death of his friend, and looks towards the future, at odds with his family and deep down still with himself.

Silas-mid 20's the youngest of the group-in complete shock and disbelief over James death-he's very good looking, sleeps around, gets his way with things, has no plans of growing up, has no goals, and refuses to take anything seriously.

Travis-James 17 year old little brother-depressed-can't see past any of this, wants nothing to do with the funeral.

Layton-Travis best friend, loyal, a listener and wants to distract his pal. Wise beyond his years.

Lacey-Kat's sister, supportive and realistic

Candance-Kat's best friend since childhood-had a romance with Mitch at one point-akward setting for them

Wallace-James Dad, over come with grief-yet still can give everyone advice.

Auditions will be held Saturday November 19th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Indent Studios

Please email head shot, and resume, and what role, you are submitting for.

Sides will be available


Reply to: gigs-etnh3-2655552850@craigslist.org

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Seeking Male For Cooking Show (Gresham)

Local Director looking for a male actor/comedian for student project. The video will be a quirky spin-off of the standard Martha Stewart cooking show.

We will shoot Monday, October 31st in the afternoon, expect the shoot to take about 3 hours.

There is no pay, but will get you a copy of the finished product for your reel.
Email with head shots, age range and bio.

Reply to: gigs-6x2xv-2655249598@craigslist.org
Source: Craigslist