Sunday, October 30, 2011

Auditions: Sunday, October 30, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Sunday, October 30, 2011.

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Seeking Extras for Film

Hey Guys! I am still looking for more help with EXTRAS for my Film! Thank you!
Food and Credit compensation since this is a low budget.

Here are the dates and calltimes.
Portland Bagel Company
9802 SW Shady Lane Tigard, OR 97223
Call Time: 4pm
200 Northwest 3rd
Portland, OR 97209
CC Claughters Nightclub
Call time 615am
Its really importand to be ON TIME. This is crucial to make the rest of the set run smoothly. If you have any problems email me, or you can call 503-936-2441. This is the second Assistant Director's number if you have any questions.
Please Confirm if you haven't already. Thank you again for all your help
Aaron Gregory Austin
First Date Trilogy

Reply to: If you have any problems email me, or you can call 503-936-2441.

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Casting Call For Reel Material: CASTING FOR ONE FINAL ROLE

A subtle, deeply emotional micro short film is looking for both experienced and inexperienced actors to audition.

DEVON: late 20s to late 30s. Quick, smart, charismatic. Hiding something way deep down.

Reply to: Send any and all inquiries to Thanks!

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"This is Jon" A Senior Thesis casting call

We are still accepting resumes/ head shots.
Want a script to know more about the project? Email sam!

This is Jon is a short darker Mature comedy which follows Jon. A mid 30’s man, who finds him self in a breakup, after he gets his girlfriend pregnant. Struggling with his relationships, sex life, and the implications of going to be a father, Jon seeks help to bring his life back into order.

Written and being directed by Sam Morgalis, This is Jon will be filming this up coming November. I am helping produce and UPM the short. As of now we are seeking a few more actors for roles. The roles are listed below followed by a description provided by Sam. Please not this is a mature film that tackles some strong adult themes, if you’re uncomfortable about that or wish to know more please contact my self or Sam.

This is non-paid student thesis project

Jon: (Late 20-30's)

Director is seeking a Back up for the lead. After getting his Now ex preagnet, Jon's life has spiraled out of control. With lingering family issuses, a rickity relationship with his father,he seeks help to faces his fears of being a father. This role is cast, but the director would like a back up

Haggard Woman at the Bar: (Mid 20’s- 30’s)
She is blind drunk and has lost her sense of self; she desires any kind of attention
and ultimately seeks it out through anonymous sex with men at the bar. She is clinging to
the days of her youth and is constantly dressing and partying in reference to her high
school days where she thrived, was popular and desired.
(NOTE: Supporting role, with sexual overtones)

Young Girl on Train (20’s-30’s)
A young woman with brown hair who catches Jon’s eye. But next he see’s her she making out and is already touchy feeling with another man.

Old Sailor (50's+)
A comedic part of an old heavy set sailor, that Jon Encounters at a local bar. This is a comedic walk on role and would be needed for one night.

Reply to: If you are interested please send your resume and headshots to Sam Morgalis at

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Four commercial's are casting! (Down town Portland)

Tuesday November 1st, There will be a casting call for a commercial for Portland Farmers Market, there is the potential for four commercials for your reel. It is for the digital short class at the Art institute of Portland. As this is for a class it Is not paid. We are looking for males and females ages 18-40.

Tuesday November 1st at the Art institute of Portland at 5-7pm
The Art Institute of Portland
1122 Northwest Davis Street, Portland, OR
3rd floor sigh-in in lobby

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