Monday, October 17, 2011

Auditions: Monday, October 17, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Monday, October 17, 2011.

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Female for student project (East Portland)

Local Director looking for a female actor for student project. We will shoot Monday, October 24th in the afternoon.

There is no pay, but will get you a copy of the finished product for your reel.

Email with head shots, age range and bio.

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Actress, 25-28, Brunette (brown/dark brown hair) Needed (Portland)

This is for an upcoming fun scene for a local indie web series. Role is a Bad Girl/Femme Fatale wannabe. She thinks she's tough and clever, but really isn't quite what she thinks. Planning to film the scene sometime in November/December (will take 3 or 4 shoots). Could be a role that recurs in other scenes. No pay (sorry). If interested, send photos/resume...preferable height would be at least 5'5". Thanks.

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VIDEO PROJECT (Reed College, Portland, OR)

WHO: 14 to 19 year old high school students are needed to view a movie about teen parties for a research study at Reed College.

WHAT: Students will be asked questions about themselves, fill out a survey, be shown a movie and asked to give feedback.

WHEN & WHERE: At a time that fits your schedule, at Reed. We are happy to schedule participants for the weekend.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Call Dr. Anderson at (503) 517-7420. Leave a message and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Participants will earn $15 for their time.

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Call for Feature Film Scripts (DNA)

My name is Mark Vadik. My last feature film was Cyrus: Mind of A Serial Killer. (So you know who you are submitting to.) I have partnered with a small production company out of LA. We are looking to option/acquire rights in 3 scripts for 2012. We are seeking 2 high concept horror/thriller films (new/unique hook - not 5 kids go to a cabin by the lake) and 1 Faith Base/Christian script (Family friendly, but can deal with mature topics - Christian Theme must be dominant in the script). All scripts should be 90 to 120 pages. Ideal scripts will have minimal locations and be story/character driven.

PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT: logline, one page story synopsis and character breakdown at this time. Upon review, if my partners are interested in pursuing a project, they will forward a full submission package to you for review.

Please do NOT send a full script. We can not read it or look at it without the proper paper work. Therefore, any full scripts will be deleted without being read.

If a script is purchased, credit and compensation will be in line with WGA terms.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot us an email. Thanks.

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Actress, 6 - 8 year old Needed (Portland)

This is for a small scene in a local indie web series. Parent accompaniment is required. The scene is about a little girl walking down a street with a balloon, a bully takes her balloon and makes her cry, a hero beats up the bully and gets her balloon back. No exact date set for the scene, looking for potential candidates to call on when the time comes. If interested, please send photos. Thanks.

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Event Manger Position for CircOddyssey


The Circus Project is currently seeking an event manager to coordinate our newest show, "CircOddyssey," which will be performed as a Community Showcase for audience members who could not otherwise afford live theatre on December 1, and our Benefit Show to raise funds for our free classes for homeless and at-risk youth offered throughout the year. Both shows will take place at the Portland Art Museum.

The event manager would be responsible for organizing all non-artistic aspects of the show, including:

- managing volunteers
- overseeing promotion, marketing, and procurement of in-kind donations

This is a volunteer position. Following the event, there is a possibility that this position could turn into a part-time paid position.

Application Guidelines/Contact:

This position will require approximately a minimum of 15 hours/wk from now until Nov. 28 (can work from home), then 10 - 12 hours a day from Nov 28 - Dec 2 in the theatre.

Interested candidates should possess the following abilities to apply:

- Impeccable with organization, deadlines, follow through.
- Good communication skills, good costumer service/people skills.
- Excellent leadership abilities.
- Good at taking initiative and following direction.
- Some experience in the following areas: promotion, marketing, event production, fundraising (check-in, check-out, auctions, etc.), performing arts. Ability to learn on the job.

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