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Auditions: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2011.

Let's continue this chat throughout the week and talk about extra work, student films, and deferred payment gigs. I know that a lot of people have shared their feedback and advice on accepting non-paid work, and there have been quite a few heated arguments on PDX Backstage about this in the past, but how do you feel about deferred payment gigs, where you could possibly do the work if the film has investors involved once they see the final product, or once it hits the film festival circuit. How do you look at extra work, where you are getting visibility on TNT shows, and feature films being shot locally, but you are making minimum wage doing it. Students films have always been encouraged to the actor just starting out because they walk out of it with footage for their reel, but how do you feel about seasoned actors doing student films?

This can be a very touchy subject sometimes because I know that filmmakers are not always able to pay, but they are still producing high quality work, while respecting and featuring their actors involved. Share your thoughts, input, and experiences, and let's start in on this topic for next week a few days early.

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AFAM actor for screen test


A client has asked me to get a couple of screen tests from male African American actors - age 30 - 45 for an upcoming project.
It takes us about 10 minutes to shoot these (you will be reading from a teleprompter) and we pay $50 for the screen test.

Please send me a headshot and contact info if you are interested. Thank you!

Bill Berry
Creative Director
Berry MediaWorks LLC
Phone: 503-936-9422
Skype: billberrymusic

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need actor for screen test

Hi again-
Another client is looking for me to get an actor who looks like this guy... (this is his video)

If you resemble him (and his delivery style, please contact me and we'll get you in for a 10-minute screen test. We pay $50 for these. My studio is in Oregon City. I'd like to shoot this ASAP.


Bill Berry
Creative Director
Berry MediaWorks LLC
Phone: 503-936-9422
Skype: billberrymusic

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Laurel Tree Productions is seeking supporting actors

Laurel Tree Productions is seeking supporting actors for the independent short film Jack and Jill – A coming of age story about self-discovery, connections, fate and the hill that divides them.

Shooting will occur in late April, the dates vary depending on parts.

All roles are volunteer, but you will receive a credit and meals. The available roles are all supporting parts with limited dialogue.

If selected we will contact you to set up an appointment with the director.

Coffee Shop Girl: 18 – 25 years old. – Small amount of dialogue, one shooting day, 1 scene,

Jill's Aunt: Mid 30's – 40's – Small amount of dialogue, two shooting days, 2 scenes.

Jack's Mom: Mid 30's – 40's, artist - Small amount of dialogue, one shooting day, 1 scene.

Nurse: Female 40 – 50's, African American but will consider all interested. Small amount of dialogue, one shooting day, 1 scene.

Young Jill – 7 to 9 years old, brown hair, brown eyes. Very limited dialogue, one shooting day, 2 scenes.

Young Jack 7-9 years old brown hair, brown eyes. Very limited dialogue, one shooting day, 2 scenes.

Young Bobby: 7-9 years Filipino or Filipino appearance. No dialogue, One shooting day, 2 scenes

2 Bridesmaids - mid 20's no dialogue, 1 shooting day.

3 Groomsmen – mid 20's no dialogue, 1 shooting day.

If you have any questions or would like more information please email.

To view more about the film visit us at www.facebook/brokencrown

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Professional Make-Up/Hair Artist Needed


I'm looking for a local make-up and hair artist, who is proficient in doing such art for the film industry.

The last SAG film I worked on, the hair and make-up artist was from LA and very experienced. Waiting around many hours for my one scene, I had lots of time to question and observe this gal's profession. And I learned that there are in fact special techniques and skills to manipulate the make-up on an actress to get the correct effect on camera. These techniques are used even when the director wants a natural look, there is still a lot of make-up involved to get that look.

Anyway, I'm hoping to find the Portland artists who obtain these special techniques for film. I'm a local actress, and interested in contracting out professional H&M stylists for independent projects I have.

I look forward to connecting with local artists.

All my best,

Mckenzie Coffee

Reply to: Please contact me at this email, if interested in discussing more details, pay, etc. Additionally, please contact me only if you own the appropriate make-up kit and tools. Thank you kindly.

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Need Piano Conductor soon!

Hello all!

Franklin High School is producing "Oliver", and opens April 14th, closes the 16th, and needs a rehearsal accompanist/ piano conductor for the rest of rehearsals and the run.

We need someone who can step in soon. (Original music director has terrible pneumonia; their step-in accompanist isn't available after this week). It's a short commitment. The pay is good. The job is rewarding.

Thank you all for your help :)

Reply to: If you're interested, OR if you know someone who might be, contact director Josh Forsythe: 503-358-0966

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Produced by STAGES Performing Arts Youth Academy

April 10 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Pythian’s Building, 2nd Street, Hillsboro. Between Main and Washington
April 12 - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Poynter Middle School - 1535 NE Grant Str. Hillsboro

Please note that the two auditions are different locations.

Only show up for one.

No appointment necessary.

Auditions will consist of creative dramatics activities and cold readings.

Please bring headshot and resume if you have them. If not, come anyway!

HENRY AND RAMONA is an adaption of Beverly Cleary’s delightful books about a bunch of kids growing up on Klickitat Str. in Portland, Oregon in the early 1950’s.

Henry Huggins desperately wants to have his own paper route and finds out it’s not as easy as one might think.

Needed are both boys and girls ages about 6 to 14. Please note that the characters are anywhere from 5 to 13, but the actors don’t have to be those exact ages.

Rehearsals will basically be Mondays through Thursdays in the evenings.

Show opens June 10 and runs for three weekends. It will be performed at HART Theatre.

The roles are nonpaying

Reply to: For more information you can contact the director, Donald Cleland at 503-504-4914 or .

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CASTING CALL – Young actors for Goosebumps like video (PORTLAND)

Hello, we’re looking for a number of talented young actors (approximately age 9-14) for the popular new iphone and android app, “3:15” (See below for company info).

All roles provide excellent screen time and exposure, and would be a fantastic calling card for a young actor’s reel. There is a small amount of pay as well.

We will be holding auditions on Sunday, April 3rd. If you’re interested in having your son or daughter read, send an e-mail to Please included a headshot, and an acting reel if available. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day!

3:15 Company info:

Reply to: with a headshot, and an acting reel if available.

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Theater Camp Instructor

Seeking Theater Camp Instructors/Program Directors

1 or more 1 week session(s)

You must put together a class syllabus, market, and handle all aspects of the camp.

Great opportunity for students, or recent graduates.

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Casting for an athletic snow sports shoot

Looking for 3-4 people for a fun active snow lifestyle shoot on Mt Hood. Casting for both men and women, ages 21-35 ish. Any ethnicity. Pay is doe. Looking to shoot towards the end of next week or the following week at the latest, depending on models schedules.

Email with a recent pic and your schedule. Thanks!


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Casting for working title “MOCK TRIALS”

Looking for ensemble cast and supporting roles for feature film to be shot starting June 1st.

Lead Roles:
Jane: early to mid 20s, sweet and supporting. Selfless but secretly ambitious.
Don: early to mid 20s, community college student, pleasant with timid demeanor. He is the underdog and the boy next door.
Mike: early to mid 20s, Snarky and quick witted. Always thinking on his feet and a great friend to Don.
Professor Gavel: early to mid 40s, Disbarred and disenchanted lawyer, jaded by his arch nemesis and society.
Connor: Mid 20s, arrogant, intelligent, and knows nothing about women. Studying law and otherwise ignoring Jane, his girlfriend.

Supporting Roles:
Hal: early to mid 20s, everything stereotypically hipster and Portlandesque.
Leslie: early to mid 20s, nice but a little narcissistic. Desperately seeks attention and dreams of someday being a more fashionable Katie Couric.
Leo Sunderling: 30s, avid bike rider. Normal dude…for Portland.
Judge Sousanis: 50s laid back genuinely interested in educating young people about becoming lawyers. Tries to find the purity in law. Male or Female.
Judge Longenecker: 50s also laid back, but with an eastern Oregon feeling. Says words like “y’all”. Tries to prepare lawyers for those who will try to bend the law. Male or Female.
Sam Speyer: 40s. Female. The arch nemesis to Professor Gavel. Great lawyer who has no problem exploiting the law.

Other Roles:
Joyce: late 30s to early 40s
2 Reed Student Lawyers: early 20s
2 Connor’s teammates: 20s

Auditions will be held April 2nd from 9am – 5pm.

Compensation to be negotiated upon contract signing.

At the moment this is a non-union project. We are looking into a possible Ultra Low -Budget agreement with the Screen Actors Guild.

- Compensation will be "negotiated" because we are still working on funding for possible "stipends", ON TOP of "back-end" contracts for main and supporting roles if we receive distribution (which we are working on now). Again there are no promises (which we all know are useless anyway), but we will have written contracts with talent explaining their entitlements upfront...we are looking out for talent on this project. We have already developed a stipend structure and compensation structure, which will be disclosed to the talent at a later date.

- The compensation will be according to the roles (required time and effort)...
- This is a comedy (and clean as well ) so the opportunity for income is greatly affected in a positive way.
- We require NO NUDITY from talent
- There are NO RELIGIOUS slurs or implications so no actor will compromise their personal morality/beliefs
- There is no extremely foul language
- Talent is offered compensation by size of the role (time needed on set), and/or a positively correlated compensation associated with dialogue percentage according to script breakdowns.

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aroehren [at]

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