Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Auditions: Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

I hear a lot of filming is going on this week! Share with us what projects you are working on, and what your experiences have been like as you prepare for the role, work with others from the community, and work on set.

Let's also continue
this week's topic of discussion and chat about balancing life with an acting career. For those of you who are making a career out of acting, it can be challenging to find time for a social life, family, and friends who are not a part of the acting world. For those of us who pursue acting as a hobby, it can be a challenge to balance a day job with auditions, rehearsing, and filming. Anyone involved with theater knows that rehearsals may be scheduled every weekday, which minimizes time spent with family and friends outside of acting. Those late night shoots happen when convenient for the filmmakers, and can interfere with local networking events.

Whether you are involved with theater or film, how do you balance your social life and sanity with acting work? Some meditate, others give themselves a day each week devoted to family. Let's hear what your tricks are.

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Auditions for Once on this Island

"Once on This Island": Stumptown Stages and Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre offer parts in a play that will perform in Portland and Idaho. Auditions March 24-25.

Reply to: 503-381-8686

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Audition Notice: Stage Troupers

Auditions for Stage Troupers’ 2011 Season.

STAGES Performing Arts Youth Academy is looking for young performers ages 9 to 18 to audition for Stage Troupers, a group of actors/singers/dancers who will travel around Washington Co this summer and fall performing a 30 minute mini-musical.

Auditions will be held March 30 and 31, 6:30 to 8:30 at Poynter Middle School, 1535 NE Grant Str., Hillsboro, 97123.

Kids are encouraged to come with a song prepared, but it is not required.

Also we’d like a resume and headshot if you have one. Again, not required.

Show up to one of the above dates promptly at 6:30. No appointment is necessary.

These are nonpaying roles.

We recommend you check out our website at www.stagesyouth.org to find out more about Stage Troupers and what is involved. Go to the “On Stage” page and then “Stage Troupers.”

Reply to: For further questions call STAGES Artistic Director Donald Cleland @ 503-504-4914 or email dcleland.stagesyouth@gmail.com.

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Columbia Gorge School of Theatre seeks 2011 theatre camp staff

Theatre Camp Jobs – http://www.TheatreCamp.com

The Columbia Gorge School of Theatre, located at Concordia University
in Portland, Oregon, seeks a professional, enthusiastic, positive
staff for its summer performing arts camp. Camp dates are July 4 –
July 30th. Employment is about June 29 – July 31st, 2011. Equity
contracts are possible (CGST currently uses a Guest Artist Contract).
CGST is located on the 13-acre campus of Concordia University. CGST
trains students ages 8-19 from all over the USA and several other

Classes are in Meisner Acting, Music, Body Awareness, Singing, Dance,
Linklater Voice, TV/Film Acting, The Biz, and Theatre Potpourri.

Have a great summer at CGST!

More info:


Click Here For a Printable Job Application:


Please mail or email a resume and a completed staff application with
three references. After we review your application, an interview will
be required--in person or by telephone.

We are seeking diamonds in the rough--jaded need not apply! :-

Why Work at CGST?

* Collaborate with other professionals.
* Have an impact on youth from all over the world.
* Be part of a summer stock experience-at CGST we produce many
shows every summer.
* Wear many hats-CGST staff get a well-rounded experience of
theatre, counseling, and outdoor fun!
* Thrive in challenge and variety-no two days are alike at CGST.
* Forget about rent, buying food, and spending money-CGST staff
receive good meals and housing for the summer.
* Blossom in an emotionally safe environment-CGST is a unique
oasis of love and support.

Please apply between January and March for the upcoming summer camp.
Yes, we'll accept applications after that.

Interviews begin in April.

You must send in a new application for each year you wish to be considered.


Duties include teaching music and singing classes, musically directing
the musicals, and playing the shows. Piano skills, teaching and
professional experience a must. Degree preferred. Acting experience a
plus. Competitive salary ($300 – 475/week), airfare/travel, room and
board (or you may also commute to earn the higher end of the salary

Duties include teaching dance classes (jazz, tap, ballet) and
Direct/Choreograph the musicals. Teaching and professional experience
a must. Degree preferred. Acting experience a plus. Competitive salary
($300 – 475/week), airfare/travel, room and board (or you may also
commute to earn the higher end of the salary scale).

Duties include teaching movement classes (perhaps yoga, Viewpoints,
tumbling, stage combat) and voice classes (perhaps Linklater,
Fitzmaurice, Berry, Lessac, Accents, etc). Teaching and professional
experience a must. Degree preferred. Acting experience a plus.
Competitive salary ($200 – 275/week), airfare/travel, room and board
(or you may also commute to earn the higher end of the salary scale).

Duties include creating outdoor activities, offering supportive
counseling to the students, doing technical theatre work on the shows,
teaching Theatre Potpourri and Wild Card classes, and staying with &
supervising the students during off hours. Production skills
preferred: technical director, guest directors, guest actors, lighting
designer/board operators, sound designers, set designer/builders,
stage managers, musicians to play the show, etc. Camp counselors
should also have teaching abilities: stage combat, Suzuki, masks, tai
chi, mime, improv, stand up comedy, Alexander, Grotowski, martial
arts, acrobatics, theatre history, directing, speech, playwriting,
Shakespeare, tech theatre, or puppetry, etc. B.F.A./B.A. theatre
students ideal. Very limited time off (email us for details).
Competitive salary ($125-200/week), travel reimbursement, room &

Duties include tech theatre work, and assisting camp counselors with
activities. Interns do not attend classes, do not pay tuition, but
they do pay room and board. Fee: $1700 for the season. Possible
performance opportunities, as well as possible college or high school
credit. Specific internships are possible, including Intern
Counselors, Assistant to the Executive Director, Assistant to the
Youth Director, Assistant to the Technical Director, and Assistant to
the Artistic Director. Please print the staff application and send it
in asap. Be sure to indicate the dates you're available. We prefer
interns to be available for the entire contract -- or as much of it as
possible. Interns are generally 18 - 19 years old. Very limited time
off (contact us for details).

The CIT program is designed for students ages 16 and older who want
the benefit of being a member of the staff, while still being a
student at CGST. CIT's enroll as 4-week students, but are expected to
do a few additional duties and to take on a leadership role. They
attend part of staff orientation week, where they receive some
leadership training. Once the campers arive, the CITs are primarily
students, and also act as adjunct staff. The CITs meet weekly with the
Camp Directors to discuss potential student concerns and to weigh in
on staff decisions. There is no additional charge for the CIT program,
even though CITs are on campus during part of staff orientation and
clean up. Enrollment in the CIT program requires both a student
application and a staff application. CITs are not guaranteed work in
future summers, but the training is designed to give them a leg up for
future employment.

CGST is an Equal Opportunity Employer -- all interested parties are
encouraged to apply!

Click here for a Printable Job Application:

Peace and Love!

-Jesse Merz, Artistic Director

Reply to: See Links to application above. Questions? Email us via: CGSTjobs@gmail.com

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Improv Actors

Salem-area improv group is auditioning for skilled improvisational actors.

Reply to: Call for appointment. 503-428-4120 or http://capitolcitytheater.com

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NEP will be holding auditions for their upcoming spring play which will consist of 2 one act comedies: "Black Comedy" and "P.S. I Love Your Daughter".

+Performance dates are May 13-22 Fri, Sat and Sun.

Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled Mon - Thur 7PM to 9PM


Tuesday 3/22/11 and Wednesday 3/23/11 at 7:00 p.m.

@ The Bert Mann Theater in St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
7600 N. Hereford Ave.
Portland, OR 97203

Auditions will be cold readings from the script. No appointments necessary, please arrange to be there the entire time. All roles are volunteer.

Some roles are pre-cast. Here are the available roles for both one-act plays:

“Black Comedy” by Peter Shaffer:

Available roles:

Carol Melkett* –(Female 20s – 30s) a debutante, very spoiled, very silly (Brindsley’s fiancĂ©e)

Clea* – (Female 20s -30s) dazzling, emotional, bright and mischievous (Brindsley’s ex-mistress)

Schuppanzigh – (Male) the electrical worker, German refugee, German accent encouraged but not required

George Bamberger –(Male) millionaire art collector, also German per script, German accent encouraged but not required (supposed to be elderly but isn’t critical)

*this play takes place in a London flat so British accents are recommended but not required.

“PS I Love Your Daughter" by Gary Corbin (Local Playwright)

All roles available.

Reply to: Any questions about the plays or auditions please reply to this email or northendplayers@comcast.net

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