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Auditions: Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2011.

Congratulations to everyone who made it down to Salem yesterday to support
the Oregon Media Production Assn (OMPA) and the HB 2167 to keep the film incentive program alive and well in Oregon. For all of us present, we know that this was a day to remember. Cold, wet, and windy, we stood very proud as we all came together to make a difference.

I want to continue this week's specific topic of discussion about getting an agent. I know we talked about this a while back, but it's worth bringing up again because of all of the exciting film projects currently floating around the Portland area. How important is having an agent in a smaller market like Portland? Are you currently signed, and does having an agent help you get work and exposure in Portland, or does it just serve a purpose on paper? If you don't have an agent, what steps are you taking to get signed? Share in the chat box below where you are with your career and how you feel about being represented by an agent.

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male actor needed

I need a male actor to play two roles for a short piece in a Drama Therapy course that I am taking. The roles are an older man who has a few lines and a younger man who is having an argument with another man. The final performance takes place on 5/7/11 in the afternoon. This is not paid. Thank you.

Reply to: Please contact Matt at 503-248-1682.

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A Gay Nineties Melodrama in Three Acts

Seeking actor for:

The Hero - Adam Oakhart
(Young and innocent, then turns to drinking after being falsely accused
of killing the villainess and is thrown in prison, but justice prevails!)

Volunteer, No Pay
Contact me for more information
And to schedule an audition

Private auditions may be scheduled with the director by email. Please fill out form to the right. Bring a resume and head shot. No monologues. We will be doing cold readings from the script.

Performance Dates: May 6- 22, 2011
Fri/Sat performances at 7:30 & Sundays at 2:00
Rehearsals begin March 28, 2011

10 Actors (3 M/7 F)

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I have 7 slots left!

JANE a theater company will be holding auditions for our upcoming production of
"Looking For Normal" by Jane Anderson

Auditions will be held Sunday March 20, 12-5pm
at Theater!Theatre! 3430 SE Belmont

Callbacks will be held Sunday March 20 6-9pm
at Theater!Theatre! 3430 SE Belmont

Rehearsals start May 16 and the show runs June 24 - July 17 at Theater!Theatre!

Positions are paid but there are no Equity contracts available.

Auditions and callbacks will consist of sides only. Please bring a photo and resume with you to audition.

Play description:
Roy and Irma have been married for twenty-five years. They have two children. They live in the heartland. They're respected members of their church and their community. When Roy and Irma go to their pastor for marriage counseling, Roy confesses that he's a woman trapped in a man's body and would like to have a sex change. As would be expected, Irma throws Roy out of the house. But their bond as a couple is stronger than either of them imagined, and eventually Irma finds a way to make peace with this unfathomable situation and accept her transformed husband as her lifelong mate. They not only have to wrestle with the meaning of their marriage, they must deal with the delicate dynamics of their family as well. Roy is burdened by his father's stubborn assessment of his manhood and his mother's sad acceptance of life's cruelties. Irma, in the midst of menopause, is struggling with her adolescent tomboy daughter, Patty Ann, who is raging against the injustices of her own budding hormones. And the grown and absent son, Wayne, who has always bemoaned his father's emotional limitations, is now outraged by his father's desire to be a woman. Overseeing it all is Roy's legendary grandmother, who left her husband and son to pursue her own sexual and emotional needs. The play explores the complexities of marriage, family and deconstructs the very notion of love.

Roy - middle-American and middle-aged. Around 45 years old
Wayne - Roy's son, early 20's, a roadie.
Patty Ann - Roy's daughter, 13, a tomboy. We are auditioning both males and females for this role.
Reverend Muncie - their pastor. 30-50 years old
Roy Senior - Roy's father, a farmer. Around 70 years old
Em - Roy's mother, a farmer's wife. Around 70 years old
Frank - Roy's boss at the John Deere plant. 35-55 years old

The roles of Irma and Grandmother Ruth are cast.
This production will be directed by Corey Brunish

Reply to: To make an audition appointment please email Kim at with photo and resume, approx. time you would like and which character you want to read for from list below. Sides will be emailed to you.

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Auditions at Sandy Actors Theatre

Auditions for ASSISTED LIVING will be this Saturday, March 19, 2:00PM at Sandy Actors Theatre

There are seven parts for ages 25 - 60 yrs. of age.

ASSISTED LIVING is a marvelous play that explores how Alzheimers effects a family and the decisions it must make. It is not a dark play at all. Rose who is 83 yrs. of age is a real character and she creates many laughs with her loss of memory and her determination to stay in her home.
There are also many moments of poignant drama as the family faces the inevitable decisions they must make.

ASSISTED LIVING is the winner of our play writing contest we scheduled two years ago. We received over 40 scripts from across the United States. The winner lives right here in Portland, Rich Rubin, a retired
geriatric physician.

Pay is $100.

This will be a cold read from the script.

For information, call Jim Wilhite, 503-253-7501

Directions to the theatre:

Sandy is nine miles east of Gresham right on Hwy. 26. About 3/4 of the way through town, watch for a big
ACE Hardware sign on your left. We are located directly behind ACE Hardware. Lots of free parking.

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Actor Needed This Saturday

Need male actor to play a bad guy in a scene for a video this Saturday from 11:00 to 5:00. It is non-paying, but will be fun. Can use footage for your reel. Please send pics/resume. Thanks.

Compensation: no pay

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Production of TV Pilot Seeks Actor and Actress

MANVIL Media, a local production company, is shooting a national TV pilot for an automotive review show.

We're shooting a bit where a male actor and female actress will test the roominess of three new cars by making out in the back seat of the vehicles together.

What we're looking for:
-One male actor and one female actress
-18-28 years of age
-Preferably good-looking
-Willing to make out/lose some clothing during the bit (as designated by the script)
-Couples welcome as it might make the shoot more comfortable for all those involved

Shoot will take place on TUESDAY March 22nd from 9AM-2PM.

Thank you!

Compensation: based upon experience

Reply to: Please email a resume/links and a reasonably sized head-shot to:

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TV-Style Hosts for Videos

You need charisma and screen presence.
We are recording family-friendly material.
Please send headshot, bio, and a link to a reel if you have one.

Compensation: $10 to $15 per hour

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