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Auditions: Sunday, March 20, 2011

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It is a quiet Sunday, with few audition notifications...

So, let's turn to our chat box.
This week's topic of discussion is starting a bit early. Let's chat about balancing life with an acting career. For those of you who are making a career out of acting, it can be challenging to find time for a social life, family, and friends who are not a part of the acting world. For those of us who pursue acting as a hobby, it can be a challenge to balance a day job with auditions, rehearsing, and filming. Anyone involved with theater knows that rehearsals may be scheduled every weekday, which minimizes time spent with family and friends outside of acting. Those late night shoots happen when convenient for the filmmakers, and can interfere with local networking events.

Whether you are involved with theater or film, how do you balance your social life and sanity with acting work? Some meditate, others give themselves a day each week devoted to family. Let's hear what your tricks are.

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Dance Teacher Needed

I am the owner/director of Riverside Performing Arts in downtown Vancouver, WA and I'm hiring a Dance Instructor/Director. The job notice is below.

Thank you!

Annie Warf

Each candidate must:

* Enjoy teaching children

* Care about their students' progress and their interest in the performing arts

* Be enthusiastic about teaching and the performing arts

* Be outgoing

* Be able to build good relationships with parents

* Able to teach ages 2 through adult

* Be creative

* Choreograph routines for show

* Dress professionally

* Be punctual and responsible

* Be computer literate

Dance Director Job Description

The dance director will teach 10-15 classes per week with 5 to 10 hours of administrative work that involves weekly meetings with director and staff, rehearsals, costume shopping, calling parents, schedule classes and camps and other duties as assigned. Candidates must:

* Have 4 years experience teaching dance to children and adults

* Teach ages 2 through adult

* Choreograph creative routines for our musicals

* Teach beginning, intermediate and advanced Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap

* Have vast knowledge of conceptual dance and teach it to pre-school aged children

* Be available on Saturdays to teach and rehearse

Pay: $30/ hour for teaching, $12/hour for admin work

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Source: PDX Backstage


Looking for 2 females, and 2 males, in shape

Elvis tribute Artist looking for dancers for the Vegas Elvis Set. The younger the better, and depending on preformance, pay will be provided. Email or call me for an interview, we come to you. Thanks, Nick.

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