Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Auditions: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

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On-Camera Reporter Producer

Maslow Media Group, in Washington, DC seeks highly creative, experienced magazine style on-camera reporter-producer in Portland, Oregon, for a government client. We seek producers of high caliber, confident in the field, writing and doing story research, setting up interviews, subject matter experts and bringing out the emotional side of the story.

A minimum of 5-years experience in long-form and news type packages is required. Producer should have on-camera experience and a demo reel with proven experience. There may be times when the reporter may need to do a standup or bridge to camera.

Please e-mail your resume, rates, references and LINKS to your work, if possible.

Demo reel is mandatory. YouTube demo reels are accepted and encouraged.

Reply to: Please send your resume/links to JOBS@MASLOWMEDIA.COM. In the subject line: "PORTLAND, OR/TAV REPORTER"

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Actresses (Portland)

Citywide Search for Lead roles in Independent Film

Note: Must send to with a confirmation. (No reply will be given due to time constraints)

Director Isaac Lamb is looking for the perfect actors to cast in the upcoming film, 'Nellie and Anna', and he's reaching out to the entire city of Portland to find them.
On Monday, July 25th we are holding auditions for the two leading roles, Nellie and Anna. If you think you'd be perfect for this please show up at Indent Studios between 8AM and 9AM to sign up for an assigned audition time later that day. Bring a Headshot and Resume if you have one. if not, a current picture of yourself, with your name attached will do.
IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and they must sign a release to allow you to audition. Otherwise, you'll not be given the opportunity to audition.

Tim True
Casting Director -Nellie and Anna

Where: Indent Studios (Clay St. Entrance) 1535 Southeast 9th Avenue Portland, OR 97214-3506

When: Monday, July 25th
Sign Ups 8AM-9AM

Pay if cast: $100/Day

Shoot Dates: October, 2011

NELLIE - (Actress must be 18 years or older; role requires filming scenes of an intense adult nature) Tough 15-17 year old girl, abused by her stepfather, living on the street with her younger sister. She's protective, watchful, and mourns the loss of her own childhood by fiercely protecting her sister's. The role is physically demanding. Nellie must convincingly hold her own with a gun, in a fight, while still seeming to have the hint of warmth that is her natural self. Role requires a comfort to film scenes of her initial abuse, as well as later attempts to make money by selling herself on the street. NO NUDITY REQUIRED. Ability and comfort with improvisation is needed.

ANNA - (Actress can be under 18, but over 18 is preferred) Bright and fun 11-14 year old living on the street with her older sister. She is smart and strong willed, but more oblivious to her dire situation than her sister. Has a great smile, big laugh, and irresistibly cute. But her defining characteristic is her big heart and her bond to her sister. Role requires filming scenes that are violent and briefly sexually suggestive. NO NUDITY REQUIRED. Ability and comfort with improvisation is needed.

Nellie and her younger sister, Anna, cling to happy memories of growing up on Venice Beach, when a normal childhood seemed within their grasp. The harsh reality of their mother'sheroin addiction and string of abusive partners erode those memories little by little. When the latest boyfriend abuses Nellie and threatens Anna with the same, they take off. Nellie and Anna is the story of their harrowing new life on the streets, protected only by their fierce devotion to each other.

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"Talent for Murder" AUDITIONS

July 26th - 6:00-9:00pm (Doors open at 5:30pm)

Volunteer - No Pay

Cold Readings from Script
No monologues or prepared pieces.
No appointment needed. Arrive a little before 6:00pm

What to bring:
Bring headshot ( non-professional is fine )
Personal Calendar ( check for date conflicts )
Theater Resume ( optional )
You will fill out a short informational sheet upon arrival

Plan on staying for entire block of time
, unless pre-arranged

Characters & Approx Age Range Portrayed

Anne Royce McClain Age (Age 65-70) - Popular American Mystery Writer
(Younger 40+ age actors may audition for Anne)

Dr. Anthony Wainwright (Age 60's)
- Anne's live-in Physician/ Once Lover

Rashi - mid 30's - East Indian - Paroled Convict

Lawrence McClain - 40's - Anne's oldest child

Sheila McClain - 30's - Larry's Wife

Pamela Harrison - mid to late 20's - Anne's Grandaughter

Mark Harrison - 30's -
Foreign Car Dealer - Pamela's Husband

Calendar of Planned Rehearsals
(Subject to slight changes)

The play is short and very ensemble which means most actors appear in many scenes so most everyone will be needed at all rehearsals.
Shiela is only in the 1st Act, so some rehearsals she will not be required at.

All actors please indicate conflicts on the info form you fill out at auditions so we can adjust specific rehearsal days if needed.

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