Sunday, July 24, 2011

Auditions: Sunday, July 24, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Sunday, July 24, 2011.

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Dream Reality Films (Portland, Or.)

This casting call for a new project by the award winning Dream Reality Films LLC.

We are searching for three male characters for the first shoot. Two of the characters are thugs with stage fighting experience preferred. The third male character will play the younger version of the super hero with acting experience required.

We are also looking for someone in this casting call that can help with the choreography of this film and will be able to assist us during both the first and later part off the production in September.

This part of the script will be taking place in Portland and we will be shooting at night. The script takes place in the time era of the 1960's and the script will be provided upon request.

The casting call will be on August 13th at 1638 SE Salmon St. Portland, Or. with shooting to take place the following two weekends.

Looking into the days August 20-21 & Aug. 27th-28th.

For further information please contact me:

Nick Pederson

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male models for fall fashion show. (pdx/downtown.)

we are producing portland's first comprehensive menswear fashion show scheduled for september 24th, which will kick off fashion week. we are seeking 9-10 male models to model 3 ready to wear lines, accessories, and possibly an underwear line.

looking for: non traditional models with a slender build + short hair + 5'9" or taller. runway experience helpful, but not necessary.

please reply with photo + measurements for pants, shirting, jackets. please indicate in your reply if you would like to be excluded from swim/underwear line for the show.

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Male Child Actor wanted for Leading role in Film (Portland)

We are 2 directors looking for a leading role for a full-length motion picture (Working title: "Becoming"). Seeking a male child actor, between the ages of 9-12. Must be physically fit, outgoing and personable. This is a full movie, not a short film. The youth's character is the main character of the first half of the film. A basic summary of the boy's story: This is a grand love story (his parents), a boy's life on a farm. He is being raised to be a hard-worker, to have morals, etc. But his Father is perhaps too hard on him while raising him. The boy's Father is secretly a genius and has a cybernetics laboratory for healing paralyzed people, the boy is also secretly a genius with computers. In the end, the boy creates a tug-of-war between his parents, and finally divorce results. (Later in the film, the boy is shown grown up, and he in his final scene is revealed to have been destined to be a "superhero" of sorts). This role will involve strong acting, personality, green screen work, special effects. We are slated to film this in the end of August/Early September. The boy will initially have more scenes and therefore time commitments than most of the other actors. It would be best for all involved probably to try and take advantage of summer vacation time availability. This is volunteer work, no compensation available (it was all invested in pre-production)- But you will receive a full screen credit and IMDB listing. We will need and expect a strong degree of commitment and reliability. Due to this actor being a minor: We expect and need one parent to be present at most times. (Please do not bring the entire family along to the set!). (One of us is a parent of a 9-year old, so we are fully understanding and considerate of any concerns you may have). This will be a rare, enriching opportunity for your child, and memories of a lifetime will result. This will be great for their acting resume. This film has received and will receive every advantage, and will also be submitted to Cannes, Sundance, etc. We will only be seeking distribution from Hollywood, and that is the strongest position to be in. We have spent almost 5 years on this production from the script to the world-class props, and will be filming with top equipment. This is a great opportunity, and one you will be glad you were involved in. Please send headshot photos and/or reel footage (or links to it) of your child's work. If you know any other actors that might not fit this role, please also have them contact us. This will have a large, ensemble cast and we are casting currently for many roles. cDark Productions

(Please, no more submissions from girls! We have no girl child roles)

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