Thursday, July 7, 2011

Auditions: Thursday, July 7, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Thursday, July 7, 2011.

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Wilderness Survival Film - CASTING SESSION - THIS SUNDAY, JULY 10TH!! (Portland)

A New York City/Portland collaboration is looking for actors to cast three roles for its upcoming drama short film, THE BRINK:

Logline: Three hikers find themselves stranded in the Oregon woods. As food and water run low, and as their friend struggles with a grave wound, they must make a decision that will either find them rescue or risk their lives.

We're seeking two male roles and one female role:

LIZZIE - Female/Mid-20's - Guided by her desperate desire to get out of the woods, Lizzie tries to keep the group moving toward rescue as she wrestles with her inability to control the situation.

MIKE - Male/Mid-20's - Loyal, earnest, and nice, Mike soon realizes that these qualities mean little to the harsh elements of the wilderness. His heart breaks as he must tend to his wounded best friend while following his girlfriend's lead towards rescue.

CHUCK Male/Mid-20's - A man-child built for bearhugs, Chuck is half jokestore, half asshole. He means well, but with a wounded ankle, he slows the group's search for rescue. His journey slips from humor to grave and serious danger...

Casting session will be held on SUNDAY, JULY 10TH, at the NW Film Center (934 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR)

The production dates will be from August 5th-8th. We will be riding up to Mt. Hood where a vacation cabin awaits. All food and housing will be provided.

Please respond to ASAP too book a time for the audition!

E-mails with headshots and resume are highly encouraged.

Hope to meet you soon!

Reply to: Contact for more information.

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Seeking Extras for Forty Weight Web Series (Portland, OR)

Hello there!

We are seeking extras for our web series. Forty Weight, which will be shooting on July 11 and 12.

We need some people who can commit to one day or the other, and a few who are troopers and want to commit to both.

We also need 3 extras (two guys and one female) who are willing to come the 11th and 12th for a much later call time - both call times for would be after 10PM.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer pay at this time, but we will provide food, credit, and a copy of the finished episode for your reel.


The Forty Weight Team

Reply to: If interested, please contact the director at maren [at] marenmcguire [dot] com, and provide a headshot, resume, and your availability on July 11 and 12. Please specify whether you have an interest in being used during our late night calls.

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Looking for Comedians/Comedic Actors (Portland, OR)

A reputable family owned and operated promotional advertising company here in Portland, OR has just been greenlit to shoot a pilot for a reality tv show based on the door to door sales portion of the business, by the same person who produce's "Gold Rush Alaska" for the Discovery Channel. This will be a 10 day shoot starting the first of August. Looking for quick, quirky and witty comedians/comedic actors. No SAG.

Reply to: Call Kevin @ (971) 270-2279 to schedule a casting call with the casting director!!

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Seeking Narrator for Promotional Video (Portland OR)

Please respond to this email for more information about this 30 second promotional video you would be narrating.

We're looking for two types of people:

1. Deep, rustic male voice
2. Female similar to the Lord of the Rings narrator

If you have a link to samples of your work please include that in your reply along with your payment requirements and you must be able to record this piece at your own studio.

Reply to:

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Casting for sitcom pilot (Portland, OR)

Casting director looking for male and female actors and comedians for the pilot episode of a fresh new sitcom being shot in Portland Oregon. All races and ethnicities encouraged to audition.

Casting the following roles:

TOBY - MALE, early 20s. (Lead)
A dedicated actor. Aspiring leading man, currently paying his dues in the touring production of "Cats on Thin Ice"

TILDA - FEMALE, early 30s (Supporting)
Was popular in high school; still holding on to that glory. Type A, a perfectionist.

EDDIE - FEMALE, early 30s (Supporting)
Tilda's roommate and best friend since high school. A stoner; creative but lacking follow-through.

Shooting between August 8th and 20th.
Guaranteed compensation of meals on set and a copy of the finished product; compensation negotiable for key roles.


The world around Donovan may be twisted, but he sees it quite differently. With the help of his unusual mother Splendora, Donovan lives his life inside the wondrous colorful world of his own imagination.

This pilot is being produced independently by a team of established local filmmakers, producers, and performers, who've invested the time and finances to create a project in which we can show off our best, most professional work.

The tone is fast, irreverent, a little campy, a little dark, and uniquely entertaining. The goal is to sell it to a network that needs cheap, clever, snappy content (Bravo, Logo, Comedy Central, etc). Exploring Find financial backing to produce a web series.)

Check out the Director Devan McGrath's directing reel at:

Reply to: To schedule an audition, please email a headshot and resume, ATTN: CASTING to: delusional(dot)donovan(at)gmail(dot)com

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