Saturday, July 2, 2011

Auditions: Saturday, July 2, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Saturday, July 2, 2011.

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Ushers needed for Clackamas Rep

Clackamas Repertory Theatre is seeking ushers for its 2011 season of shows. The shows are For Better, July 7-24, Oklahoma! August 4-28 and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? September 22-October 9. Performances are Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30 and Sundays at 2:30. You would need to be at the theatre one hour before curtain. Ushers see the show free!

Reply to: If interested please contact Tom Hudson at:

Source: PDX Backstage


Low budget film production, "The World of Missing Persons" by Travis Ezell, is casting for three principal parts.

Tressa Willoney lives alone in a rundown apartment. One night, after another long, thankless shift waiting tables, her late-night routine is interrupted when a drill comes grinding through her bedroom wall. It withdraws, leaving a tiny peephole into the bedroom of Luke and Chia, the overly friendly, attractive twenty-something couple next door. Tressa does her best to ignore the temptation, but she can't hold out forever. Not sure if this was an intentional ploy or some kind of strange accident, she gradually involves herself more and more in Luke and Chia's lives. (Naturally, hijinks ensue.) For more info: www[dot]ice9films[dot]com

LUKE (18-25). Sexy, bohemian stoner, just a hint of street kid in him. Good looking and knows it, easygoing and laidback. Unambitious and unassuming, full of love for everyone. Dynamite in the sack, but otherwise not an aggressive bone in his body.

CHIA (22-28). Offbeat, sexually confident, a little bit punk (tattoos and piercings, hair- dye maybe; or the kind of girl who WOULD do those things even if she hasn't). Very sensual and open personality -- friendly flirting is her normal manner. Just at the age/ mindset where "doing nothing" and "having a good time" aren't quite enough for her, but she doesn't know what she wants yet.

TRESSA (30-40). Greasy-spoon waitress, still decent looking but no longer feels like it, and is starting to give up on herself (socially, romantically). No close friends or family, so it's been alone a while since she just relaxed and had a nice time with people; unless she's
asking how you like your eggs, her social skills are pretty rusty.

Nudity Required: Actors must be comfortable being (tastefully) nude and portraying intimate situations on film.

Schedule: Shooting will take place no more than eight days between August 9th and 24th.

Compensation: This is a low budget production. Starting at $70+ per day. Payment depends on experience.

Audition Date and Location: Auditions are being held Saturday July 9th at The Northwest Film Center 934 SW Salmon St.

Reply to: To schedule an audition time or for more information, contact Laurel Degutis at d.laurel.l[at]gmail[dot]com

Source: PDX Backstage